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The 10 Best Crystals for Confidence and Self Belief

The 10 Best Crystals for Confidence and Self Belief

It’s no secret that confidence is important for meaningful social interactions and higher performance. Countless studies show that a person’s ability to perform tasks and their belief in those abilities impact how confident they feel.

That’s good news for people who struggle with feeling confident, whether it be in social situations or how they communicate with themselves in their minds.

Confidence isn’t something you can physically touch, but like working out, your confidence “muscles” will grow the more you use them. Luckily, crystals can help you find confidence from within. 

Below are my favorite nine crystals for discovering self-confidence.

Spirit Quartz for Confidence

The spirit quartz is a unique crystal within the quartz family. The candle-shaped rock has its origins in the Magaliesberg Mountain range of South Africa. Since this is a cluster crystal, it helps transmit energy in all directions.

As a result, it helps boost your confidence in personal and professional social settings. For example, you may find that your timidness or fear over people’s negative comments begins to dissipate. 

As a crown chakra crystal, the spirit quartz will help give you greater consciousness, equipping you with the power to find confidence within. Any of its four colors—amethyst, smoky, white, and citrine—offer confidence-enhancing powers.

Sunstone for Confidence 

The sunstone is a powerful crystal for confidence. People believe that it contains energy from Ra, the sun god, which helps fill them up when they have low self-esteem. 

Ranging from a reddish-orange to transparent orange-yellow, you can find the beautiful sunstone throughout the world, from the United States to India. It contains powerful qualities of instilling hope and happiness from within—critical feelings that contribute to confidence.

The sunstone also helps draw out a person’s talents. Since increased knowledge links with increased confidence, this crystal helps a person to shine through when they perform tasks they love.

Orange Calcite for Confidence

Orange Calcite is a crystal that draws out a person’s natural creativity. By removing blockages in the sacral and solar plexus chakras, this crystal helps a person feel energized by their creativity and, as a result, more confident.

Originating in Mexico and Croatia, orange calcite emits warm energy. It’ll help you feel more motivated and help you move past feelings of stagnation, which contribute to lower confidence.

When using orange calcite for confidence, it helps to identify an aspect of your life where you want to feel more confident. For example, it could be with your work performance, financial struggles, or social settings.

Citrine for Confidence

The beautiful yellow to honey-brown citrine crystal embraces the solar plexus and crown chakra to improve your energy levels. It helps promote positivity, which in turn will increase your confidence and attract like-minded people to you.

Another powerful benefit to citrine is that it helps eliminate any negative energy that enters your life. Regarding confidence, it deals specifically with people’s negative comments and your belief about the negative thoughts they may have about you.

With origins on multiple continents, citrine is an accessible crystal. It will help you push pessimistic thoughts aside so that you can live a more confident life.

Red Jasper for Confidence

Thankfully, jasper is a common crystal for people interested in the spiritual world, as it occurs throughout the globe. Since it targets the root chakra, jasper will help you take an honest look at yourself, helping you to acknowledge your talents.

By knowing what your skills are, you’ll be more confident when performing those tasks and talking with others about them. Because jasper is a strong crystal, it can help you rediscover lost confidence if you suffer from traumatic experiences.

Jasper has a feisty side to it, but it will treat you with kindness when you use it to improve your confidence.

Carnelian for Confidence

The red and orange carnelian crystal encompasses the sacral and root chakras, and it hails from several continents. It helps to promote a sense of motivation to help you along with whatever progress in life you’re trying to make. 

Because it brings out a person’s passionate side, it’s an excellent crystal to carry with you to an interview or any other nerve-wracking situation that requires you to have confidence.

When it comes to using your creative side, carnelian helps you believe that you can produce something valuable to the world. It also encourages progress, which will give you confidence as you see your hard work paying off.

Tiger’s Eye for Confidence

If you struggle with making decisions, tiger’s eye will help you find the confidence to sort through your options to make a choice more quickly and one that you won’t later regret.

Tiger’s eye is an excellent crystal for hindering fear. It pulls from the earth and sun’s energy to give you sound judgment. 

The tricolored brown, yellow, and red striped crystal represent three chakras—root, sacral, and solar plexus. By helping you find more mental clarity to reason in situations that require quick decision-making, the tiger’s eye crystal will increase your confidence.

Rose Quartz 

You already know that quartz is a powerful crystal for confidence, and the pink-colored rose quartz does just that. Rose quartz helps you with self-care and finding emotional balance in your life.

Although rose quartz isn’t the first option many spiritual people think of for improving confidence, it compliments these other crystals because confidence comes from within.

As a result, by acknowledging who you are and loving yourself for it, you’ll radiate greater confidence with those you interact with.

Amazonite for Confidence

If your lack of confidence stems from worrying, amazonite will help mend this issue. In doing so, you’ll have breathing room to acknowledge and rebuild yourself, finding the confidence that your worrying formerly overrode.

Amazonite also helps to give you courage. It will provide you with the strength to face challenging tasks or situations, which will also help to increase your confidence.

Finally, amazonite promotes success. The more a person succeeds in their life, even with small daily tasks, the more optimism and confidence they’ll have when performing more challenging tasks.

Sodalite for Confidence

Finally, my personal favorite stone: sodalite. Also known as the “poet’s stone” sodalite gets it’s name due to it’s ability to support speech. It brings us the confidence to articulate our thoughts to the words, whether that be via speech or even in writing. The point is it supports our mental state and keeps us calm under pressure.

It’s a perfect stone for self confidence and helps support the throat chakra, allowing us to express ourselves and providing an important link between our soul and our voice.

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Hopefully these stones can help you bring more confidence to your life. I know just how much it can hurt to feel nervous or allowing a lack of self-confidence to get in the way of your life. But with one of these stones, you can rediscover your confidence and strive in all things you hope to do.