Are Bonsai Trees Good Luck?

In Japanese, Bonsai literally means planted in a container the plant is meant to bring harmony. If it is given to you as a present it is even more fortunate, so it is a great present for a friend and if cared for in the correct manner will be enjoyed for many years. Bonsai have strong spiritual connections and are revered in Asian cultures, but are bonsai trees good luck?

The bonsai symbolizes harmony, peace and a life balance of all that is good in nature. If we want to have good luck with our bonsai trees, then it’s important to follow the best practices for Feng Shui (keeping the tree with the element of wood), when inside the home. But if we are following the practices of Vastu Shastra, it’s best to keep the bonsai tree outside the home.

Are Bonsai Trees good for the Home?

There are specialized nursery’s dealing in bonsai and teaching classes on how to learn bonsai in most major cities. They sell lovely plants and also the tools to maintain them, which are different from normal gardening tools. If you decide to learn the art of bonsai it is better to attend classes and do it properly. Then you can place them in your house or give them to friends as a gift to encourage good luck.

Our bonsai tree is now in our house but we still have a bit more to do in order to attract good fortune to our lives, and this means everything in its right place for good Feng Shui. Ways to attract good luck:

  • Get a wealth vase which is a magnet for wealth. ( Has Chinese dragons on it and often a lid).
  • Get an aquarium, fish are lucky.
  • Throw away anything that is broken.
  • Get some Chinese coins.
  • Keep the space clear and uncluttered.
  • Put citrine crystal on your window sill.
  • Introduce more plants into your home including a money tree.

In Feng Shui, the wealth area of your home is the Southeast corner, higher up above the floor space. So this should be the position for your wealth vase to keep the money in your house. The wealth vase or jar is usually in a blue and white ceramic pattern and looks quite attractive as an ornament. The wealth vase is a tradition in many countries and may have originated in India. It has been in Tibet for 1000 years and is a tradition that is thought to invite abundance into your life.

Apart from attracting wealth, they are also a stabilizing influence on our environment, and if you are running an office they signify growth and prosperity. You will need one at home and another one in the workplace. The Tibetan wealth vases are handmade by monks from Gaden Monastery and meticulously decorated with symbols of wealth and the five elements.

When the vases are completed a prayer session is held to invoke and seal the energies within the vases. The wealth vase will allegedly then give you clarity and support in achieving prosperity and attracting money into your life.

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Can Bonsai Trees be bad luck?

Well according to Vastu Shastra, bonsai can be bad luck when brought into the home. Vastu experts suggest that bonsai trees should only be kept outside as they can represent slow growth or even stagnation.

While this does not seem to coincide with what we can learn from Feng Shui, it is important to keep this in mind and if you do keep bonsai in the home, you need to follow best Feng Shui practices.

Bonsai Trees and Feng Shui, Are Bonsai Trees Good Luck?

A bonsai tree can create good Feng Shui. When you get your bonsai tree the symbolic level of Feng Shui comes into play. There are certainly rules that come into play and if ignored, you may end up with bad luck as explained by Vasty Shastra experts. The most important factor to remember is that bonsai relates to the element of wood. So you need to keep bonsai in an area that is wooded or in an area defined by Wood (East and Southeast) or nourished by Wood (South).

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Other important tips are:

  • Get rid of clutter, as clutter is very bad Feng Shui
  • Have a powerful and strong front door.
  • Display your tree in a light-filled space as it is a work of art.
  • Slow down the energy flow in your house and give guests a reason to pause.
  • Remove negative symbolism
  • Keep your plant healthy for good luck to continue.

If your Bonsai tree is going to be mainly indoors a fig plant is a good choice as it is very hardy. A dwarf umbrella is another good choice as it looks attractive with spreading foliage. Chinese elm is another good indoor plant, and you may want to have more than one.

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To understand Bonsai and the meaning of the symbolism it is important to have an understanding of Japanese culture and aesthetics and once you have been to Japan and experienced the culture you will have a greater understanding.

Spiritual Benefits of the Bonsai Tree Are Bonsai Trees Good Luck?

The spiritual benefits of the bonsai tree are:

  1. Persistence and resilience, because it flourishes in harsh conditions and continues to persist.
  2. Often known as the tree of life, give it as a symbolic gift.
  3. Symbolizes luck and wealth.
  4. Creates harmony and peace.

Your bonsai tree will require special care which is very different from outdoor gardening and will relieve stress while being beautiful to look at, it is supposed to make us feel more peaceful while tending it, having indoor plants helps to purify the air and the bonsai is no exception.

The Bonsai tree is really like a little corner of art in your room, as it draws the eye. Bonsai takes a while to learn and when you have mastered the art you can make them as gifts for your family and friends.

Are Money trees Lucky?

The money tree plant comes from Asia where it is seen as a good luck symbol. The bright green leaves are symbolic of growth and renewal and resemble jade coins which represent wealth and prosperity. It is popular in Feng Shui as it is thought to create positive energy in the room.

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The Chinese money tree plant has a braided trunk and lush glossy leaves and is said to bring prosperity and in the house helps to act as an Air-purifier. They like to be placed in an area of consistent temperature in your home where the temperature is between 65 degrees and 85 degrees.

Once again it is said to bring luck and wealth and is very hardy, you won’t kill it easily and it likes to be well watered about once a week. The money plant is said to do the following things.

  • Brings prosperity and wealth
  • Cools the room
  • Purifies the air.
  • Very calming keeps marital problems at bay.
  • Has medicinal benefits.

Of course, a lot of the good fortune depends on good Feng Shui and not having high expectations. A healthy money tree plant will not only look nice in a room but will help to purify the air. You want to maintain a healthy plant so place it where there is a lot of light preferably in the east area of your room where plants represent vibrant wood energy. Don’t place it in the bathroom as this is bad Feng Shui and can zap its energy, you don’t want your wealth to be washed or flushed away.

History of the money tree legend has it that a poor farmer in Taiwan decided to braid the trunks of five small trees in a pot and he found the plant to be hardy and resilient. He took the seeds and grew more of them, sold them, and became rich.

Because they survive with minimal care they are very popular in offices as well as at home, they live between 12 and 15 years with weekly watering and a small amount of fertilizer once a year.

If you don’t know how to organize your Feng Shui yourself, call an expert, into your house to advise on decluttering the space and getting everything in the right order for good Feng Shui. The consultants use the Feng Shui principles in your house or business to bring you enhanced good fortune and transform your home, this is a good thing to do before the New Year to start the decade off right. Hopefully, it will bring you growth and prosperity into your life and the life of your family.


Bonsai trees are an incredibly beautiful and spiritually significant plant. They have very strong impacts on Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra which can have profound effects on our lives. On the question of whether bonsai trees are good luck, the absolutely are good luck as long as you stick to best practices for Feng Shui inside the home, or Vastu Shastra outside the home.

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