Hi I’m Resi Innocent!

I’m a 26 year old Scorpio and the Sodalite Minds is my baby. I’ve led a spiritual life since as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories with my mother are getting tarot readings from her psychic.

I got my first set of tarot cards when I was 16 and have since passed them onto my baby sister (keeping the family connection alive). I’ve always had an affinity towards crystals and that affinity laid out the path to my future.

I’ve been a spiritual coach for over 5 years now and have attended dozens of workshops and classes to improve my craft. My work has allowed my to touch the life of hundreds and bringing them either joy or calm is worth the world to me.

I have been quoted in places like Bustle.

It is through this coaching work that I discovered the power and value of sodalite. When I built this site, I knew Sodalite would need to beat its heart.

More of Spiritual Me:

  • I’m a Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon and Cancer Rising.
  • Pottermore house is Slytherin
  • Patronus is a Cat
  • My Spirit Animal is a Dog (perfect Yin and Yang)
  • My favorite crystal is sodalite (obviously)
  • I’m also a bit of an artist in my spare time.
This is my favorite self portrait

About Sodalite Minds

When I started Sodalite Minds, I wanted to document everything I had learned about the spiritual world through my studies and through my coaching.

Now it has evolved into a guide for newcomers to the world of spirituality, and I cover everything from healing crystals, spiritual symbols and even spiritual lifestyle topics. Hopefully, I have the answer you’re looking for!

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And Finally, because I can’t help but show her off… here is my Cat: Buggins. She’s not a black cat but I love her anyways!