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The 11 Best Gem Stones for Business Success

The 11 Best Gem Stones for Business Success

There are so many crystals and gemstones that have long been used for different purposes, healing, gaining strength, and attracting success when attending a job interview or building a business. Gemstones and crystals are found in the earth, and once they are cleaned and polished they are often very beautiful and worn as jewelry. If you are going to a job interview or starting a new business, these are some of the stones that you will want to wear for success.

Best Gemstones for Business Success

1) Hessonite Garnet for Business Success

Garnets are mined in different locations around the world including Australia. The Hessonite Garnet will help balance your whole chakra system. It has been a popular stone since ancient times and was worn for luck by warriors going into battle. It is now known more as a career stone, wear it to your job interview to bring out the best in you and make you more attractive to employers. It is also said to increase your personal magnetism.

If you are starting a new business venture you will need more than a little luck, so hang a few around the office and carry one with you. Garnets are found in many colors, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, and colorless are common. They are found in rock and sometimes it is hard to know what they are, (they can look like a diamond) and they sometimes have a variable magnetic attraction.

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2) Emerald for Business Success

Emeralds are mined mainly in Columbia and Brazil. Once they are polished and clean are a lovely shade of green, the best gemstone for business.

Emerald is the stone for Mercury the planet of business, communication, and intuition. Emerald is said to be the most powerful career stone, improving mental faculties and memory. it also assures us of being able to attract wealth. If you are a student and trying to establish your career it is a good stone to wear to move forward and clear any negative energy. An Emerald is a symbol of spiritual awareness and protection and this could be an important stone when establishing a new business. An emerald makes a very pretty ring or broach and is a popular choice of stone.

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3) Cat’s Eye for Business Success

Cat’s Eye is mined in Sri Lanka, Brazil, and South Africa, it has to be cut and highly polished displaying a luminous band, like the eye of a cat. In ancient times it was thought to remove curses and disadvantages cast by ancestors and bad effects of karma.

The Indian name for cat’s eye is Lehsunia and it is believed that if you are wearing this gem you can subdue your enemies and remove negativity from

around you. it is also thought to enhance mystical powers and divine knowledge. Controls energy flow and will put you in the right mindset to move forward with your business or trade. The stone is often worn as a broach, wear it to dispel any negativity from your workplace.

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4) Coral for Business Success

Coral is found in the ocean and prominent places for coral mining include the Barrier Reef Australia. Most of the reef is protected and Coral is a lovely reddish-pink ( can vary). Where Coral is mined it usually takes place at low tide. Coral is the stone for Mars and is thought to instill courage in the wearer. Wear it to give you stability in your career. It is also said to bring increased recognition for your work. Wear it to attract increased prosperity and independence to you. Coral looks very pretty and can be worn as a necklace or bracelet, it can also be hung above your desk to attract wealth to your business.

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5) Ruby for Business Success

The Ruby is mined traditionally in Thailand where they form naturally in rocks. When they are cut they take on various red colors.

Ruby is a gemstone that attracts success, passion, and luck. It is also said to bring calmness and balance helping you to reach your goals more easily.

In doing this it will bring you a level of independence and self-direction. It is a lovely rich red color and is often worn as a ring and is also said to attract personal power to the wearer. This is another best gemstone for business.

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6) Sodalite for Business Success

Sodalite is a hard yet fragile mineral with high sodium content. It is blue in color often mottled with white veins when mined it is usually found in rocks.

Interestingly sodalite is known as the stone of athletics, and is said to give the wearer confidence and allows them to pursue endurance. If you are an athlete sodalite is the stone for you. It is also associated with intelligence balance and communication. It is a stone often associated with teachers and actors. If you are an athlete take the stone .with you when you are competing and it just may help you to win the race. It is a lovely blue stone that looks nice in the form of earrings.

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7) Hematite for Business Success

Large deposits of Hematite are found in banded iron formations in North America.

Hematite is a crystal mined from the earth, and the energy can be felt just by holding it in your hand. It will remove negativity from your environment and give you the confidence to move forward with your career. The energy given out by hematite is strong and grounding and will make you feel more secure. The stone is said to work by absorbing toxic emotions. If you wear it to an interview it will deflect any negative energy. If you are going through periods of uncertainty Hematite will help you to stay grounded. Carry it around with you to banish negative thoughts.

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8) Lapis Lazuli for Business Success

Mined in ancient deposits in Afghanistan and Myanmar. Real Lapis Lazuli will remain cool to the touch, even after holding it a while.

Lapis Lazuli is a lovely blue stone symbolizing honor loyalty and truth. It will help to boost your immune system, so hang it in your office to banish winter ills. It will also promote a calm clear atmosphere enabling clarity of thought. If you are starting a new venture and seeking truth it is the best gemstone for business put Lapis Lazuli on your desk to promote inner peace and banish negativity.

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9) Aquamarine for Business Success

Brazil has the best quality Aquamarines in the world where it is found in both pegmatites and alluvial deposits.

Aquamarine calms the mind. If you feel stressed by your new business venture Aquamarine will help you. it has a calming energy and is said to open the chakra providing you with an ability to show unconditional love and compassion. it is also good for those embracing change, and when you are starting a new business venture change is constant. An Aquamarine ring is a lovely way to always have your Aquamarine with you and to promote emotional wellbeing it may be the best gemstone for business.

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10) Clear Quartz for Business Success

Often called rock crystal is found in the US and is naturally occurring in rock deposits. Quartz is a hard, crystalline mineral composed of silicon and oxygen is the most common and abundant mineral on earth.

Clear quartz will enhance your psychic abilities and assist memory, always handy when starting a new business venture. It regulates the functions of the body and will assist in keeping you in a working mindset. If you have established a new business keep a clear quartz paperweight on your desk and it may just help to make you more intuitive when it comes to business dealings.

Many crystals are associated with success and if you are starting off a new business it is a good idea to have a few of them around your workspace, depending on what you need for success. They are both beautiful and decorative and maybe the best gemstone for business.

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11) Citrine for Business Success

Known as the merchant’s stone is a controversial stone that is usually heat-treated amethyst. Genuine Citrine is a gentle yellow color, but you can’t always find it. It contains a solar quality of energy and raises positivity and increases energy flow to your space. If you are starting a new venture buy a Citrine point or polished rock to use as a paperweight on your desk. It is very popular and often used for good Feng Shui, and can also be worn as jewelry as it is a beautiful soft color that will lift your mood and hopefully bring abundance into your life.

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Gemstones and crystals are endlessly fascinating and all seem to have a list of both restorative properties and properties to give you spiritual and emotional support when starting a new business or job. If you have any concerns about where to best place your stones and crystals for success, consult a Feng Shui expert who will advise you on where to put everything to give your new enterprise the best chance of success.