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The 21 Best Healing Crystals for Travel

The 21 Best Healing Crystals for Travel

During these uncertain times, it can’t hurt to have an extra card up your sleeve while traveling. There are those too who suffer from anxiety and fear of traveling on a daily basis. Healing crystals have been used for centuries to aid in awakening strength, courage, health, and safety within us as well as manipulating energies that surround us. Whether traveling long distances to visit family and friends for the holidays or starting an exciting new adventure across the country by plane, taking ferry rides or cruises, or everyday travel like getting to the grocery store or to work in your car, there is a multitude of different healing crystals that can help prepare you for your journey. Take a look and see if any of these wonderful choices of crystals for all types of travel speak to you and your goals. 

7 Crystals for Air Travel

  • Pyrite– “Fools Gold” can be used to help protect against pollutants in the environment and against infectious diseases and lung disorders. Wow! What a better way to start this list than with a stone that can help protect you against illness. Air travel keeps you enclosed for long periods of time and uses recycled air, therefore making you more susceptible to illnesses that other passengers may be carrying. One of people’s top concerns of air travel these days is this issue and it can’t hurt to have this stone in your pocket on your journey.
  • Tigers Eye– This beautiful stone provides its beholder with courage. Traveling by plane is a major fear for many people, even preventing some from doing it all together. With this stone in your pocket, you will gain that extra boost of confidence to get you through the airport, onto the plane, and headed towards your destination. Tigers eye has also been known to aid in ridding the mind and body of anxieties and fears, which can help ease the stomach and digestive system. Almost silky in texture, this stone comes in shades of gold and reddish-brown.
  • Amethyst– As I said before, traveling by plane causes many people fear and anxiety. Amethyst is a widely used stone for many issues, but overall it provides a great sense of calm to come over its holder. This can be extremely beneficial in the close quarters of a plane, especially for those like myself with claustrophobia. Amethyst can help keep you centered, calm, and serene even during some of the most stressful of situations. Amethyst is one of the most well-known crystals in the healing world due to its intensely beautiful purple color, and its wide variety of uses. It is also often used in fine jewelry and is the birthstone of February. If drinking is something you like to do on your plane rides, this stone is also said to prevent drunkenness and can help you keep a sound mind.
  • Black Onyx– Often used for its grounding effects on the body, could there be a better place to use it than in the air? Black Onyx will help you stay connected to your roots, and not get too anxious about the journey ahead. It can provide the user with a sense of stability and not let the imagination run rampant with anxieties and fears. This stone is recognizable by its black color, and unique parallel bands that run through it due to its formation process. It is the astrological birthstone for Leos.
  • Black Tourmaline– This gorgeous crystal provides impressive all-around protection from negative energies, even helping protect you from the negative effects of x-ray machines used in airports. Keep this crystal near while traveling and it can help dispel negative energies coming off of other travelers on your journey, even in crowded places like airports. Black Tourmaline’s ability to absorb mass amounts of negative energy, comes from its pitch-black color, and its grounding effects help keep you sound minded.
  • Lapis Lazuli– This stone has some amazing health benefits. Lapis Lazuli is said to boost the immune system and help fight against headaches and insomnia. Which, I don’t know about you, are two of the major things I struggle with on airplanes, headaches, and the inability to sleep for more than a few minutes. This stone can also help keep you in control of your emotions, not letting you get overwhelmed or frustrated with other passengers in close proximity. Lapis Lazuli is a brilliant blue in color with streaks of gold, actually pyrite, running through it. It is the alternate birthstone for the month of September, and can be given on the seventh and ninth wedding anniversaries.
  • Bloodstone– Named for its deep red color, this stone aids in boosting the immune system, which is never a bad thing, especially when it comes to air travel. Inevitably while traveling by plane you will come into close contact with others, and who knows what ailments they could be suffering from. Just like drinking some orange juice daily to boost vitamin C, an immune system boosting vitamin, bloodstone will help prevent you from catching anything yucky from your neighbor on the plane. Bloodstone is considered the alternate birthstone for the month of March.

