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What are the best stones for EMF protection? 13 Stones to Guard your Life

What are the best stones for EMF protection? 13 Stones to Guard your Life

As more people become accustomed to their modern lives and all the conveniences that come with it, too few are aware of the many health risks attached to all the gadgets we now use in our daily lives.

In terms of home appliances, computers, Wi-Fi, microwaves and cell phones, all these devices produce streams of energy waves that have many health experts concerned. The question remains should we be concerned about our exposure to EMFs. Although our world survives on these waves created by the Sun that has been sending out EMFs (electro-magnetic fields) for Billions of years. Every time the sun comes up, we see this in the form of light.

As electricity became more prevalent in the 20th century, indoor lighting spread throughout the world through the use of electrical power lines. Scientists suspected that the power lines supplying all this energy were also releasing EMFs. 

Over the past 50 years, they have conducted consistent scientific research into the dangers of EMFs under continued usage in MRIs x-rays and power lines. 

A recent study conducted by the World Bank shows that nearly 90% of the world’s population use electrical appliances daily or have access to electricity today. Exposure to all these EMFs has many health professionals concerned. Most still believe EMFs aren’t dangerous, but others are questioning this level of exposure.

Why do you need EMF protection?

  • Persistent exposure to electromagnetic radiation can have significant effects on your health including
  • Damage to your DNA because of oxidative stress caused by free radicals
  • A reduction in red and white blood cell production and as a result declines in your immune response
  • Your central nervous system is more vulnerable to unhealthy toxins because of a compromised blood-brain barrier
  • Negative effects on your hormone levels especially melatonin which is vitally important for regulating your sleep patterns
  • Your body becomes more susceptible to specific types of cancer and other adverse health effects have been noted in both reproductive and neurological systems
  • Affecting your fertility and your mental health
  • EMS not only affect humans but they also negatively affect the health of animals including birds, bees and household pets

We have derived all the information provided above from a purification of scientific studies conducted in the last 20 years. Most of these I’ve been done by The Tentative report, Powerwatch, and the environmental health trust. These are all bodies that are staffed by groups of respected scientists who have spoken out about the dangers of EMF radiation and now agencies associated with the United Nations the international agency for research and cancer and the world health organization have examined EMFs as presenting potential dangers to human health.

13 best stone for EMF protection

#1 Aventurine

W know this stone to diffuse negative energy to positive. You can also stabilize your mental health and stimulate your creative side. Reduces irritation, frustration and anger and protects you against electromagnetic smog. It’s also known for its ability to diffuse negative situations and turn them into positive ones.

#2 Black Moonstone

Using black moonstones dates back to ancient Roman culture when the Romans believed that they reflected the face of their Goddess Diana in the Stone and keeping one in your presence made you wiser. Black moonstones have also long been considered a sacred stone in Indian culture. With dealing with EMFs, the black moonstone keeps negative energy away and attracts positive vibrations instead.

#3 Black Tourmaline

Forms of protective shield around your body and purifies and cleanses it. The shield will protect you from EMFs and vanish negative feelings. We know it to attract prosperity, compassion and inspiration. By strengthening your immune system, black tourmaline can protect your body from EMFs produced by cell phones and other devices. Having its own electrical value, producing a strong connection between your human spirit and earth. This allows you to align your healthy energies and center them in your body, producing the healing light throughout your system. 

#4 Citrine

This gemstone is energetic and bright and is directly linked to your solar plexus chakra. It is used to help your body heal from the negative energies produced by EMFs. Because full of iron hydrate citrine is most effective during humid sunny and soft seasons where it’s comfortably mops up any negativity its aura.

#5 Fluorite

Known for its ability to absorb negative stress and energy this is an excellent cleansing tool and helps focus your mind and increase your ability to concentrate. It also fills people with a sense of self-confidence and helps them in strengthening resolve. By encouraging positivity it brings balance to your energy and improves the coordination and balance, increasing your mental and physical prowess. Fluorite stabilizes your aura and helps protect you from electromagnetic stress your cell phones can produce that computers are home appliances. These negative energies are deflected, purified and cleansed, helping you overcome the chaos and remain calm.

#6 Fulgurite

Formed by a burst of electromagnetic energy either by a lightning striking rock or sand, we believe this Stone to help creative energies flow through your throat and heart and your third eye chakra. We believe it that the high vibration frequency produced by the stone will allow you to manifest your healthiest self and help with your ability to heal .

We commonly find fulgurite in desert areas like the Sahara or Gob, it’s typically found in the form of one to three inch long pieces and can vary in color depending on where the lightning has struck. It helps tackle EMFs by helping those who are more sensitive to electricity bringing balance to the electrical activity in your body and keeping it close to normal status thus reducing your overall vulnerability to EMFs.

