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The 22 Best Stones For Anxiety And Panic

The 22 Best Stones For Anxiety And Panic

Be it mild or severe, anxiety can take over your peace and make you feel out of touch with yourself. Though it can cause many problems, there is an end in sight and a solution to your problems. The healing power of crystals can rid you of the issues that mental disorders can bring.

The use of crystals to heal the mind has been documented since ancient times and has since become a popular form of holistic healing. The may varieties mean that you have plenty of choices to choose from should you turn to these semi-precious stones for assistance. If you want to take back your control and live a life that is free of anxiety then these 10 crystals can help.

Sodalite For Anxiety

It’s no surprise that the first stone on this list is my personal favorite: sodalite. Known as the “stone of peace” or “poets stone”, sodalite is renowned for its healing properties in relation to anxiety. It supports the adrenal glands as well as it helping to calm the mind.

Regal and heavenly, sodalite can take your troubles away. The gentle properties of this stone can help you to reset and refresh your energy. It will also give you the power to work on becoming the best version of yourself. No matter what your problems are sodalite can take the edge off your issues.

The peaceful and calming influence of Sodalite makes it the perfect antidote to anxiety. Known for its harmonious and soothing energy this crystal is ideal for those who struggle to process and manage their emotions. If you want to make the most out of Sodalite, add its healing powers to your meditation routine.

Sodalite is a crystal that is closely related to the throat chakra and our ability to speak (hence it being called the poets stone). It does so by keeping us calm, measured and logical in the face of chaos or uncertainty.

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Amazonite For Anxiety

This stone is closely linked to your heart chakra, pretty and green. It is ideally suited to clear out any negative energy surrounding your aura and balance your chakras. The best way to use it is to place it close to a bathtub and take a soothing bath. This will help calm your nerves and relieve any anxiety or panic. The Amazonite is also known as a chakra balancing crystal.

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Amber For Anxiety

Amber, while strictly not a member of the stone family, you to the fact that it’s made from fossilized resin derived from prehistoric trees. It is long an ancient crystal to help people with anxiety and panic attacks. The vibrations from this fossilized resin helps soothe and relax your nerves. It draws out any negativity and pain from your soul mind and body. This makes it one of the best crystals to treat panic or anxiety attacks. 

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Amethyst For Anxiety

This spiritual stone has everything that you need to beat your anxiety. Though most people use it to strengthen their intuition and awaken their third eye, there is so much more to amethyst. It can help you to connect to your inner self and identify what is causing you distress.

Turn to amethyst in your time of need and relieve the pressures of your hectic life. Whenever you’re feeling flustered this crystal will put your mind at ease. As it is a wearable crystal you can adorn yourself with its healing energy and benefit from its relaxing vibes all day long.

Angelite For Anxiety

The healing and loving traits of Angelite will support you through hard times. This crystal will help you to call upon your guardian angels who will assist you with your troubles. Always remember that you are never alone and that you the heavens are watching over you.

The spiritual growth and development that this crystal brings are beneficial to your wellness. Your anxiety cannot live when your mind is connected to your higher power. This crystal will realign you with the universal forces and remove any stress that is harming you. 

Black Tourmaline For Anxiety

Turning to black tourmaline will make you feel more stable and in control of your anxiety. Debilitating negative thoughts can be removed with this stone. It is extremely potent and can provide remarkable results, no matter what the circumstances. 

Hold this stone in your palm and breathe deep. Feel its energy flowing through your body, providing you with the healing that you need. As it channels through your being you will feel more calm, confident and peaceful.

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Blue Aventurine For Anxiety

Connected to the throat chakra, this stone helps people be truthful. If you don’t stand up for yourself and speak your truth, this can lead to your throat chakra becoming blocked. Intern it will show your other chakras out of balance, resulting in panic attacks and severe anxiety. I recommed to wear blue aventurine in the form of a necklace. This will help you break through many selfish feelings and prevent this anxiety or panic attacks before they happen. 

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Blue Lace Agate For Anxiety

Like most light blue stones, this has a soothing vibration. When you hold on to a piece of blue lace agate, it will fill you with an immediate sense of peace and well-being. If your head is in chaos and your emotions are running high this peaceful anxiety-relieving crystal should always be kept close at hand.

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Citrine For Anxiety

Add a little sunshine to your day with the joyful energy of citrine. This crystal’s rays of positive energy will brighten even the gloomiest of moods. If your anxiety has robbed you of your happiness then Citrine will leave you feeling inspired and full of divine light. 

Life-affirming and radiant, citrine is the counteragent that will stop your anxiety in its tracks. Its abundant energy will help you to manifest more satisfaction and merriment throughout your days. If your anxiety is triggered by financial worries then citrine is the crystal for you. It will take away your worries and make you feel good in every way.

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Clear Quartz For Anxiety

The master healer and the most powerful crystal of them all, clear quartz is potent enough to rid you of anxiety. The icy and glasslike effect of this crystal will make you feel more collected and centred. It also works well with other anxiety-busting stones as it amplifies their energy.

This crystal is one of the most commonly used during healing sessions due to its powerful properties. Any tension within your body will melt away with the vibration of its frequency. When you work with its energy you will notice a difference in your demeanour and mood. Clear Quartz is brilliant in every way and will give you everything you need to heal your anxiety.  

Garnet For Anxiety

Directly linked to your heart chakra garnet has we have known long as a stone of passion and love. Both emotions are highly effective in tackling panic and anxiety. As a result garnish isn’t a wonderful Stone for anyone suffering from anxiety as it helps you tackle turning your anger towards yourself. Anxiety and panic attacks. Many people suffer from these shoes to wear garnet as this love Stone allows more love into their lives and promotes self-love.

