6 Things You Didn’t Know Sodalite could heal?

Sodalite is an incredibly powerful healing crystal and one that has long been a central part of my spiritual life. It’s power crosses over many areas of your health, and so I thought it would be helpful to show you all the ways that sodalite can heal. 

These include:

  • Anxiety
  • Self Esteem
  • Metabolism
  • Immune System
  • Throat
  • Your Mind


The benefits of sodalite on your anxiety are so enormous, I wrote this post about it.

Whether you choose to keep sodalite on your person, in your home or even using it strategically (like during meditation), sodalite has incredible anxiety soothing effects. The stone can help calm your stressed out mind and provide you with a sense of order and clarity.

The deep and entrancing blue colour of your crystal is also a very powerful treatment for anxiety as it can soothe anxiousness on a psychological level.

All of this makes it one of my go to choices when I start to feel anxious.

How To Use Sodalite for Anxiety

There are a number of methods that you can use to deal with anxiety. These include:

  • Keeping it on your person
  • Wearing it as jewelry
  • Using it in mediation
  • Using it in decoration

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Self Esteem

I have also found sodalite to have a profound effect on my self esteem. Typically I use it through meditation and focus on my feelings of doubt and pain. And for me, the results speak for itself, I feel more confident, calm and brave.

Your sodalite is very effective in soaking away negative energy making it so good at helping you boost your self esteem. The calmness that your crystal will provide is a wonderful base to start building yourself back up again on.

How To Use Sodalite for Self Esteem

My recommendation here would be to use sodalite during meditation, this is perhaps one of the best ways to help you focus on the root of any negative energy causing self esteem problems and cleansing it.

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Remember to Cleanse Your Sodalite

It’s important to remember that all the negative energy that your sodalite absorbs needs to be dealt with. If you just leave your crystals as they are, they will start to become less and less effective. That’s why it’s important to cleanse your sodalite regularly. Check out my article here to find out more.


Metabolism problems is another area where sodalite is surprisingly effective. What it does is it can be used to help purify our lymphatic system and digestive track, similar to how we would do a cleanse. 

Sodalite helps us manage our over retention of water and allows for better water flow throughout our bodies, as well as helping regulate our heart and blood pressure. This makes it a great stone for weight loss.

Check out my post on why sodalite is great for athletes.

How To Use Sodalite for Metabolism

The most effective way to use sodalite for your metabolism is by keeping some of the crystal on your person during the day. Whether that means having a stone in your pocket or purse, or even wearing a ring or necklace. It’s important that the stone is physically close to you.

Immune System

Sodalite has the power to protect us from negative energy as well as draw that energy out of our bodies. Infections work in much the same way and sodalite is a wonderful tool to counter these kinds of physical ailments.  This makes it a wonderful option for defending our immune system and helping our bodies recover when we get run down.

How To Use Sodalite for Your Immune System

The best bet to protect your immune system is by keeping some sodalite on you during the day. Again, as mentioned before you can use jewellry or just keeping some in your pocket.


The deep gorgeous blue that we love in sodalite is also the colour of the throat chakra, the spiritual disk in the core of our body that governs our ability to communicate

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It is the belief of many that are involved in healing our souls, that having a sore throat or a head cold comes from your throat chakra being blocked. When the throat chakra becomes blocked, it can lead to serious ramifications in the rest of our body and acts like an infection.

Sodalite is great at preventing our throat chakra from becoming blocked and acting as our physical and spiritual protection.

Check out my post on sodalite and throat chakra here.

How To Use Sodalite for Your Throat

My advice for using sodalite to guard your throat chakra and by extension this whole region of your body is to wear a necklace. This keeps the sodalite close to your throat chakra and in the best place to protect it.


As I mentioned before, sodalite is heavily associated with the throat chakra, which is the centre of communication for our bodies. It improves both our physical communication and our communication of the soul. 

What this does for dreaming is it helps us expand our minds and allows greater creativity to seep into our dreams. This can also help manifest our dreams to affect reality… essentially helping you make your dreams come true.

As I’ve spoken about earlier, sodalite is a wonderful protector and can absorb negative energy. This makes it wonderful for protecting us from nightmares and absorbing any negative thoughts we have when we go to sleep.

If you’d like to learn more about dreams check out some of my posts here.

How To Use Sodalite for Dreaming

To improve the quality of your sleep and unlock the potential of your dreams, keep a piece of sodalite under your pillow when you go to sleep. You can also place pieces strategically throughout the room.


Sodalite proves to be a surprisingly effective physical healer. It’s one that I use daily in my life and can improve your physical wellbeing in so many ways. It helps our physical body by improving our immune system, metabolism, circulatory system, and throat. But at the same time, also improving our mental and spiritual wellbeing by helping us with anxiety, self confidence and dreaming. Sodalite truly is an incredible stone.

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