#7 Hematite

This little dark crystal packs quite a punch and helps protect you from EMF radiation and smog. Some of the earliest evidence of its use were in the battlefield of ancient Rome, where Roman soldiers used to stud their armor to increase to offer greater protection. We also know this as the bloodstone, as it’s famous for its bountiful cleansing properties and helps reduce your body’s exposure to toxins. By placing one close to your workstation are the highest sources of EMFs in your home the rich iron in this crystal will help reduce your exposure to EMFs.

#8 Lepidolite

This stone is believed to reduce electromagnetic pollution and should be placed close to your laptop or computer to help absorb any emanations. Helps to open your throat, third eye and heart chakras this will help dissipate any negative energy in your area and clear any blockages and encourage higher cosmic awareness. If you are on a spiritual or shamanistic journey carrying the stone with you will help you overcome personal business or economic slumps help you maintain a healthy equilibrium, especially when the marketplace is playing havoc with your medical health. 

#9 Orgonite

This is a substance known for being an effective energy transmission device, drawing in negative energies and continuously transmitting them into positive energies. It quickly became a popular healing tool it is man made from a combination of metals, crystal shavings and resin the combination of these elements are designed specifically to harmonize your g and bio energy boosting your body’s resistance to EMFs.

#10 Pyrite

We consider another metallic element this a super saver because of its huge protective capabilities providing you a massive shield from both emotional and environmental waves of negativity. It provides a highly effective tool for dealing with the problems associated with EMFs by giving you your body the energy boost it needs it can help deal with any EMF produced by technology in your proximity.

#11 Rainbow Fluorite

Banded with yellow, clear, green, purple, blue, and rainbow fluorite will help improve your coordination. Thank you for your thoughts by improving your physical and mental state. By combining the strength found in a variety of different fluoride crystals including yellow clear green purple and blue rainbow fluorite provides a highly effective barrier against any negative energies produced by EMFS especially those that image from computers it’s best worn in the form of a necklace or a bracelet.

#12 Rose Quartz

Disgraceful and soft Stone is more deeply cleansing and strong. Offering a stronger protective force than most others on the list, this can reduce the EMF energy found in any space by sucking out the bad and replacing it with good energy. Placing Rose Quartz in any area affected by EMFs will help fill the space with a positive energy. This is a beautiful crystal which can also help improve your blood circulation and remove toxins from your body helping you fully recharge. 

#13 Shungite

If you’re looking to protect your body from negative RMFs produced by cell phones or computers, this is an especially effective Stone to have around your home or office. The stone itself is packed with fullerenes, which act as powerful antioxidants. It has long been used in Russia for its important healing vibrations. Users of the Stone state it has an ability to shield your body from EMF emissions.

How to use healing crystals for amp protection

Whichever of the 13 crystals and stones listed above you choose will provide you with EMF protection, it’s important to understand how to use them How to effectively produce an effective shield to prevent any side effects or damage from your meth and other radiation exposure. 

In the most Simplex form, they can be utilized for their inner healing powers and worn as simple protective jewelry. Winning any of these crystals daily you will be offered protection regardless of where you turn pendants necklaces and bracelets hold crystals close to your skin and this will be a highly effective barrier with deflecting negative EMFs.

The other most effective approach is to place a series of protective EMF crystals closer to the technology you use most. You just need to be careful of crystals that have high magnetic properties, especially placing them anywhere near your hard drives or laptops as they can directly affect your data records. As a result, we should use quartz with caution and keep them a safe distance away from any electronic devices as they can act as a semiconductor and even amp up the EMF level in your home. 

What precautions can I take besides using the best stones for EMF protection?

Experts agree that on top of using crystals and stones there are some other steps that you can take to help mitigate against the dangers of EMFs

#1 Turn off the Wi-Fi at night

one of the first things you can do is to ensure your Wi-Fi is turned off at night to reduce your exposure to EMFs while you’re sleeping, especially as your router isn’t being used. 

#2 Upgrade your router

If you have an older Wi-Fi router in your home you can buy an eco Wi-Fi return which is designed specifically to restrict the emission of high frequency EMFs

#3 Use Ethernet more often

If you are building a new home, wire it for ethernet connections so this will reduce your dependency on Wi-Fi. Anytime you can connect an Ethernet cord will help reduce your exposure to EMFs.

#4 Use your microwave less

Plug your microwave oven out after use and make sure you stand away from them whenever they’re being used

#5 Remove your cordless phone’s

Replace any cordless phones you have in your home with corded landlines

#6 Use your cell on speakerphone

By using your cell phone on speakerphone mode when communicating, you will reduce the attraction of EMFs to more vulnerable parts of your body

#7 Remove electronics from your bedroom

They should keep the number of electronic devices in your bedroom to a minimum there’s no need for Wi-Fi systems home entertainment systems televisions, etc

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As Wi-Fi and appliances have now become ubiquitous and your family are encountering them, I’m such an early age these can easily combine with other lifestyle risks. By taking effective measures to reduce your EMF exposure, you can help protect yourself and your family by taking some very simple but essential steps.