Buyers guide: What are the Best Dream Catchers?

What else can be better than a beautiful handmade woven object with a sacred aura around it to create positivity! Dream catchers are all about spiritual significance and well-being. 

People believe that placing the dream catchers in a specific direction can catch all the bad dreams at night, and hence you’ll process only the good ones. And in the morning, the sun rays will hit and destroy the dream catcher’s bad dreams. 

Therefore, a dream catcher is believed to filter the dreams for you at night! According to Feng Shui, apart from just a decoration, these dream catchers are also responsible for creating a positive aura in the whole house. Also, it should not be positioned in such a place where the people can pass under it.  

How To Buy The Best Dream Catchers?

Well, coming towards buying the best dream catchers, it might be a confusing but not an impossible task. First, you need to understand what makes a good purchase in the case of dream catchers. As these are also a part of the decoration worldwide, you might need to look for the detailed factors before buying. 

  1. Make sure that the dream catcher is made from the original woven. 
  2. The beads and strings should also give it a unique and elegant look. 
  3. Colors are important! Ensure that the colors match your room’s wall. 
  4. Most importantly, buy the dream catchers from an authentic source as it contains a spiritual significance and relates to your sentiments.

Keeping in mind all such factors, you might come across many choices regarding fabrics, laces, ribbons, styles, and more. Still, confused? No worries! We’re here to recommend the best dream catchers that’ll help you get rid of nightmares. Let’s explore!

Best Dream Catchers for you:

1. Dreamisland Blue Dream Catcher

Why should you buy it?

Nothing can match the elegance and supreme quality of a hand-woven dream catcher! That’s where this Dream Island Blue dream catcher fits best. Its half circle moon design and the feathers hanging down will create a perfect decoration and a sentimental approach.


Get rid of Nightmares:

You should not be processing the bad dreams in your mind! That’s not only harmful to your physical but mental health as well. Hence, get rid of all the nightmares in a breeze by hanging down this dream catcher. It’ll slide down the good dreams via feathers to your mind and soul.

A Perfect Decorative:

Hang down a masterpiece of art in your room or your kid’s room for an eye-catching feel. It’ll become a perfect part of your house, no matter the balcony, baby tent, or party.

Unique Style:

The style must be unique as the dream catchers have the spiritual significance and the decorative objective. Hence, its unique start design and the handcrafted strings make a winning combination. No matter, you hang it inside the room or on the balcony, it’ll create a cheerful atmosphere for you in the end.

Perfect Attributes:

You’ll get the fantastic attributes that’ll enhance the aura of your home. It seems to have a diameter of 8 inches while the total length is 25 inches- a perfect combination for a mid-sized room.


  • Wood beads
  • Natural feathers
  • Perfect wall art
  • Unique star design


  • Thinner due to material

2. Nice Dream LED Dream Catcher

Why should you buy it?

Its premium feather design will transfer all the good dreams to pour in your body, while the bad ones will get out of the window. This Nice Dream LED Dream Catcher aims to save you from nightmares, and it does it well!

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Handmade and High-Quality:

Most of the handmade products might have flaws in their quality! That’s not the case in this Nice Dream LED dream catcher. It seems to have supreme quality metal circles, beads, yarn, strings, and alloy chain- a perfect combination of what you want for a long-term experience.

Harmony with Nature:

This dream catcher has a significance that it’s not an artificially made product. It utilized the carefully selected material, i.e., feathers and tassel, which are processed into the beautiful handicrafts to create harmony with nature. Due to being close to the natural world, these dream catchers have more efficacy in reducing nightmares.

LED luminance:

Apart from the sentimental approach, this dream catcher is a perfect art piece as well. It has LED lights, which creates peace of mind at night. Whether you hang this in the living room, dorm room, kid’s room, or baby nursery, it’ll be a good omen.

A Gift Choice:

What’s better than giving someone prayers and blessings in terms of this dream catcher? It is a perfect gift for family, friends, kids, and more to keep them away from the nightmare and evil sufferings.


  • LED Fairy lights
  • Two free batteries
  • Perfect handmade ornament
  • Beautiful hanging feathers


  • Loose cords

3. Dreamisland Dream Catcher Traditional Handmade

Why should you buy it?

The quality gemstones and the round beads catch everyone’s attention and give an eye-catching feel to everyone that enters the room. A good omen for the person sleeping under, this Dream catcher is a premium quality handmade craft.


Handmade Components:

Every component and item is handmade! Yes, that’s where this dream catcher doubles its significance in terms of spirit and good omens. There are no artificial materials employed in manufacturing to create harmony with nature and eliminate bad dreams or nightmares.

Ethical Conditions:

As already mentioned, no materials are artificial in this dream catcher. Every single item is handmade and created under the proper conditions to yield an exquisite handicraft. Therefore, there will be no harm and disrespect in hanging down this handmade dreamcatcher in your room.

Nightmares out of Room:

Get rid of bad dreams or nightmares with this traditional style dream catcher. It can move out of all the ill dreams out of the window and catch only the good one. Then, trapper dreams on the web will slide down towards the sleeping person.

