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How to Cleanse Lapis Lazuli? Why You’re Doing it Wrong!

How to Cleanse Lapis Lazuli? Why You’re Doing it Wrong!

When it comes to the very essence of healing crystals, you can expect that lapis lazuli comes on top. Its many properties benefit the wellness of your mind, body, and soul. But much like other crystals, you need to regularly cleanse and recharge the lapis lazuli to reinvigorate its powers.

When renewing the power of lapis lazuli, you need to be familiar with the different crystal cleansing methods. These include purification using soapy water, geode, sage, rice, natural light, and visualization. 

It is the preciousness of lapis lazuli that requires careful cleansing and recharging. While most crystals can be restrengthened through running water, the lapis lazuli will need other cleansing methods.

How to Cleanse Lapis Lazuli?

When selecting a method for cleansing lapis lazuli, choose the one that speaks to your personal beliefs and current practices. After all, one approach may resonate with one person but not necessarily with you.

Also, when performing a cleanse, think of how the process gives new life to the lapis lazuli and how it re-energizes your sense of purpose. 

Check out these cleansing methods for your lapis lazuli.

1 .Soapy water

The simplest way to cleanse the lapis lazuli is by using warm soapy water. Make sure the water has a mild temperature. Otherwise, you will be degrading the crystal. Rinse it thoroughly and pat it with a towel or a soft cloth with utmost care.

2. Geode or Other Stones

Other crystals can remove the stored negativities in the lapis lazuli. So, all you need to do for cleansing is place the crystal on top or inside of recommended geodes and other healing crystals. These include hematite, carnelian, amethyst, and clear quartz. Do this for 24 to 48 hours straight.

3. Sage

Sage is an excellent plant to use in cleansing lapis lazuli. It has proven properties to ward off and clear negative vibrations restoring the natural state of the stone.

To cleanse your lapis lazuli using sage, all you got to do is smudge the stone. 

Perform the process outside or with windows open to allow the dispersal of the smoke along with the negativities stored in the stone.

Once you prepare your bundle of sage, a lighter or match, and a safety bowl, light the tip of the sage, grab your lapis lazuli, and move it around, letting the smoke get through it. Repeat the process for each stone.

4. Rice

You can cleanse your lapis lazuli if you bury it under a pile of rice. The process is easy, and all you need to prepare is a bowl of rice, preferably brown rice.

Grab your stone and place it under the grains. Leave it for 24 hours. And then, dispose of the rice you used as the grains contain the impurities and negativities from your lapis lazuli.

5. Visualization

Visualization involves redirecting your energy to the lapis lazuli to have its power renewed. But this practice can be a little tricky if you don’t have enough self-confidence and awareness about your inner powers. Nonetheless, it is by far the safest way to cleanse any healing crystal.

All you need to do is center your energy. Get the stone and imagine a bright white light dispersing from your hand. Visualize how this light surrounds the stone and flushes the negativities. See the stone glowing more radiant as the impurities are removed.

How to Recharge Lapis Lazuli?

1. Moonlight

Refreshing the power of the lapis lazuli can be easily performed using the energy from the moonlight. This method is widely used in many healing crystals like sodalite.

The process is also simple. All you need to do is place the lapis lazuli directly under the moonlight. Then, make sure that its exposure to the moon is direct to get the most of its power.

If you want to make sure that the lapis lazuli achieves optimum cleansing and recharging, make sure to place the crystal under the light of the full moon. Do it overnight, and your sure to have the power of your lapis lazuli renewed.

2. Sunlight

Just like the moonlight, the natural energy of the sun reinvigorates lapis lazuli. Simply imagine how the light fires up the original mystical properties of the stone.

Simply bring your lapis lazuli directly under the sunlight and let it soak the energy for 10 to 12 hours. You can opt to put the stone on the ground to intensify the cleansing and recharging. Just make sure to remove the dirt and pat the stone dry afterward.

What Can’t You Cleanse Lapis Lazuli With?

Lapis lazuli is a porous crystal which significantly means that it should not have prolonged contact with water in general. Otherwise, it can sustain some damage.

Nevertheless, cleansing the crystal with running water or soapy water is fine provided that the temperature is in mid-range, and you don’t soak the lapis lazuli. However, it’s a different story when you use salt water.

Do Not Cleanse Lapis Lazuli With Salt Water

It is not recommended to use the saltwater cleansing method when lapis lazuli is involved.

For starters, the crystal has a chemical composition that reacts negatively with sodium chloride, which is the composition of the salt. Therefore, once you use salt water, the lapis lazuli will deteriorate as a result of mass loss.

Simply put, you will create substantial damage on the crystal if you expose it to saltwater.

How to Know When Your Lapis Lazuli Is Cleansed?

The best way to find out if your lapis lazuli is cleansed is by assessing its weight. Once you finish cleansing the stone, you will notice that it becomes lighter. Also, you would sense a new level of energy similar to when you had your stone first.

How Powerful Is Lapis Lazuli When Cleansed and Recharged?

There is a rich history on the use of lapis lazuli’s power, not just in physical healing. Even in today’s standards, this crystal remains a crucial part of the mystic realm. One of its impressive properties is the ability to reveal inner truths and show you the power of your own will.

Lapis lazuli is also connected to your Third Eye chakra. Hence, it makes perfect sense as it expands consciousness. If used properly, the lapis lazuli can even open your psychic abilities.

As a healing crystal, you can depend on lapis lazuli to soothe inflammation, boost your immune system, cleanse your body, making it less impenetrable for disease-causing germs.

In a nutshell, the lapis lazuli is a stunning stone that comes in a deep blue or violet hue. It is primarily made of lazurite but with a mixture of other minerals and crystals such as sodalite and pyrite. 

When used the optimum way, lapis lazuli becomes an effective instrument for increased self-confidence and self-expression.

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Don’t miss out on the fantastic benefits of lapis lazuli simply because you skipped on cleansing and recharging it. With the methods we suggested, feel free to try the one that resonates with you the most.

Also, when performing the cleansing method, make sure that you don’t simply treat the process as a physical step. Instead, incorporate a good sense of self and mindfulness to capsulate the purification process.

If you regularly care for and maintain your lapis lazuli, there is no doubt that you will enjoy its healing powers and mystical properties for a long time.