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What are the 19 Best Stones For Empaths?

What are the 19 Best Stones For Empaths?

Do you feel that you may be an empath? Let’s begin by finding out what makes someone an empath.

An empath is someone who easily understands how another person is feeling from that person’s point of view. Empaths can put themselves in another’s position and instinctively know their emotional state, and more importantly, understand why they feel as they do.

Are you the kind of person who feels completely in tune with the emotions and feelings of those people around you? Are you sensitive to the feelings of others, and care very much about their feelings? If you recognize these qualities in yourself, then you may well be an empath.

Empathy is a gift, but it can be a harsh one. While the ability to understand other peoples’ emotional states, sometimes having that ability can overwhelm. Empaths must be able to look after themselves, and this article will concentrate on protection for empaths.

Signs that you’re an empath

Firstly, however, let’s see if you recognize other signs that will confirm your empathetic nature:

  • Do you find yourself absorbing other peoples’ emotions and making them your own? When a friend suffers the loss of a pet, you will understand their sadness. You feel their sadness so much that it becomes a part of your emotional state. 
  • Are you inclined to feel overwhelmed by extended close contact? Relationships can be difficult to maintain because of your awareness of the emotions of your partner. Trying to explain your need for time on your own is hard, as your partner may feel shut out and be upset. You then become aware of that and add their hurt to your emotions.
  • Empaths tend to be intuitive. Do you trust your intuition when you need to make decisions? Are you good at identifying great ideas, or indeed, lousy ones?
  • Do natural surroundings make you feel at peace? Do you seek out quiet, isolated places where you are free from the emotions of other people? Empaths find their spirits lifted when they are alone in the great outdoors.
  • Are you unsettled in crowded places? Do you find crowds overwhelming because of the sheer amount of emotional energy released by all those people? The energy swirling around can be both positive and negative and you will be feeling all of those emotions intensely. You are highly sensitive to the emotional atmosphere wherever you are.
  • Do you find it difficult NOT to care about others? Empaths absorb the emotions of other people so completely that you just can’t stop yourself from caring. Helping when others are struggling comes naturally to you. Stopping yourself from caring is a very hard thing to do.
  • Are you especially sensitive to physical senses? Are the senses of smell, taste and sounds more intense for you? If so you may be highly-sensitive as well as an empath. There is a close connection between the two.
  • Is your emotional response to seeing a cute animal is heightened? Puppies and kittens are adorable, as are little babies. When you see any of these, you tend to feel immense love for them, which you just have to show. Over-the-top maybe, but perfectly natural to you.
  • Do you shy away from confrontation? Empaths try to avoid conflict due to the enormous amount of emotional energy that is released. 
  • Are you the sort of person that others seek to share their problems? Empaths are great listeners, and others sense this and make a bee-line for them. This will result in you absorbing emotions that these people off-load. 
  • Do you get tired easily? Dealing with emotional energy can be very tiring. You probably find yourself yearning for time on your own to restore your own energy levels. Escape to a quiet place is really important for you.
  • Many empaths feel like outsiders when they are involved in gatherings of friends or family. Their ability to tune in to the emotions of the people present make them think of themselves as different. This feeling of not being normal and not being part of the gang’ can be really strong.
  • Do you see things differently to others? Are you inclined to notice things that other people miss or don’t think are important? Connecting these things can add to your stress and lead to your losing your creativity.
  • Empaths have to take action to protect themselves. One way they do this is by imposing limits on what they are prepared to do. This can be really hard, but with practice an empath can give themselves time and opportunities to pursue their own goals.

If you recognize these various traits in yourself, then you are most surely an empath. Being an empath brings with it a whole range of problems, and it is important that you act to protect yourself and prevent emotional overload. Your first priority must be yourself and your own physical and mental health.

One way of protecting yourself is to arm yourself with some special healing crystals or stones. Healing stones and crystals emit vibrations that can work to cancel out negative energies and promote beneficial ones. This list contains details of the best and most effective healing stones.

The 19 Best Stones for Empaths

1. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline can heal on every level, whether your problem is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. It is a brilliant stone to counteract negative energy and promote a positive mindset. Black Tourmaline has the power to create a powerful force around you. This force will keep you safe from emotional debris that might otherwise stick to you. 

Just by carrying a Black Tourmaline stone with you – maybe in your pocket – you will be giving yourself protection. Negative emotions will not affect you to such a great extent as usual.

