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The 14 Best Stones For Grounding

The 14 Best Stones For Grounding

Grounding is the relationship between our bodies and the earth. Many people believe that the electrical impulses that the earth produces act positively on the human body. Grounding is also called earthing for this reason.

It is possible to make grounding more effective by following certain practises. These usually involve allowing as much contact as possible between your skin and the earth. There are several ways in which you can achieve great contact for grounding.

Walking in bare feet. 

Allowing the skin on your feet to be in contact with the earth is a great way to experience grounding. Walk through grass, on sand or even on muddy soil, and you will be absorbing natural grounding energy.

Lie down on the ground

Lying down is also a brilliant way of maximizing your contact with the earth. Lie on sand or on grass. Purists would advise being naked for a maximum skin-to-earth link. This is not always possible, so try to wear shorts, short sleeved top or shirt or a bikini. Adventurous men might like to consider a mankini! Take care to lie somewhere safe.


Water can be used for grounding too. Wading into water is fine if swimming is not possible. You should swim or paddle in natural outdoor water, not in a swimming pool. Again, stay safe.

Grounding equipment

If you are not able to get outside and ground yourself naturally, there is a range of equipment available that you can use instead. Grounding mats, sheets, socks, patches and bands are easily available and all serve to connect your to the electrical energy in the earth.

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The 14 best stones to aid grounding

The use of stones and crystals in meditation is well known. Stones and crystals also play a part in healing unbalanced chakras. They can also be used to aid grounding.

There are two basic ways to use stones so they help the grounding process. One is to spread them around you when you are sitting or lying on the ground. The second is to wear your favorite stone as an item of jewelry so that it can work while you are going about your daily life. You may just prefer to keep the stone in your pocket. It will still work however you choose to carry it. Your stone is your link with Mother Earth, so it doesn’t matter how you choose to keep it with you.

The stones listed here all work in conjunction with your root chakra. This is the chakra that maintains balance through your body. These stones will aid that process, while promoting feelings of peace and harmony.

1. Carnelian For Grounding

Carnelian is a dull orange in color. It is well-known for its stabilizing qualities. Positivity also flows from this stone, while reducing anger and bringing you closer to your spiritual inner self.

2. Hematite For Grounding

Hematite is a knobbly black and orange-red stone which takes on a silvery sheen in some types of light. It is a great stone to keep next to your skin as it brings calmness and helps you feel centred and positive. This confidence-boosting stone dispels negative energies and makes you less stressed. Hematite will help you to focus your thoughts and make your memory more alert.

3. Red Calcite For Grounding

This stone promotes vitality. It is great as an aid if you are detoxifying, and encourages your body’s ability to heal itself. Like some other stones, it will rid you of negative feelings and make you better able to overcome perceived curbs on your ambition.

4. Black Obsidian For Grounding

Black Obsidian is a wonderful stone to use if you need to protect yourself from negative influences. It will help you gain greater mental awareness and more meaningful spiritual awareness.

5. Citrine For Grounding

Citrine is a quartz and has an orangey-yellow translucence. This is a stone that promotes a sense of calm, dispels anger and banishes fears. Citrine will positively enhance inner stability while boosting your confidence. Your creative side will also benefit from the use of citrine.

6. Black Tourmaline For Grounding

A reliever of stress, black tourmaline is a powerful aid to spiritual protection. It acts as a defence against negative energies and negative thoughts. 

7. Red Jasper For Grounding

Well-known as having a huge influence on the root chakra, Red Jasper is fantastic in promoting your emotional balance. It brings you awareness of the difficulties you face, yet provides you with the confidence and strength to deal with them. 

8. Green Amethyst For Grounding

This stone is also known as Prasiolite. It is used mostly as a healing stone, but has strong grounding properties too. Hold the stone in your hand while you are meditating, or keep one wherever you do your grounding therapy. It has such powerful energy you will surely feel it flowing into your body.

9. Septaria For Grounding

Septaria is a slightly unusual stone, but has strong protective powers. If you need protection and all levels – spiritual, physical and mental –then this is the stone for you. It is a calming stone and that, in turn, makes it great for grounding. Septaria is also a great stone to boost your ability to communicate with others.