7 Crystals for Car Travel

  • Citrine– This stone can help fight against chronic fatigue which can come in handy on long car rides. It can also aid in emotional well being and help straighten out any problems with the digestive system. Known as the “success stone”, Citrine can help you manifest your intentions positively. So whether your traveling to work for the first day, or driving long distance across the country, this stone will bring you to a positive destination. Citrine balances the emotions and helps you to make good decisions, preventing road rage, and keeping you calm while practicing that quitting speech for your boss.
  • Rose Quartz– This beautiful pink crystal is known as one of the most powerful healing crystals. It provides the beholder with a boost of self-esteem and aids in calming anxieties while lowering stress and tension. Who doesn’t need that while driving? Rose Quartz is said to bring unconditional love to those how come into proximity with it, maybe giving you a new tolerance for your fellows while bringing them some peace of mind as well. This stone pairs with the month of January, and can be especially powerful during this month and for those born at this time of year.
  • Smokey Quartz– Due to its ability to provide the user with alertness, this crystal can be very helpful during road trips. It is said that Smokey Quartz can also provide you with good weather during your journey helping to prevents accidents. Referred to as Morion by some European countries, this crystal has been used for centuries to rid negative or evil spirits from homes. Taking a Smokey Quartz crystal with you in your car can help keep the road rage at bay making the world seem a bit more cooperative than usual. Smokey Quartz connects strongly with those born to the astrological sign of Scorpio and is the national gem of Scotland, dating back to the Druids.
  • Hematite– Being one of the most abundant minerals found on Earth, it isn’t surprising that Hematite provides you with a strong grounding force. For travel purposes, it can help you with basic survival needs like concentration and focus, keeping you alert and diligent while driving. Hematite also has anti-inflammatory properties, and its name comes from the Greek word for blood. Many cultures used this mineral to paint blood-like streaks on their bodies before battle, giving the bearer courage, strength, and protection. Hematite is so versatile and prominent on earth that it connects with every zodiac sign.
  • Malachite– Known as “The Stone of Transformation” this would be a nice one for your travels. Lots of us go through processing times while driving, whether it be on our way to an event of importance or on the ride home. Malachite will help transform your thoughts into action and set you down the right path. This beautiful green stone can bring balance to any situation and even aid in jet lag and help with cramps along your journey.
  • Selenite– Often found in towers of white, translucent magnificence with stations, this crystal is said to help you drive safely at night due to its bright appearance. Selenite has been used for luck and protection since early times and will keep you safe and clear-minded on any trip. It has grounding qualities, helping you stay focused on the here and now of things. Selenite is associated with the astrological sign of Cancer though not a traditional birthstone.
  • Black Obsidian– I thought a great way to end this list was with this intuition stone or volcanic glass. When kept with you, black obsidian can help you avoid danger by sensing it before it comes. This will help keep you out of accidents and taking the right turns to arrive at your destination safely. Black obsidian is said to have great healing powers, like others of similar color it has a large capacity to absorb negative energies, ridding them from your body as well as the environment around you.

7 Crystals for Boat Travel

  • Aquamarine– This stone provides the ultimate protection for travel by boat. Named after the ocean itself as “Water of the sea”, if you are going on a long cruise or even a little boat tour this is the stone of stones to have. It is said that Roman sailors used to carry this beautiful stone for courage and protection on their long journeys at sea, even providing them with lucky catches of fish. As blue and green as the ocean, Aquamarine is the one of the birthstones for March.
  • Aqua Aura– True to its name, this stone connects deeply with water. Aqua Aura can help raise your energy frequency, and provide you with general well being. Many experience “sea-sickness” or motion sickness while on the water in a boat, which can cause other anxieties and fears to pop up. This stone will help you rid yourself of those feelings of uneasiness and relax for a great time on the ocean or river. Beautifully blue in color this stone resembles the ocean like Aquamarine and is connected astrologically to Aquarius.
  • Green Aventurine– This lovely stone is said to help balance blood pressure, in turn, helping lower anxiety levels. This can be very helpful for those who get anxious or tense on boat rides. By lowering your blood pressure, a sense of calm will come over the bearer of this stone. Green Aventurine can also aid in stimulating the metabolism and has anti-inflammatory properties. This stone is the secondary birthstone for August.
  • Yellow Jasper- In addition to its ability to help with calming nausea and motion sickness, Yellow Jasper is said to have excellent protection qualities. It activates the solar plexus, or the Manipura Chakra located above the belly button behind the rib cage. This chakra controls the immune and digestive systems in the body and when activated aids in decision making. The color of this chakra is also yellow like this particular shade of Jasper, helping them connect further.
  • Turquoise– This unique stone is said to help treat the digestive, immune, and respiratory systems of the body. Keeping your stomach calm through any anxiety or motion sickness will be Turquoise’s stretch on your next boat ride. You can often find this stone used in rings surrounded by silver, created by the Native American Tribes of the Southwest, making it easy to keep on your person, and fashionable too! Turquoise also has grounding properties, helping keep you connected with the earth while on the water. It is one of the birthstones of December making it especially powerful during this month or for anyone born during this time.
  • Moonstone– This beautiful illuminating stone brings strong and successful new beginnings and can help aid in digestion and reduce stress. It connects strongly to the spirit of the moon, water, and the night. Truly a perfect combination for your first night on a boat. With its powers of illumination, it can brighten the darkest of paths, guiding you to a new day. By aiding with your digestion, you will keep a strong stomach on rough waters and long journeys. Moonstone is the stone of the astrological sign of Gemini, and is one of the 3 birthstones of June. It is traditionally gifted at the 13th wedding anniversary, and every 13 years following.
  • Howlite– This white stone is recognizable by its beautiful black veins running through it. Howlite is said to having calming effects and can stabilize your vision, helping to prevent nausea from motion sickness. It will also settle any nerves you may have about your journey. Interestingly Howlite is said to help balance calcium levels in the body, providing health benefits for your teeth and other bones.