2. Hematite

Hematite is an excellent stone to use to assist in keeping you grounded. It is closely linked with earth energy which will help you to keep from being emotionally overwhelmed. When hematite is polished its surface takes on mirror-like qualities. You can then use it as a shield that reflects any unwanted vibrations and emotions.

When you need to stay centred, or are feeling depression creeping up on you, use hematite as your helpmate.

Hematite makes a great piece of jewelry. It can be incorporated into a necklace or bangle, or used as a pendant.

3. Malachite

Malachite is a beautiful green stone which must be kept clean. It is one of the most powerful stones and is excellent at clearing any stagnant emotional energy. It gives you the power to be yourself, and so is great to use after a hard day with demanding company.

This stone is linked with your heart chakra. The heart chakra becomes unbalanced when there are too many emotional demands on you, overwhelming you. Malachite will restore that balance. 

Keep a prepared, or tumbled, malachite stone in your pocket during the day. Don’t be tempted to use a raw piece of malachite, as that can be dangerous.

4. Amethyst

Amethyst is the most spiritual of stones – it is also known as The Stone of Spirituality or The Stone of Meditation. It is a rich purple or lavender color and emits a high vibration level. It can be used to improve your intuitive abilities by opening the Third Eye. This will make you both sharper and more trusting of your ability to make decisions.

Amethyst is a popular companion stone when meditating. It will enhance your spiritual self, and help you achieve higher levels of consciousness. 

It is good to have an amethyst pendant to wear, but also think about having an amethyst cluster either at home or at work. That way you have power and beauty in your daily life.

5. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is one of the more important stones for empaths as it helps you to trust your intuition in respect of others. Lapis Lazuli is a rich deep blue in color and is linked to the throat, or fifth, chakra.

This stone can repair your auric field while both strengthening it and protecting it. It also aids awareness of spiritual truths and gives complete protection to your emotional energy.

Lapis Lazuli is best worn in the form of jewelry around your throat.

6. Fluorite

Fluorite in its natural form is a lovely crystal. A single piece of fluorite will have several colors within in, ranging from purple to white. This indicates that it has connections with three chakras – heart, throat and third eye. It is a stone that promotes balance while actively defeating negative energies.

As an empath you will find that fluorite is keeping your energies grounded, assisting you to set boundaries that protect you while cancelling the effects of daily dramas.

For effective neutralizing of negative energies in your home, keep a piece of fluorite on display.

7. Black Obsidian

Born in the fire of a volcano, a piece of Black Obsidian grants an almost obsessive level of protection to an empath. Not only will it neutralize negative energies, it also blocks out harmful influences and deters emotionally demanding people.

Black Obsidian also promotes impartiality. It allows you to weigh up the pros and cons of any situation while maintaining a neutral position. This is a stone that will aid your clarity of thought by bringing hidden details into the open.

Any form of negativity, whether it is negative energy or a negative person, can be cast out by the use of this stone. The effects of trauma can also be reduced by its use.

Black Obsidian can be worn as a pendant or carried in your pocket as a Black Obsidian wand.

8. Lepidolite

Lepidolite is a purple-pink stone that has the power to absorb and to filter energies. It will absorb the stress and anxiety that you will encounter as an empath. You will feel calmer when using this stone.

It will also filter the experiences that you will encounter from outside. Other people’s problems and worries will have less effect on you as a result. Lepidolite is a great stone for restoring balance in your emotions and bringing calmness back into your life. This is why it is also known as The Stone of Peace.

Lepidolite should be placed under your pillow while you sleep. This way it will bring the calmness you need for a better quality night’s sleep.

9. Smokey Quartz

A smokey grey or brownish crystal, Smokey Quartz is invaluable as protection. It will help empaths and highly sensitive people who are bombarded with negative energy. It forcefully repels this unwanted energy.

Smokey Quartz connects the root chakra with the earth. Therefore, it is one of the most effective grounding stones available to an empath. It makes it easy for you to release thoughts, emotions and feelings that are harmful.

By using several pieces of Smokey Quartz around your home you can be sure that negative energies are kept away.

10. Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is used most frequently to align all the seven chakras. Once your chakras are in alignment, you will be aware of the energy in your body ascending to the spiritual plane. Obstructions will be removed and a calmness and sense of peace will prevail.

