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What is the 5×55 manifestation method? Could it Transform Your Life?

What is the 5×55 manifestation method? Could it Transform Your Life?

When you need to get something done when you have a desire that has to be fulfilled, or simply when you have a new plan in life that you would like to have fulfilled it can be difficult to reach that goal. In your search to achieve the goal that you are looking for, whatever it may be, you will hear of the different manifestation methods that are used around the world. One of the most prominent ones is the 5×55 method, that many spiritualists will live or die with, as it has been seen as one of the most effective ones out there. 

The 5×55 manifestation method is when you are writing something that you need to have happened, need to do, or want to have happened to you. This is usually a desire that you want to have happened, or need to have happened in your life, you formulate this into a concise sentence. Writing this sentence 55 times for 5 days in a row, restructuring the subconscious mind and allowing you to achieve your desire. 

While it sounds easy enough to apply the method, there are several things that you will have to know and apply before doing the manifestation. This is how you get the technique to apply directly to you and your needs, creating desires that are fulfilled. Each step of the process needs to be understood before undertaking, and the cost of not completing it needs to be accepted. Many set out with high spirits only to fail on the third or fourth day, their desires one more step away from them. 

What will you need to know about the 5×55 manifestation method?

Apart from the obvious answer of having a pen and paper ready to write your 55 lines each day, there are a few spiritual and mental things that you need to have before starting the process. To get the full effect of this manifestation method we recommend that you follow through with each one, as the more thoroughly you apply them the more likely it is your desires will be met. 

For each person, these things are applied in many different ways, with the techniques you use to get into the right mental state not nearly the same as other people’s. It is important to remember this as we move through how each component affects the overall effectiveness of the manifestation technique. Many of the people that fail to do the 5×55 method are those that are unable to properly apply each technique needed individually, which leads to them failing long before the manifestation could take hold. 


This is the part that can catch many people off-guard, as they fail to concentrate properly and end up losing focus entirely on what they are doing. Manifesting with the 5×55 technique requires that you concentrate on what you are doing while you are doing it. Concentrating on what you want the method to achieve, anything that can distract you should be placed far away from you during this period.

In simple terms, you cannot apply the method while checking your phone every 5 seconds for the latest notifications, whether or not the house is clean, or when someone bothers you. You need to concentrate on the manifestation, working through each line and completing them without stopping halfway through to go do something else. It may sound easy, but after the first day where your attention is continually grabbed by everything around you, the temptation to just stop can be overpowering. 


Second to concentration is being mindful, having the desire that you want to have fulfilled completely take over your thoughts and feelings. Allowing you to properly accept what it is you desire, letting your subconscious mind completely accept the desire that you would like to fulfill. This is a big part of how the manifestation methods work, allowing you to realize desires that you have and make them a reality. However, it also means that you need to be mindful of what you are trying to achieve with the manifestation technique, ensuring that you are not hoping for the impossible. 

Many times, people that have experienced the negative sides of manifestation techniques do so because their desires are too grand. This would be when someone is doing the 5×55 technique to have their desire of being rich realized when they are currently in debt too deep to see the bottom of. Being mindful that you need to have real things as your desire is important, instead of aiming for riches, hope for just one piece of debt to be absolved. 

Don’t Break

You might think it is easy, writing 55 sentences for 5 days in a row, it should theoretically only take a few minutes of your time each morning. However, many people start to notice after the first or second day that it is not nearly as easy as thought. Our minds want to wander to other things, naturally wanting to focus less and less on things that make them work harder. With the 5×55 this means that people give up on doing it after the second, or third, day, leaving their desires unfulfilled.

However, it is important that you do not break, that you pull up the reserves of willpower that you have, and work towards completing the 5×55 manifestation method. Breaking in the middle of manifesting can cause many dangerous side-effects that may make your life harder than it ever was before. Usually, this is why you will need to force yourself to work hard on completing the challenge, even when your hand is cramping, your mind wants to do anything but, and you are fairly sure there is a fire, just keep going. 

Relaxed State

While you should be concentrating and thinking about what you are trying to manifest, you must have your mind in a relaxed state as well. It may sound contradictory, but while concentrating, being mindful, and writing the sentences, your mind should be relaxed. If you are tensed up and frustrated you are going to end up gaining extraordinarily little from the method as your mind is unable to properly absorb what is being done. 

For example, you cannot awaken the subconscious mind while you are concentrating so hard that your mind is being frayed at the edges. Instead, it is when we are at our most relaxed, feeling the world around us, that we can have manifestation techniques working properly. If our minds are so stressed that we cannot even think, our ability to manifest properly becomes severely hindered. 

What is the significance of the number 5?

