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Black Feather Meaning: Do Not Be Afraid!

Black Feather Meaning: Do Not Be Afraid!

The color black often gets an unfair reputation. Being the color of darkness, black is often associated with negative connotations. But spiritually speaking, the color black is actually a very positive symbol and that is also true for black feathers, meaning that you shouldn’t worry when you see one. 

So, if you’ve had one come across your path, then fear not, I’ll explain the spiritual meaning of black feathers.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Black Feathers?

Black feathers are typically associated with two things, change and protection. Typically this means that you can expect to go through a period of transition without fear because you know you will be protected. 

They are not a negative omen as some mistakenly believe, but instead have a very positive meaning.

Symbolism and Meanings of Black Feathers

Here is a breakdown of the various meanings of black feathers and how you can interpret them in your life:

Black feathers as a symbol of protection

The protection of black feathers is really a direct angelic protection. As feathers are often associated with angels, seeing a black feather is a message that they are looking over you and are working to protect you. 

This is something worth keeping in mind particularly when you are feeling scared, unsure or overwhelmed in life

Black feathers as a symbol of change and transition

Life never stands still and the black feather may be a message that you are either experiencing and can expect a period of transition in your life. This could be one related to your professional or personal life. 

But even though change can be scary, remember that the black feather means you will be protected throughout the change.

Black feathers as a symbol of awakening

Change can also be related to our spiritual selves, and so the black feather could mean that we are about to embark on a spiritual journey. 

The blackness or the absence of light, represents a meditative state like sleeping, which our spiritual selves can awaken from anew. 

Black feathers as a symbol of moving on

Sometimes in life, it’s better to walk away. While we can always try to salvage something, be it a relationship or former passion, there are often times that we need to just move on. The black feather may be a message reminding us of this very fact. 

But just because we are moving on, it doesn’t have to be negative and the black feather tells us that no matter the journey we must take to move on, we will always be protected.

Black feathers as a symbol of balance

Black is often seen as the negative counterpart to white. While white is associated with peace and tranquility, many believe that black is the opposite. 

But in reality, black provides the balance to white. It shows us that we can be strong while being peaceful, and we can protect ourselves despite committing to tranquility. 

Black feathers as a symbol of danger

Of course, there are negative omens associated with the color black. Death, darkness and a lack of clarity. The black feather is therefore a warning of these things and an attempt by the angels to protect us while going through adversity. 

As Psalm 23:4 states: “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”

Black feathers as a symbol of positivity is just ahead

But with any period of transition and tumultuousness, there will eventually come an end. The black feather is a symbol that positivity is just around the corner and that the angels will guide us every step of the way.

Black feathers as a symbol of love

Finally, the black feather is also seen as a symbol of love or more specifically, the twin flame. This isn’t just some schoolyard romance but deep and powerful love that can only feel like destiny.

For a black feather to be presented by the universe to two lovers is an incredible endorsement that you have found a partner that transcends this life.

Dreams of Black Feathers

If we are seeing black feathers in our dreams, then it is clear to our subconscious mind that we are going through a period of potentially tough transition, even if we don’t recognise it consciously. 

But no matter how hard the transition is, the black feather in our dreams is a reminder that things will be ok and that we are being looked after always.

Which Birds Drop Black Feathers

Perhaps the two best known birds to drop black feathers are ravens and crows. This is interesting as these birds are both seen as messengers in their own way. Crows warn of death or strife whilst ravens were seen by the ancient Greeks as one of Apollo’s messengers

This follows our understanding as of the black feather being a symbol of warning that lampposts the coming transition or danger.

White and Black Feather Meaning

If you see a feather that is both black and white, then this is a clear symbol of the Yin and Yang balance between these two forces. While the black feather is a symbol of protection, the white feather is a symbol of peace.

Together, these two colors in one feather represent the balance between being strong and being vulnerable. Allowing yourself to choose the peaceful option without allowing yourself to be walked over by others.

It calls to us that we must be grounded and well rounded in our own life. We shouldn’t allow either of these extremes to dominate.

Small Black Feather Meaning

A small black feather is a subtle sign from the universe. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed or lost. Seeing this small feather is a message to remind you that you are being looked after and things will be ok.

Large Black Feather Meaning

A large black feather is a very curious find and suggests that the universe feels you are not appropriately heeding their message. The feather is a warning that you may be sleepwalking into a bad situation and that you need to react accordingly.


Black feathers should not be feared just because of their color. Instead you need to recognise that they are a positive message of protection from the universe, particularly in times of transition or difficulty. Just remember that when the universe speaks to you, it’s always worth it to listen.