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The 15 Best Stones for Fertility

The 15 Best Stones for Fertility

The joy of discovering that you are bringing a life into the world is unmatched. It is a magical moment that marks the start of one of the most challenging yet rewarding journeys that you will ever embark upon. As your body and mind adjust to your pregnancy it is important that you have access to all of the help and support that you can get. Here we have compiled a list of the five best healing crystals for pregnancy to help you through these exciting changes.

1. Carnelian for Fertility

This stone is closely associated with bravery leadership endurance inspiration and creativity and as long being one of the go-to crystals for boosting fertility. It promotes fertility by encouraging sexuality and energy. Resonating with the sacral chakra which is linked to both male and female reproductive organs, it helps dissipate energetic obstructions that may be present in the organs energy centers. This crystal helps stimulate fertility by boosting the prostate, testicles, cervix, fallopian tubes, vagina, ovaries and uterus.

Carnelian is linked to the base of your spine and the coiled kundalini energy. By maintaining your reproductive equilibrium it helps support the hormonal and reproductive systems in your body by boosting their essential life force.

If you’re struggling to conceive this crystal is ideal, as it helps boost your creativity, which is closely associated with your libido and as a result encourages spontaneous lovemaking. We will encourage you to either place a Carnelian stone in your pants pockets or wear it on a belt in order to maximize its benefits by keeping it close to your reproductive region and your sacral chakra.

2. Chrysoprase for Fertility

Another crystal known to bring connection to your yin and yang, vital for successful conception. By improving your fertility levels, this crystal will help us enhance your sexual power. It’s useful for anyone who has become self-obsessed and who may suffer from depression. Boosting both your heart and energizing your sacral chakra.

Chrysoprase brings calmness and boost emotional health by healing people of self-obsessed and the torture associated with feeling lost or depressed. If you’re looking to spice up your love life, the piece of this in your pocket along with some carnelian. 

3. Fluorite for Fertility

This is another excellent fertility crystal as it brings balance to your hormonal system and helps with PCOS menopause premenopause PMS and anyone suffering from irregular fertility cycles. By bringing balance to your emotions it helps relieve stress and should be good to crystal for anyone suffering with fertility problems.

4. Green Aventurine for Fertility

Closely linked to prosperity and fertility, they know green aquamarine for its energetic properties. Harmony to your energies it fosters feelings of trust success and luck. You can also help people work through many of the emotional stresses that are triggered by struggling with fertility problems these triggers can end up blocking your energy flow. This crystal is also particularly effective when combined with meditation, as I can intensify any of your intentions by placing it in your surrounding area.

5. Green Jade for Fertility

No one in spiritual circles as the protector and provider of harmony’s lucky charm. Couples who are struggling with fertility problems fully appreciate that this time can be both stressful and even a little crazy. Harnessing the energy that green jade provides can help nurture those feelings of love and bring your relationship into balance by releasing any pent-up frustrations and feelings that can create barriers to your natural flow of energy.

By using green jade, you will enjoy the process more, feel less anxious and be more confident. Green jade is also taught to absorb negative energies by holding it and it also helps boost your pelvic and reproductive regions by increasing the blood and oxygen flow to the organs in the area. By pleasing a piece of green jade in your pocket I’m tucking it into your belt this can help ease some fertility woes.

6. Lepidolite for Fertility

Known as the crystal of transformation and peace they directly link this unique stone to psychological balance and well-being. It operates by nursing your inner strength easing feelings of depression and anxiety because of its lithium content it can help ease many of the issues that arise because of fertility issues because of difficulties to conceive. This Stone promotes peace. I can help you achieve smart goals that would relatively ease helping you relax mentally and prevent you from being easily triggered by any anxious situations. All of this when combined can help keep you calm while you look to conceive. If you have been struggling with inner peace, wear this crystal to help you deal with any future appliances. 

7. Moonstone for Fertility

It’s hardly surprising that moonstonMoonstone harnesses feminine energy and helps you to connect to your inner Goddess. Its influence on your body makes it a great healing crystal for pregnancy as it enhances fertility and controls fluctuating mood swings. Its soothing vibration will help you from the moment you conceive right through to your postpartum healing. Moonstone is an excellent crystal that will guide you throughout your pregnancy, help you to connect with your body and encourage you to tap into its natural rhythm. 

8. Rose Quartz for Fertility

Known as the unconditional love crystal this is one of the essential stones for boosting fertility as it operates directly by opening your heart. Endowing it’s where with elevated self-worth and self-love, both of which are essential attributes when you’re looking to conceive. It links directly rose quartz crystals to fertility by helping relieve unnecessary tension and guilt that can arise by it in ability to conceive when you want to. By boosting your natural mothering instinct rose quartz can promote sensuality and sexual vitality. Positioning a piece of this crystal under your mattress are next to your bed and what it will release its healing energies all night long.

9. Rhodonite for Fertility

This crystal helps couples who are having difficulties conceiving by bringing balance and centering their energies and emotions. I have a stunningly beautiful heart centered crystal that is directly linked to healing harmony and love energies. It has long been known as a stone that enhances female fertility by healing the uterus and preparing it for childbirth. Acting as both a confidence booster and a key replenisher Rhodonite should be added to your fertility crystal collection. 