Other Spiritual Ways to Prepare for Travel

Meditation for Travel

Meditations are a great way to prepare yourself for travel. There are even free apps now that have guided meditations that help you target different things like fears and anxiety. There are even ones to help you align or realign your chakras. This would be a great first step before travel. Aligning your chakras ensures you have the best chance of responding to any stones you may have with you. Awakening your chakras also provides a boost to energy centers in the body, aiding the respiratory, digestive, and immune systems. This can provide you with much needed protection while traveling against ailments.

Healing crystals have the ability to feel intentions, so making sure yours are in order will greatly improve the effectiveness of any stones or crystals powers you may have with you on your journey. Meditation helps with this too. Getting silent and feeling the power of the universe flow through you, brings your true self and pure intentions to the surface. This will help guide you along the right path on your trip, whatever that means for you. There are some wonderful guided meditations that help build self-esteem and confidence to those who practice.

Meditation doesn’t have to only be done before your trip either, it can also be done during a long flight, or car ride. Put on some headphones or play it over the radio while you drive, guided meditations can help clear your mind, stay focused, prepare for tough situations, or to fall asleep. They can teach you of breathing techniques to help you stay calm in stressful situations. Long breaths in, holding the breath, and letting go, can be a very empowering and calming act.

Meditation has also been known to help lower people’s anxiety. By slowing down the breath, and ultimately the mind, you can be relieved of anxieties and fears you may have along your journey through the act of mediation. Many find that choosing a mantra, or even a few, to help them hone in on a specific idea or principal, takes their mind off their own problems and they start focusing on the here and now, and the more important things in life. Mantras are simple phrases repeated throughout a meditation. The idea is based on the fact that sounds have frequencies and give off certain energies, meaning these words give off the energies as well. When spoken quietly or even silently to oneself the words have the ability to change the energies within us. Taking fears away or helping us be aware of our actions, meditation is an amazing tool for travel.

In closing, I first want to touch on the importance of cleansing your crystals and stones, and even yourself of energies. There are many tools for this, the most common being water or sage. Sage works nicely for the body and is great for cleansing new homes as well. Water can be left out on a full moon with your crystals soaking, or cleanse your crystals under running water while setting an intention. Full moon water can also be great to water your plants with as well! It is good to cleanse before a trip so you are starting with a clean slate on your journey.

After starting with your clean slate, these healing crystals will ensure you have positive energy with you while traveling. They will help clear your mind, keep you focused, and tolerate annoyances or pain. They can provide protective shields against new dark energies along your path and shine a light for you on the darkest of nights. Whether you are traveling by plane, car, or boat, you can rest assured that these stones will draw on the forces of nature they connect with, keeping you grounded when the earth is far away, or level headed when the road gets bumpy.

Incorporating meditation into your travels, and meditating with your stones, will prepare you further for your journey, and keep you on track. The healing stones can help manifest intentions in your meditation to aid you with a multitude of ailments, including mental as well as physical. They can strengthen bones, boost immune systems, and even influence the weather.

There are so many healing crystals, I couldn’t even list them all here, but I hope you can see that they come in all shapes and sizes, each with a unique ability to work with the body, mind, and spirit. Use them all together, or pick a few that speak to you, and start there.

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Sometimes it can take a while to get connected with your stone or stones, but know that they are always working for you, whether you know it or not. I hope these lists help you with whatever adventure lies ahead of you, whether that be just another trip to the grocery store, or somewhere far away by plane. I hope you get there safely, and of sound body and mind, and that these crystals and healing stones bring you courage, strength, health, and safety while preparing to go and along the path to get there.