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The 13 Best Crystals for Job Interviews

The 13 Best Crystals for Job Interviews

A job interview can be really stressful. Being well-prepared and clearly focused on the questions you might be asked is good advice. If you are ready then you will be less likely to panic during the interview. Even a brief moment of panic can unsettle you and prevent you from performing at your best.

Help, however, is at hand. There are plenty of crystals available that will boost your chances of success at your interview. Use them with care both before and during your interview, and the likelihood of you achieving success is greatly increased.

1. Citrine

Citrine is a powerful crystal that carries with it the power of sunlight to illuminate all activities. It brings warmth and comfort, but also encourages clarity and imagination.

Bringing light into darkness gives citrine the power to boost new beginnings. It also attracts success that leads to wealth and a prosperous life. Keeping citrine with you during an interview will improve your ability to answer questions clearly and concisely.

During an interview, it is great if you can answer questions intelligently and with an air of authority. Decisiveness, when answering can help, make a good impression.

Citrine affects both the Sacra and the Solar Plexus Chakras, opening them and clearing blockages. These chakras encourage creativity and intelligent thought. Both of these are great attributes to have when being interviewed.

2. Lemon Quartz

Lemon Quartz is a transforming crystal. It has the ability to help you find a new way in your life. Like other yellow crystals Lemon Quartz influences new beginnings, new activities, and new approaches to life.

It can help you look at your life with new eyes, identify new opportunities and bring about and cement new relationships. 

Using Lemon Quartz will bring clarity into your thinking and to your actions. It also brings stability into your emotions. During a job interview maintaining balance in your mind is really important.

Nothing should distract you from your mission – to pass the interview. Lemon Quartz will help you do this.

3. Green Aventurine

Moving away from the yellow crystals, you will find many others that can benefit you when going to a job interview. Green Aventurine is one that is firmly linked with fresh opportunities and new starts.

It also has connections to the heart chakra, so wearing a piece of this lovely stone as a pendant is an excellent idea. You will feel more confident, hugely optimistic, and able to face even the most demanding interviewer.

Green Aventurine is also linked with luck. As you enter the interview room, be courageous and positive and the luck will follow.

4. Turquoise

Success in an interview depends on you being able to communicate effectively. Freeing and opening your throat chakra will help your ability to communicate.

Turquoise worn close to your throat chakra will give your voice clarity and imbue it with passion. You will find that your answers will have directness and conciseness. 

Turquoise is especially good should you apply for a job in the creative and entertainment industries. Jobs such as writer, editor, presenter, or actor all need quick-wittedness and good use of language.

Turquoise can certainly help you gain and improve both those skills.

5. Fluorite

The power of your memory can be promoted by the use of Fluorite. Fluorite will clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts that are doing nothing other than clutter up your thinking.

Using Fluorite will enhance your memory, which is a great asset when you are in an interview and need to recall facts. Being able to do that effortlessly and speedily will impress the interviewer.

6. Malachite

Malachite is a beautiful green stone with the power to give you courage. Not only that, it can also introduce stability into your life at a critical time.

Job interviews are so stressful that emotional stability can suffer. Use malachite and you will redress the balance in your favor. 

Malachite is popular worn as an amulet. Pull one on when you leave for your interview and feel yourself become calmer and more purposeful. Courage will replace your fear of what is to come and help you face your interview with confidence.

If you wear malachite when starting a new job, your ability to adapt and impress will be boosted greatly.

7. Pyrite

When you are facing a job interview, you need to have your chakras all working for you. They need to be cleansed, unblocked, and energized. Pyrite is the best stone to achieve all these requirements.

It can easily drain all the negativity that had been blocking your chakras, and as a result you will feel more positive. Cleansed chakras, buzzing with positive energy will give you a whole new attitude to life. You will feel energized, optimistic and above all, clear-headed. 

Keep a piece of pyrite in your pocket at all times. It will make you a much more ambitious and employable person. If you are seeking a promotion at work, then pyrite is the crystal to help you.

8. Cinnabar

If you are one of those people who are well-qualified and have all the abilities necessary to get a new job but lack confidence, then cinnabar is the stone for you.

Lack of confidence can damage your ability to impress at an interview. Cinnabar will boost your confidence, but also give you courage and make you feel more empowered.

Cinnabar is a great crystal to keep in your bag or pocket at all times. Let it work for you all day, every day. 

9. Moonstone

By going for a job interview, it is clear that you want to be successful, prosper, and achieve great things. The job you are seeking is going to be just one step on the ladder of success. Moonstone is one of the most appropriate crystals for you to use. 

Moonstone gives strength to the user along with passion and motivation. It enables you to see your goals in life clearly and pushes you along the road to achieving them.

Moonstone makes you hungry for success, but also gives you what you need to achieve it. Inner strength and determination are found in many successful people. Let moonstone do this for you.

10. Rose Quartz for Job Interviews

You may feel that you need some emotional support if you are to succeed in getting the job you want. Facing a job interview is hard, but with rose quartz in your armory you will have the support that you need to overcome fear, nervousness and negativity.

Rose quartz can cancel out the negative energies that will be trying to dominate you prior to your interview.

Rose quartz brings courage into your life and encourages you to make the changes you desire. If your life is chaotic or you are in a dead-end job, then rose quartz gives you the spur you need to make changes.

If you love to meditate while in the bath have a piece of rose quartz with you. 

The crystal will work while you meditate and you will feel energized and filled with determination.

11. Blue Sapphire

Give your throat chakra all the help it needs to stay energized and open by wearing a pendant of blue sapphire. Blue Sapphire looks good whichever way you decide to wear it. It also packs power when you need it to help your throat chakra support your communication skills.

A job interview is one time when you need your ability to communicate to be at its most effective. By unblocking, opening, and stimulating your throat chakra, your communication capability will be sharp and focused.

12. Ruby

First impressions count when meeting someone for the first time. When you go for your job interview, it is important that you make a good impression as you walk in the room.

There is never a second chance to make a good first impression, so get all the help you can by investing in a ruby.

Ruby is a fantastic stone to wear to a job interview as it will give you courage, boost your intelligence and help you to make your answers count. Also it polishes your charisma and gives you the edge when you need to charm your interviewer. 

13. Sodalite

Sodalite, my favorite healing stone, is also known as the poet’s stone because of its ability to allow us to speak clearly and think calmly. These are obviously important traits for anyone hoping to do well in an interview.

I actually had a virtual interview recently and set up sodalite tumblers all across my desk to help me stay calm as I spoke.


Crystals can help us in many aspects of our lives. Using them when faced with stressful situations is a wise thing to do. The 13 crystals listed here all have differing powers. Choose the one that suits you best and give yourself an advantage over other interviewees.