The Best Singing Bowls For Healing

Singing bowls have been used as a healing tool for centuries now. Many may not know this, but they act as instant stress relievers – recommended by theologians worldwide. 

In fact, Buddhist monks used singing bowls for their meditation rituals, considering it as a source of remedy. Both music and massage therapists have been firm advocates of all sorts of bowls; be it of any cultural origins. 

With the ongoing pandemic, there’s anxiety and stress all over the place. Healing yourself with the mesmerizing sounds of singing bowls seems like the best option.

So, without any further ado – let’s delve into the ins and outs of singing bowls: 

Benefits of Singing Bowls From a Healing Perspective

The essence of singing bowls lies in the resonance of different sounds, pitches, and long-term effects. These sounds act as a stimulus for the brain – helping the body harmonize with its soul and relax.

Mainly, there are three human levels of how we perceive sound; physical, spiritual, and mental. Let’s take an in-depth look at each:

Physical Benefits of Singing Bowls

The anatomy of the body behaves in a calmer, better way. Meaning that blood circulation improves, and so does the digestive process. 

The joints’ structural alignment reshapes to its natural form – shoulders, hips, thighs, knees, etc. Overall, the sounds of a singing bowl have more ‘physical effects’ than one might assume. 

Spiritual Benefits of Singing Bowls

Vibrations of typical bowls leave a massive impact on the mind-process. The sounds are supposed to internalize your soul, leaving it bewitched. 

Ancient monks used these bowls to know themselves, seeking enlightenment along the way. 

You can do the same and get a better outlook on your life.

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Spirituality, all the chakras of your body are cleansed and refreshed – leading to a feeling of eternal happiness. Merely reflecting on the sounds can lead one to find philosophical answers.

Mental Benefits of Singing Bowls

You may potentially feel an increase in productivity, reduction in stress, and more awareness of surroundings. 

Furthermore, singing bowls can be therapeutic, helping one overcome every-day problems. 

After a quick session, the mind leaves with a more confident approach. 

For instance, music enthusiasts in Nepal were surprised that the bowls had such a ‘huge’ emotional impact.

It’s highly recommended for one to sit idle every once in a while and listen to the ‘sounds’ in solitude. Rest assured, you’ll develop a new, optimistic perspective. 

Buying Guide – What You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Singing Bowl

Now, let’s come to business. Where do you even get such a bowl from? How many types of bowls are there?

And most importantly, how do you choose the ‘perfect’ one out of different types of singing bowls. Fortunately, we have listed down facts you need to be aware of – so read carefully and wisely make a decision!

8 Tips To Heal Your Soul

Singing Bowl Material

Basic science shows that an object’s material can completely change its sound, the way it is perceived. 

Most bowls found online are made out of brass – considered cheap. The ideal bowl should be made out of fine-quality metals; copper, lead, silver, and or even gold (our #2 option is made out of antique gold). 

Strong metals cause a longer lifeline and have a better sound effect. But you need to be aware of the size of the material as well – varying thickness. 

Singing Bowl Design

Honestly, the design depends on one’s personal preference. However, we can provide a list of options. 

If you’re looking for a bowl with cultural features, there are various options. From a Tibetan designed bowl to a colorful modern-day set. You can get a minimalistic bowl or one that showcases centuries of art.

As you may notice, singing bowls are quite diverse in terms of design – the choice is yours.

Varying Sizes of Singing Bowls

As subtlety mentioned, the size of a bowl has a significant effect on sound effects. Large, wider bowls will obviously have deep vibrations and are suitable for bigger gatherings. Small, lighter bowls are portable, though.

Large bowls (more than 10 inches) are comparatively more expensive and aren’t easy to find either. Bowls that range from 2.5 inches to 6 inches in diameter are common and ideal for beginners. 

We recommend that you choose a bowl according to your level of expertise. 


Singing bowls have a rich history, and it’s evident in their structure. Generally, every component of a bowl has a history behind it. But, it is in modern-day use. Now, lingering between two worlds; the mallets have the best of it. 

Typical bowls come with an average quality mallet that produces general, normal sounds. For deeper, resonant sounds – it’s better to search for bowls that come along with dual-surface leather or high-quality wooden mallets. 

There are culturally made mallets, as well as minimalistic ones – choose which suits you.

Now, let’s take a look at five individual singing bowls that we have picked out. Read along as we discuss each:

1. Crystal Singing Heart Chakra Bowl 

High quality  

Made from quartz material, it comes along with a heavy, fully-fledged suitcase and is durable. Crafted with modern-day machinery, it is also one of the latest products known. 

On the other hand, it has a cool and mechanical feel – reminiscing the heart chakra.

Refund Guarantee

Manufacturers assure that if any item is missing or damaged, the customer can get a refund as long as the request is under 30 days.


Including a crystal-clear singing bowl case, compact packing, mallet(s), and an 8 mm O-ring – the bowl itself comes in different colors with cases of other materials – select an option.


  • Manufactured by Topfund, a reliable bowl company 
  • Size ranges from 6 inches to 24 inches – multiple options available 
  • Suede striker included 


  • Modern-day bowl. Lacks antique craftings

2.Chakra Healing Tibetan Hammered Himalayan Singing Bowl Set 

Antique Design 

At last, a bowl set that depicts ancient history at every step. Designed by Nepalese artists, it is held in high regard. 