If you have endured a crowded place, and need to find solace, then a piece of Blue Kyanite is just what you need. It enhances relaxation and brings emotional rest.

Keep a piece at home for such occasions.

11. Green Aventurine

Also called The Stone of Opportunity. This stone is good as a barrier to electromagnetism and for turning negative situations into positive ones.

12. Labradorite

Labradorite gives strong protection. It will stop other people from sucking your energy from you.

13. Aqua Aura Quartz

Aqua Aura Quartz brings balance between emotional opposites. It has a deep connection with the throat chakra and so will aid your ability to communicate, especially when talking about difficult concepts.

14. Jet

Jet is a black stone with the power to aid harmony and balance in your life. It offers guidance that is three-fold – physical, emotional and spiritual.

Use jet when meditating to help overcome anxiety and worry.

15. Selenite

Selenite is essentially a cleansing stone. Use it to cleanse your aura and also to cleanse the energies emitted by other crystals and stones.

16. Brown Calcite

On those occasions when you are trying to balance your own emotions, use Brown Calcite as your aid. This is a stone that attracts positive energies and they in turn will help your quest for balance.

17. Ouro Verde Quartz

This is a rare crystal as it is only found in one place in Brazil. In color it is greeny-gold and it is a powerful crystal. Its main use is to provide protection with the added advantage that it never needs to be cleansed or recharged.

18. Citrine

Citrine is a yellow-orange stone with a remarkable range of powers. It is also known as The Success Stone. It has always been linked with sunlight and the power of the sun to promote growth and the flow of energy. 

Citrine will help heal the physical body, direct intelligence when making decisions, boost creativity and support free will. It aids success in many types of venture and brings luck to the user. It is also used as a cleansing stone and a protective stone.

19. Sodalite

Sodalite is of course, my favorite healing stone and can have a remarkable effect on empaths. It’s strongly linked with the throat chakra and is also known as the poet’s stone. It can empower mental function and can soothe frayed nerves. An absolute must for any empaths.

How to use healing crystal for empaths

There are several ways in which crystals and stones can be used by empaths in order to achieve the desired effect.

Empaths should own a selection of stones and crystals so that they can choose the appropriate one for each use. The longer you own a particular stone and the more you use it, so it will become attuned to your personality and emotional patterns. Choose your stones carefully, for they will have to last you a lifetime. Having said that, sometimes a stone will choose you! 

Look after your stones, cleanse them regularly and recharge them when required. They are there to protect you and must be given the best chance possible to do that. You will become attached to them, and they to you.

Here are some tips:

  • Wear your crystals or stones in the form of jewelry. Necklaces, pendants and bracelets are popular types of jewelry that can be worn easily. All of these are readily available from stores or online.
  • Keep a crystal or stone in your pocket when you are at work or out of your home. Choose a stone to match your emotional state that day. Also consider what you might need to ward off during your time out and about.
  • Sleep is important to help you maintain both physical and mental health. In order to stay grounded, place grounding crystals either under your pillow at night, or around the head of your bed.
  • If you practice yoga, then encourage greater depth in your experience by placing selected crystals around your mat. Doing this will encourage healing – physical, mental and spiritual.
  • When you meditate, place crystals around the area you have set aside. You will get a better experience as a result and will be more relaxed and less emotionally susceptible.

Other questions

Q. I believe I am an empath. What other methods can I use to protect myself?

A. You could use essential oils rather than crystals or stones. Like stones, essential oils have vibrations and particular properties. The most useful to an empath are:

  • Frankincense to remove negative energy from your body and its surroundings. Powerful and a must-have oil for empaths.
  • Sage, which is a great protector against tension and stress.
  • Lavender as a cleanser and relaxant. Brilliant at clearing stubborn undesirable energies.
  • Vetiver boosts positive energy and rids your body of low-level negative energy.
  • Rose is beneficial after negative energies have been cast out.
  • Chamomile for calming.

Q. Does incense help protect an empath?

A. It is good advice to suggest that you should fumigate your home regularly to clear all negative energies. By doing this you will reduce the impact negative energies will have on you. This is best done with incense or by burning sage or Palo Santo. There can be side-effects to burning incense, so check before you use any that it is safe.

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Empaths need protection if they are to maintain balanced mental, physical and spiritual health. Using crystals and stones is one of the most effective methods of doing this. With care you can build a collection of stones that will protect you in all situations for all time.