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Do I Have A Blue Aura?

Do I Have A Blue Aura?

Before going into the depth of blue aura let us understand in brief the exact meaning of Aura. All the living souls are bounded with an Imperceptible and invisible fluctuating field, which is termed as Aura. Depending on the type of aura, different colors are found in these fluctuating fields having definite meaning. With proper study, you can perceive the color of your aura.

In the most understanding language – Auras themselves are exclusive electromagnetic arenas or surroundings, which depict the transcendental environments of the people they encircle! Aura depicts individuals’ current mystical, psychological, and physical fields in the form of the elongated shape of vibration and light. This helps in understanding your life truths, your mood swings, and some unknown facts.

Blue Aura Meaning: What Exactly Is The Meaning Of Blue Aura?

Now coming back to Blue Aura – how do you feel when you see serene blue sky above you or a beautiful blue ocean with infinite waves kissing the beach? Your experience can be divine! No words could define the feeling. The utmost serenity and calmness will be beyond any natural perfection! No doubt it will soothe your entire soul.

Blue Aura is directly associated with intellect and compassion. It also reflects calmness, cherished, and liveliness. Blue aura personalities are also freethinkers. Blue energy in any personality is associated with honesty and showing interest in spiritual energy. A reasonably strong sixth sense is also linked with a blue aura. Usually, it is seen that the people who are encircled with blue aura live a truly stable, natural, and stress-free life.

When compared with a red aura, which directly corresponds to the flames and heat, the blue aura is truly cool!

Does the answer to your question – “Do I Have A Blue Aura” – get a full-stop after relating the above-mentioned traits to your personality? No, remember, blue has many shades and it reflects your personality.

Baby/Light Blue Aura: This color is linked to expert conversationalists, who wholeheartedly embrace spiritual energy and are considered to be optimistic and nonviolent.

Truest/Royal Blue Aura: This personality is full of serenity, compassion, intelligence, and stability. Such personalities like to accept new challenges and are immune to destructive energy.

Cobalt Blue Aura: When any part is sedated from pain or anxiety, cobalt blue aura is seen.

Azure Blue Aura: When any healing process takes place, an azure blue aura is seen.

Blackish Blue Aura: When an individual is psychologically blocked or is filled with some negativity, blackish-blue, or muddy blue is seen.

Is A Blue Aura Good?

Blue aura comprises of intuitive, spiritual, and freethinker personality. It is the height of positivity and intelligence.

Blue aura is filled with numerous positive aspects that help in your routine activities.

This is one of the most important prime colors. Mixing blue aura with various other colors like yellow, green, yellow, violet, and indigo, fetches a perfect match that reciprocates positivity.

Blue Aura Personality:

Highly positive and intellect; blue aura personality will always embrace serenity and calmness. It is also believed that blue aura personality has a reasonably respectable sixth sense and can receive visions from different-worlds.

Blue aura personalities show very high compassion towards their family and friend circle. Also, these personalities are highly outgoing in their routine communication. The perfect blend of this compassion and their outgoing nature allows strengthening the bonds with the near and dear ones. Their kindness and honesty gain a very high acceptance from the crowd they reside in!

Every coin has two sides. When a blue aura personality is frank, it might backfire in terms of gossip or receive unstoppable ranting.

Here is one example to understand the blue aura effect. One of the corporates releases a recruitment advertisement for a candidate who should be excellent in communication skills and carry high intelligent quotient. Blue Aura personalities are attracted to such jobs. Aren’t you?

Blue aura personalities’ insight, fellow feeling, and perception mark them as highly efficient therapists.

Some of the skilled jobs like writing, project, fine art, and pictures or illustrations also appeal to blue aura personalities.

What Auras Are Blue Aura Personalities Compatible With?

Blue falls into the category of one of the primary colors!

Blues are the most cherishing and dedicated partners as they survive for love. They are contented when they are fully devoted to love, dedication, and maintain a faithful relationship.

When in love, blue aura personalities will seldom think of breaking the same.

Blue aura personalities will expect from their partners – stability, faithfulness, honesty, passionate connection, reciprocated faith, and long term promise.

As blue aura personalities are highly emotional, they expect their life-partners to be highly concerned, caring, and indulgent.

Emotional closeness is highly appreciated by Blue Aura Personalities rather than physical intimacy.

Blue aura personalities crave a very sturdy, expressive, and a loyal pledge from their partner blended with pleasant-sounding, transcendent, and affectionate home.

Almost all the above-mentioned traits are seen with the aura personalities of – Tans, Violets, Indigos, Blues, and Yellows!

Violet Aura: These are very sturdy and versatile personalities; hence they prefer those aurae who will understand them. Blues are one of their perfect matches.

Indigo Aura: The basic identity of indigos’ is their intelligence, sensitiveness, spirituality, and psychic awareness; hence they are compatible with blue aura personalities.

Yellow Aura: Yellows enjoy those partners who are impulsive, inquisitive, joyful, positive, fit, and satisfied with very basic things. Blues fall in almost all these traits hence they go very well with yellow aura personalities.

People with blue aura personality are highly compatible with Yellow energy. The main reason is the intelligent quotient and logical thinking of Yellow goes very well with blue aura’s astuteness.


It is the universal truth that your physical body is directly connected with the mystical and sensitive invisible entities. The Aura connection is one of the excellent and proven depictions of the same!

If you are trying to access your aura connection and the aura color, it might take some time and it will take a very long period in accessing the same.

It is advised to be in touch with the renowned energy practitioners and spiritual advisers who can help you in revamping your aural well-being.