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Wall Art and Gift:

Apart from the spiritual significance, this dream island dream catcher is elegantly styled wall art that creates a perfect eye-catching experience for you. An ideal addition to your room and a unique gift for your loved ones, this dream catcher is a way to bless others.


  • High-quality, durable material
  • Easy to hang
  • A decorative item for kid’s room
  • All-natural materials


  • Customer claim about the bent circle

4. AerWo Boho Dream Catcher

Why should you buy it?

It’s not only convenient but easy to assemble! This AerWo Boho Dream Catcher has a new version recently, which is much more beautiful, elegant and unique than its predecessor. Get this for yourself or gift to your loved ones for a good omen.


Updated and Improved:

This dream catcher is the new and updated version with innovative features and a premium design that looks more beautiful than the old one. Not just in terms of physical beauty, but this dream catcher is easy to install and assemble in minutes.

Bigger and better:

Most of the dream catchers are different when you order! That’ll not be the case anymore. AerWo Boho has written down the size of this dream catcher, i.e., diameter and length, to let you have an idea. It has the 7.8-inches of a larger diameter than all sorts of dream catchers in the market. Moreover, it has 20-inches of length, which is quite familiar.  

DIY and Customized:

It’ll not look like you have something suspicious or out-of-the-box in your room! The reason behind this fact is it’s DIY and custom-looking design. That’s why it seems like a perfect piece of art hanging down in your room, depicting the eye-catching and excellent decoration.

No more Nightmares:

Get rid of all the nightmares that ruin your peace of mind! Hence, this dream catcher will help you clear the evil thoughts and ill-sufferings.

Beige Tassel Design:

One exciting thing about this AerWo Boho dream catcher is you can hang even in the wedding decoration. Its beige tassel design doubles the aura of decoration and makes it look more appealing to guests’ eyes.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect DIY decoration
  • Beige tassel design
  • A piece of wall art


  • Stubby strings

5. Beinou Unicorn Dream Catcher

Why should you buy it?

What’s unique about this dream catcher is its unicorn dream horn design and premium quality material that depicts a flawless hand craftsmanship. Hence, it’s an excellent peace-loving ornament that will change the aura of your place where you hang it.


Unicorn Style:

Are you looking for a dream catcher to hang down in your baby’s net or kid’s room? Then, this unicorn style dream catcher will be a perfect fit for you! Its strong cotton thread and colorful flowers not only enhances positivity but brings a more enchanting feel to your room.

Handmade and carefully crafted:

All the components in this dream catcher are handmade and carefully crafted to eliminate an artificial look. It features the colorful feathers, wooden beads, laces, ribbons, and many other eye-catching components that you can even remove. You don’t need to hand down all the parts but only what looks tempting in your room.

Eliminates bad feelings:

This dream catcher makes sure you don’t get bad dreams, ill sufferings, and other negative thoughts while sleeping. It catches the bad dreams in its web design and throws them away out of the window.

Perfect Home decoration:

Apart from being a good omen, this dream catcher features the style and unique-looking design. It’s design efforts itself to enhance the beauty of your living room, kid’s room, or more.


  • Unicorn style
  • Shiny pearls
  • String cotton thread
  • Colorful and unique


  • Customer claim that these are not DIY

Comparison Chart

1. Dreamisland Blue Dream Catcher8 inches25 inchesMetal, wood beads, natural feather, cotton laceStar-shaped
2. Nice Dream LED Dream Catcher5.9-inches19-inchesMetal circle, beads, alloy chain, and high-quality yarnRound shaped, Hanging feathers
3. Dreamisland Dream Catcher Traditional Handmade5.1-inches19.6-inchesWood beads, metal circle, natural materialsRound shaped, Hanging feathers
4. AerWo Boho Dream Catcher7.8-inches20-inchesNatural feathers, Wood beads, metal circleRound shaped, Hanging feathers
5. Beinou Unicorn Dream Catcher7.9-inches28-incheshandmade flowers, strong cotton thread, shiny pearls netUnicorn style

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Does a dream catcher bring good luck?

A. A dream catcher is believed to omit the evil thoughts from your mind and bring positivity. Also, this brings good charm and good luck as well.

Q. Where do we need to hang these dream catchers?

A. A dream catcher should be placed in the southwest direction in any place where you want to bring some good and positive vibes. Most people hang them in the living room, kid’s room, and the bedroom.

Q. Can one use the dream catchers as decoration?

A. Yes, the dream catchers are now available in a variety of colors and designs. These are designed with a metal framework and DIY flower, ribbons, and charms to enhance beauty. Therefore, you can use them as perfect wall art or a decorative piece.

Q. How to dispose of the dreamcatcher?

A. A simple and convenient way to dispose of the dream catchers and get rid of all the evil spirits trapped in it is to place it under sunlight. It’ll kill all the evil spirits in 3 or 4 hours.


Are you afraid of evil spirits and get nightmares very often? Then a simple and convenient solution is to hang a dream catcher near your sleeping space. You can also hang them in your kid’s room for their safety against the bad vibes. 

We’ve mentioned the best dream catchers in this regard that will surely help you in getting rid of evil spirits! Keep your hands on these perfect-looking wall art pieces that serve multiple purposes for you and get yourself away from all the ill-thoughts.

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