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About Us

About Sodalite Minds

When Resi started her spiritual journey, it was difficult to find trusted information, from books to videos to internet sources.

She found her way by collecting different information and storing it via phone, laptop, and journals over the years and ended up pulling it out when helping people with their own journeys. This is when she decided to put the information online and create

Like most people when learning about spirituality, Resi felt the universe’s push-pull motion and allowed the natural attraction to the crystal Sodalite. It’s a calming crystal that slows vibrations and allows a sense of control to return to the holder, this is a state of mind she welcomed.

After learning about the stone from how to cleanse it to how to use it she knew this was meant for her. It quickly became a crystal that stayed with her during meditations, yoga, and other practices. 

The ‘minds’ in our title relates to Resi’s teaching of spiritual meanings and interpretations. She has spent over 10 years researching and becoming qualified in spiritual meanings over all different cultures, angel numbers, and dream interpretations. Our aim is to learn how to interpret the signs the universe gives us in all the ways it chooses to do so. 

Our guides are developed from detailed research, contributions from the foremost experts in the field and, of course, hand written by Resi Innocent, a leading authority of many years of hands on experience with astrology, spirituality and crystals.

Our work has been so fundamental that we have built a powerful community of hundreds of thousands, are our work has been cited in places like Bustle, Psychereg, and Thrive Global.

Resi Innocent

Resi is a nickname given to her but one of the most influential people in her life, her grandmother and namesake Theresa. Her grandmother grew up in a spiritual family with parents from Louisiana and St Lucia magic truly does run in this family.

On her 12th birthday, Resi was gifted her first Tarot deck that was hand-painted by her great grandfather, this ignited her love for spirituality.

She is a Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon, and Cancer Ascendant, she has been following spiritually for 13 years and practices appropriate witchcraft due to her heritage she is cautious with her teachings and always encourages multiple sources of information.

Her mother is a massage therapist certified in Reiki and aromatherapy and taught Resi the intimate teachings from a young age.

Resi started her journey in massage and chakra alignments and moved through yoga, meditation, and aroma therapy before finding her feet in signs & symbols, spiritual interpretations, and crystals.

A word from our founder

Hello friends. Thank you for visiting. I hope you have found what you need here. The information on this page has been carefully collected over the years and I frequently consulted with elders from all cultures to ensure accuracy. 

The universe is great at providing us with small hints and tips telling us where we need to be and learning to interpret those signs can really help you feel at ease, that’s what we are here to do. 

I am more than happy to consult and you can reach out to us at any point. 

We work with various media sources, consulting on their information to make sure they give balanced information – see below who we have been working with recently.

Check out some more guides below:

We offer a wide array of guides on crystals, spiritual meanings, spiritual symbolism and information on aromatherapy / spiritual lifestyle too.

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  • Zen lifestyle 

More of spiritual Me:

Spirit Animal: Dog
Favorite Animal: Cat 
Frequent Angel Number: 1234 (interpreted as ‘exactly where you need to be’)
Favorite Crystal: Sodalite
Always have on the altar: Rosemary 
Favorite Weather: Rain & Thunder
Favorite Food: Stuffed Zucchini Flowers
Fact about me: I prefer cold climates.