On top of that, the golden design of each bowl creates heartfelt sounds. 

Powerful Sounds

The seven bowls are supposed to be used in harmony. Once you strike it with a mallet, it will produce calming sounds, helping people heal from the worst of problems, be it PTSD or any other.

Even psychologists recommend singing bowls with Nepalese origins. So, what are you waiting for? The bowls range from 2.5 inches to 5 inches anyway – easily carry it around. 


  • Manufactured by ‘Gifts From Nepal’ – a leading bowls brand, known since 1995
  • Wooden, high-quality mallets 
  • Packed with rich Nepalese history


  • Not accurately toned to chakras

3. Master Healing Hand hammered Tibetan Singing Bowls


Packed with a large ‘master healing’ bowl, a wooden mallet, a cushion, and a drumstick – it probably includes everything one might need. 

To further describe the appearance – the cushion is made out of silk, the bowl itself weighs around a whooping 4.25 lb, and the drumstick is 10″, crafted with long wool. 

Made Specifically For Healing

Larger the size, higher the impact. The manufacturing company surely stood by those words, creating a large handmade bowl from different metals – leaving no stone untouched. 

Low pitch sounds can be quite amusing for the brain at a certain frequency, helping one calm down. This bowl acts as an energy medicine; you can use it for general cures.

Tibetan Origins

Having cultural relevance has to be one of the most critical factors in a singing bowl, and this one has Tibetan origins! 

Tibet and bowls go a long way back. The earliest evidence of bowls dates back to 2400 BC. With dozens of cultural revolutions and different religions considering bowls as sacred, their origins should be held in high regard.

To this day, handmade Tibetan bowls are recommended over machinery ones. 


  • Large size. Perfect for large gatherings.
  • Durable due to it’s Tibetan origins
  • Comes along with more than just the basics


  • The large size might not be suitable for some; small environments, specifically 

4. Quartz Color Crystal Singing Bowl Set

Modern design

Unlike traditional bowl sets, this quartz set-piece has a family-oriented, peaceful design and comes in colorful designs.

Many people shy away from the concept of singing bowls, thinking of it as an ancient ritual – for them, this is the perfect gift. 


The set includes color-crystal bowls, 1 rubber-mallet, 1 suede stick, and 7 O-Rings – it is the perfect recipe for good sound effects.

The brand continuously claimed that the bowl has a 432 Hz frequency and will be ‘amusing’ to hear. We tested it out, and it couldn’t be more true! 

This beautiful instrument not only looks good but is an instant stress reliever. Because of its colorful design, it’s the perfect tool for children dealing with stress and anxiety. 


  • Each bowl has a unique pitch for a different chakra
  • Efficiently balances chakras
  • Colorful look


  • Does not last long 

5. Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

State-Of-The-Art Design 

When we think of singing bowls, ancient traditions and rituals come to mind, so do the designs. Fortunately, century-old crafts are still alive, beloved by millions. And the symbolic art is untouched! 

Here, this Tibetan bowl set is 100% crafted by local Nepalese artists – as genuine as it can get. More so, the designs are etched on the bowl rather than painted. 


On this Tibetan bowl, you can strike a dual-end mallet (included!) and get the perfectly pitched sound. 

If you are looking for holistic healing, getting better sleep, or simply want to be in a better state of mind – do check it out!


  • Small, compact size 
  • Comes along with an e-book guide. Ideal for beginners. 
  • Guaranteed money-back


  • At 4″, it might be small for some people

Comparison Chart

NameFeatures PriceMaterial
1. Crystal Singing Heart Chakra BowlMade out of high-status quartz. Strike with a mallet and get instant earthly sounds.$242.99Quartz
2. Chakra Healing Tibetan Hammered Himalayan Singing Bowl Set A set of seven bowls producing the most magical sounds – altogether. $135.21Antique Gold
3. Master Healing Hand hammered Tibetan Singing BowlA 10-inch bowl, the sounds released by it can apparently cure anxiety and stress. $179.99Seven Different Metals
4. Quartz Color Crystal Singing Bowl SetA pleasant-looking, modern-day set – it produces clear and deep sounds.$664.41Quartz Crystal
5. Tibetan Singing Bowl SetHand-crafted by skilled Nepalese artists, the sounds produced are as natural as it can get. $35.97Metal (not clear)

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of notes can you play on these bowls?

The notes you can play depends on the material, structure, and size of the bowl. And if it is filled with water, the quantity of it. So, It varies to a large degree – the frequency can fluctuate. 

How much practice do you need?

Honestly, not much. Once you buy a bowl, you’ll get the hang of it – it’s a matter of time. As long as you stay consistent and practice, reaching an ‘expert’ level won’t take time.

Do you need to clean singing bowls?

Well, yes, you do. But don’t worry about it, it’s quite easy. Get a clean, soft cloth and wash the bowl in hot water – that’s it! Make sure that chemicals don’t get in the way and wash in an upright position. Follow these steps, and you’re good to go!

What’s included in a singing bowl set?

It depends on each individual set, but typically, you can find the following items:

  • Bowl(s)
  • Cushion or carrying case
  • Mallet 


Who would’ve thought that sounds have such a deep connection to our soul, the chakras of our body, and overall having philosophical essence – it’s a thought to ponder over. 

A gift from ancient civilizations, singing bowls are here to stay. Might as well use it to heal yourself!

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