10. Smoky Quartz For Grounding

In Smoky Quartz we have a stone that will help protect against radiation. It is a great grounding stone that targets the solar plexus chakra. Smoky Quartz will banish stress, combat fear and assist in fighting depression.

11. Fire Agate For Grounding

Fire Agate is a powerful stone that can positively influence all of your chakras. It clears blockages, disarms negative energy and herald change in your life. It has a strong connection to earth and is a superb stone to aid grounding.

12. Bloodstone For Grounding

The blood purifying qualities of this lovely red-speckled stone are well-known. It has grounding qualities that will help you stay in the �here and now’. It imparts courage, strength and determination. The bloodstone is linked to the heart chakra.

13. Tiger’s Eye For Grounding

Tiger’s Eye is brown in color. It has some outstanding properties, such as reducing anxiety, especially when caused by feelings of loneliness and inferiority. It can also be used to overcome feelings that threaten to overwhelm you. You can use this stone to improve intuition and also to protect yourself against addictive tendencies. This is especially the case with alcohol and drugs.

14. Sodalite For Grounding

Sodalite is an incredibly powerful spiritual stone and is my favorite. It is known as the poet’s stone and is a wonderful stone for calming our minds. Whenever you start to feel overwhelmed, just hold the stone in your hands and take deep breaths. Allow the stone to take away your negative thoughts and help ground you.

Benefits of grounding.

There has been very little research into the benefits of grounding as a practise. Most of the benefits claimed for grounding come from the results of small studies or from practitioners personal experiences. However, the following benefits do seem to have some evidence to support them.

· Fatigue

Grounding has been credited with a reduction in tiredness levels after a few weeks

· Heart and blood

High blood pressure can be reduced through grounding. 

· Pain

Sufferers of chronic pain have reported that grounding has helped lower their pain levels. 

· Healing

It has been suggested that grounding gives the human body the ability to heal faster and more effectively.

· Anxiety

Practitioners of grounding have indicated that even short sessions of grounding reduce anxiety and combat depression. Many recommend grounding as a mood enhancer.

· Sleep

Grounding therapy is thought to improve sleep both in length and quality. Disturbed sleep has also been positively reduced by the use of grounding.

What are the signs of being grounded?

Adopting grounding therapy, and the use of stones to boost the effectiveness of that therapy will lead to changes in your behaviour. All the changes you experience will be positive, and your life will be better. What can you expect to see. Here are some of the positive signs that you are turning your life around and becoming more grounded.

(a) You find that getting up in the morning is easier than it was. You will now look forward to each new day with enthusiasm and excitement, not dread or indifference.

(b) Getting off to sleep at night will be easier. Your sleep will be sounder and more satisfying. 

(c) You will feel much more in control during the day. 

(d) Your confidence will be much higher and you will carry yourself with the air of someone who is successful and capable.

(e) Acting decisively will be like second nature. Taking decisions will not scare you. 

(f) You will be focused and able to begin a project and see it through to completion without being distracted or deterred. 

(g) Physically you will feel fit and well. Your energy levels will be high and you might even seek an outlet for them. Taking up some form of physical activity could seem a good idea and you might be tempted to take up swimming or running. All of this will seem perfectly possible.

(h) You will feel at ease with your emotions. You might still get angry or sad or even frustrated. None of these will frighten you or lead you to panic. Your understanding of your own emotional state means you can keep them under control. You will be the master of your emotions.

(i) Mentally you will find clarity. Thinking, planning and decision-making all will be possible while maintaining a clear-headed approach. Muddled, unproductive thinking will not hold you back any more.

(j) You will feel that you are better connected to the people around you. Your family, colleagues and friends will all be important, valued members of your social and work circle. You will find that you now enjoy the company of others, rather than find them burdensome. In short, you will become a nicer person.

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The benefits to be gained from undertaking some grounding therapy with the use of stones are legion. Don’t let your life drag on when you can make changes that will bring fulfilment, success and satisfaction to yourlife.