The number five is one of the most important numbers that you can find spiritually, dating back to ancient times as one of the most important numbers you can have. It starts with what the number five means, with five fingers, five senses, and five deities that usually appear. For Christians, this would be the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, the creation, and the redemption. With every other religion having a mix of their gods and beliefs.

This is where to number 5 gains much of its importance and maybe why it was considered as an important part of the 5×55 manifestation method. However, we also know that the 5×55 method signifies change, transformation, and readjustment. Each of which is what we need to do while we are manifesting, this has made the number 5 one of the significant parts of the 5×55 manifestation method. 

You will need to ensure that you understand this, as it is the core part of the method that helps you achieve that which you desire. It will also take around 5 days for your subconscious mind to fully accept and help you to manifest what you desire, usually, by day 3 it can become kind of effective, but the full 5 days will ensure that it is fully ingrained into you. 

What is the significance of the number 55?

The number 55 for this method is how many times you are going to be writing out the desires that you have, whether they are statements, demands, or just questions, you will have to write just one sentence. With this number, you must understand the significance of what it means and how it has been treated both spiritually and literally, as each number has its meaning and effect that can be felt around the world. 

Spiritually 55 represents success, progress, fortune, and good luck, which are all things that you may be hoping to achieve through the 5×55 manifestation method. We have learned through practice that it is important to ensure that this number is followed exactly, as lower numbers can mean different things. Not following the 55 number will cause your manifestation to not happen properly, with a chance that you will have to try again the following week. 

Further, it has been found that the number 55 represents many things for different religions, each one has either a positive or negative connection to the deities of each one. As you are manifesting it is important to keep this in mind, depending on what religion you are following you may have to ensure that your meaning does not become misconstrued by those around you. 

How well does manifestation work?

From everything we have been able to test and experiment with manifestation can work extremely well as long as it is being done properly. Following the basic instructions of completing the manifestation method you are choosing and sticking to it throughout the given period allows you to complete manifestation with ease.

A lot of people have found that when they have not followed the guidelines properly, they start to fail at that which they are trying to manifest, or the opposite of what they wanted to happen takes place. It is further important to remember that you cannot manifest if you are completely skeptical of it, the same way a scientist looking for a ghost will never find one. Having a clear objective and being open to how it may happen is a big part of how well a manifestation can work. 

A lot of people mistakenly think that manifesting is something that will happen if done with enough passion and energy. However, it is rarely the case and you may find that your manifestation does not happen immediately, instead, you may find that year after you have gone through the manifestation that everything that you had hoped for has come to fruition. Manifesting is not about bending the world to do the impossible, it is about manifesting what you want and need for yourself and creating the energy to make that your reality. 

What exactly is the point of manifesting?

It is as the name suggests, manifesting is about forcibly creating what we want, whether that is healthy home life, or it is simply the riches to do what you want. Manifesting is forcing your mind to stop thinking that things around you are simply that way because that’s how the world works. When you are properly manifesting you will be telling the universe and yourself what it is you are looking for. 

Manifesting is about creating a world in which you are happy, one that allows you to become so much stronger than you ever thought possible. One of the key things that manifesting does change the way we are looking at the world around us, usually by allowing our minds to see the world a lot more clearly. This is why you should not be trying to manifest something currently impossible, instead of focusing on manifesting that which is our true desires. 

You may think that you want money, but what you are really after is to be financially independent, or you may want to be a bit more in control of your future. This is where we start looking at how and why manifestation is so effective and what the point of it is. Manifesting allows you to overcome situations where you may not be in control of everything that you need to be in control of. Usually starting with your own life, then moving on to the outer fields of your reach, becoming a better person as each goal is achieved.

Where should you do the 5×55 manifestation method?

The simple answer is where you are alone and safe, there should be no other location where you try to do the manifestation method. The place you choose should be one where you are personally the most comfortable and unlikely to feel like something or someone may bother you. A lot of people have office spaces in their homes where they may feel it is best to do the 5×55 manifestation method.

You should ensure that the location you choose is one that people know they cannot bother you, a location that allows you to easily and comfortably create that which needs to be created. Many people that fail the method try to do it in their place of work, or their kitchen, which are both locations that do not lend well to being alone and unbothered. These are the locations where you are most likely to have someone that will want to talk to you.

Your manifestation location should be one where you are in control of the things around you, where you know that no one could bother you. It is vital to your growth and stability with the method that you are not bothered, not losing focus, and most important not failing to manifest. Sticking to the routine each day also means that you know you’ll have your own safe space at least for a few hours each day. 


The 5×55 manifestation method has long been one of the most popular ways of manifesting in the world, with many people always ensuring that they are doing it every few months. As this manifestation method allows you to gain some control over your life and get what you most desire it is vital to increasing the overall quality of your life.

Whatever you do though, don’t change to another manifestation method partway through the method, that way leads only to sadness and disaster!