10. Ruby Zoisite for Fertility

A combination of black tschermakite, green zoisite and ruby this crystal creates a surprising vibration effect and as a result known to support the reproductive systems of men and women and boost the probability of conception. Releasing trapped or surprised energies and bringing to the surface any emotions that may block your pathway to fertility. But using this crystal, you’re increasing your options for boosting your positive energies and reducing any feelings of depression. Healing both the ovaries and the testes this crystal despite working slowly can be highly effective when worn for long periods close to your body.

11. Tiger’s Eye for Fertility

Bringing balance to both you your body is hormones and energies this is an excellent stone for increasing fertility levels. By utilizing this crystal it helps women accept and gain courage to face the changes that are coming in their lives helping people who are struggling fertility pay attention to the smaller details that may create blockages in their energy flow. Boosting both physical and emotional wellness, they can help the pregnancy cycle happen more easily..

12. Unakite for Fertility

This is possibly one of the most beautiful healing crystals associated with fertility offering a stunning collection of If you’re looking for a boost of positive energy during your pregnancy Unakite is the way to go. It will keep your spirits lifted while bringing you peace. This stone is ripe with nurturing energy which strengthens the bond of unconditional love between both you and your child. Unakite will connect you with your heart’s centre and keep your emotional state balanced. With this stone, you will feel more gratitude and grounded as you embark upon one of the most life-changing events you will ever face.

13. Sodalite for Fertility

My favorite healing crystal and one with a multitude of benefits. Sodalite is known as the poet’s stone and is great for calming our minds and bringing us more into zen. With fertility, it’s important to keep your body and mind in unison… just like the ring and the yang. When we feel troubled mentally, it can have serious effects on our bodies. With sodalite, you can bring that unison to your mind and body and then give yourself the best chance to conceive.

14. Amethyst for Fertility

Amethyst offers more stability and protection during pregnancy. It can help you to balance your moods and cope with the effect of an increase in your hormones levels. Keeping Amethyst nearby will ease tension within the body and support you throughout every stage of your pregnancy. Its calming and gentle energy will keep anxiety at bay and release any worries that you have. If you are struggling to sleep Amethyst can promote a pleasant nights sleep and ensure that you receive an adequate amount of rest.

15. Malachite for Fertility

This mesmerising crystal is perfect for evoking healing during pregnancy as it is known as the midwife stone. It is said to alleviate cramps and other aches and pains that cause discomfort. Using this crystal during your pregnancy will ward off bad energy, helping to keep you and your unborn child safe. Malachite is a popular stone to use during labour as it will ensure that you have a smooth and safe delivery. Overall, it will help you to navigate the ups and downs of pregnancy and childbirth.

Which chakra is associated with fertility?

The sacral chakra is closely linked to fertility and can be boosted to the use of yoga meditation and healing crystals combining all three can release pent up energy and boost your chances of conceiving. By combining meditation healing crystals and specific yoga poses you can strengthen your sacral chakra and boost the overall health of your pelvic region. If the cycle chakra is a water element, keeping hydrated is vitally important to the process of conception. Creating crystal infusions is also an important part of the healing process for your reproductive system. Meditation will help combine the use of crystals and yoga by adding a visualization part to the process. In particular, we know the color orange to boost infertility and wearing healing crystals such as carnelian while combining them with yoga poses and positive affirmations such as I am fertile can also help heal your fertility problems.

Other spiritual ways to boost fertility


Acupuncture is another spiritual practice that can help boost fertility. By strategically placing thin needles and specific points in your body, an experienced acupuncturist can help boost the flow of energy into your reproductive systems. By reducing stress and bringing balance to your endocrine system, the healing modality of acupuncture and boost both your mental and physical health and directly affects your level of fertility. it can also prove far more cost effective than many more invasive and costly medical treatments

This pure and compassionate stone will wrap you and your unborn baby in a comforting blanket of love. The healing properties of Rose Quartz will ensure that your reproductive organs are in good form and that your child is healthy and secure in your womb. Using this crystal will increase the connection that you have with your little one and keep you safe. It is a great stone to turn to throughout your pregnancy and it can also facilitate an easier birthing experience.

Restoring your Yin through Yoga

While relaxing alone is not a magical cure for infertility, they know it that stress is one of the major barriers to people successfully reproducing. By practicing yin yoga, you can directly bring a common effect to your nervous system facing your body in a more optimal condition to conceive due to its more calm and receptive state. 


As we mentioned previously anxiety and stress are closely related to infertility through the practice of meditation, you will become more aware of the root of your anxiety and this is the first step in the healing process. Learning self-compassion is vital for any couples who are struggling to conceive. By practising meditation you will quickly learn to release any negative thoughts or energy, never allowing them to fester and settle.


Bringing new life into the world and being a parent can be one of the greatest joys you can ever feel. So, wanting a little bit of a boost to help you conceive and protect your pregnancy is always going to be on your mind. With these stones, you can help give yourself the best chance.