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Jade For Anxiety

Jade is a Stone with a long and ancient history closely associated with protective and healing practices. It’s advised to wear some Jean on your body and this would promote serenity and love, help balance your emotions and relieve any panic or anxiety you may suffer from. Famous for promoting anxiety and self-love please just close to either a pink or green candle to promote self-acceptance during any self-love ritual.

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Labradorite For Anxiety

One of the most effective crystals you’ll ever encounter per relieving the negative energies associated with stress and anxiety and as a result sends your aura is labradorite. When you are suffering from anxiety and panic you are surrounded by the illusion of fear. What is this person thinking, what is this person saying, what will happen if I do this, what will happen if I don’t do this? All these irrational fears make you forget the importance of living in the present. Known as the conscious lifter the stone is effective at relieving panic and anxiety. 

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Lepidolite For Anxiety

Dazzling with its lilac hues, Lepidolite will add tranquillity to your life. It contains lithium which is used in anti-anxiety medication and so it ideal for whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed. Lepidolite will assist you with balancing your emotions, clear blockages and releases tension.

Don’t let the ups and downs of life get the best of you, you deserve all of the blessings that life has to offer. If you feel like you’ve been caught up in emotional turbulence then this stone is exactly what you need. It will ease your fears and support you with the anxiety that you may be feeling.

Peridot For Anxiety

At this point you’re probably beginning to see a pattern of blues and greens. Peridot is another light green crystal that brings joy and helps your heart and mind grow. As a consequence, it is effective in tackling panic and anxiety attacks. Known as The joy Stone it helps break through many personal barriers including emotional instability and cyclical anxiety.

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Malachite For Anxiety

Malachite is known in spiritual circles as the transformation Stone. You help people focus on positives peering away bad habits, and any negative energies are auras that are associated with them. The most effective way to deal with anxiety is to quickly identify the root of your problem. It’s exactly what the stone does providing you with one of the deepest methods of healing and transforming.

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Moonstone For Anxiety

Moonstones have a connection to the moon itself, and there’s a consequence carrying the lunar vibrations and healing properties of this celestial body. The moon directly affects our emotions and anxiety and panic. This usually means your emotions are no longer in balance. Using moonstones will help bring calmness and stability to your aura. These lunar healing crystals are excellent for anyone suffering from a full-blown panic attack or an elevation in anxiety.

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Obsidian For Anxiety

If I wasn’t writing this list in alphabetical order, I would probably put this at the top as it is one of my all-time favorite crystals. Is effective tackling panic and anxiety attacks no more so than black obsidian. Making them fight and in need of healing in our higher chakras. One of the most effective ways to ground yourself is to get in touch with your root chakras. Black obsidian is known as the grounding root chakra Stone, and I’ll help you align your root chakra and release all that extra slight energy that comes with anxiety and panic. 

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Rose Quartz For Anxiety

Though rose quartz is universally deemed as the love crystal, it can also help you deal with your anxiety. This crystal can dispel negativity and lift up your spirits. Unconditional love is the magic in this stone that will nourish and care for you. 

Rose quartz will help you to develop more empathy for yourself. Instead of beating yourself up and judging your emotional state you will feel more compassionate and love yourself. If your anxiety stems from feelings of self-hate rose quartz will shift and align your energy.

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Selenite For Anxiety

Purify your mind and rejuvenate your wellbeing with Selenite. The soft essence of this crystal will remove any negativity that may be plaguing you. Your mental health will benefit immensely from using this crystal.

Selenite will help you to gain insight into why you are feeling the way you are. It is also excellent for helping you tap into mindfulness. Use this crystal to clear bad thoughts and neutralise any emotions that do not serve you.

Smoky Quartz For Anxiety

Last but not least, we come to smoky quartz used historically to clear negative thinking patterns that are directly associated with fear or anxiety. War springs clarity to your thoughts and visions. It will help you identify the root of your problem and provide you with the clarity of thought needed to resolve them. Known as the fear detector it is also highly effective in the treatment of depression.

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Tigers Eye For Anxiety

Step up and be brave with the fearless and fierce Tigers Eye. By using this crystal you will feel as though you can take on the world. Anything that frightens you or fills you with panic will cease to affect you. This stone will give you the courage to deal with your anxiety.

The boldness and audacity that you stand to gain from Tigers Eye will help you to recover. When you are unafraid of your fears you can conquer your anxiety. Trust in its power and you will feel on top of the world.

What are the best ways to use the best stones for anxiety and panic?

How you use the healing benefits of these crystals and stones will largely be up to you, as there is no one size fits all solution. There are so many creative ways that you can bring these healing crystals into your daily life. But if you’re struggling to think you are just some ways I have used crystals down the years to help reduce my anxiety and panic attacks.

I found those effective ways to use crystals for anxiety relief is to incorporate them into a piece of jewellery.If I’m suffering from a bad bout of anxiety, panic or stress I’ll take to my bathtub and place some crystals around it and allow myself to relax and enjoy anxiety relieving bath

The easiest and most effective way to get the benefits of healing crystals with reducing anxiety or panic attacks it’s a hold one of these crystals or stones in your hand and let your body absorb its time soothing energy. Doing this would promote self-love and reduce the effects of any kind of anxiety attacks.

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Crystals offer so many benefits. When you know how to use them you can change your life for the better. Though they may provide you with specific healing they can also help you to unlock what is already within. The god-like energy inside of you can give you everything you want and more.

Use crystals as a tool to promote growth and prosperity within all areas of your life. You deserve to feel free and in tune with the forces of the universe. By using crystals you will feel more connected to the raw and divine part of your physical and spiritual being.