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10 Best Crystal Balls For Scrying

10 Best Crystal Balls For Scrying

Crystal balls allow you to lift the veil between the realm of the living and the dead. As you call upon its power you can enter the abyss and receive messages and guidance from beyond the physical world. When used correctly, crystal balls over a deeply spiritual experience.

Many who dabble in the occult use crystal balls for divination. If you’re looking for a crystal ball there is a variety that you can choose from that will help you to achieve your goals and connect with the divine. Here are 10 of the best crystals for crystal balls that you can use today.

Smoky Quartz Crystal Balls For Scrying

Smoky Quartz will keep you safe and create a barrier between you and bad forces. Its grounding and stable energy are essential when you are working with the higher realms. Using a smoky quartz crystal ball during rituals or when you are trying to communicate with spirits will protect you.

This crystal will pull you into a deep state of consciousness and help you to become attuned to your awareness. The universe works through this stone to provide you with balance and remove anxiety. It is also used to reduce the effect smog electromagnetic smog, this is particularly useful if you are sensitive to radiation and want to clear your environment for spiritual work.

Amethyst Crystal Balls For Scrying

The charm and potential of Amethyst are why it is one of the most popular crystals around. In crystal ball form, it magnifies its metaphysical properties and aligns you with the energy of the divine. Using this stone will protect you from harm and help you to focus during meditation.

It is connected to the third eye and crown chakra, making it an ethereal crystal. Using this crystal ball will heighten your power to receive insights from your guides and interpret cryptic messages. Amethyst will also sharpen any visions that come your way and help with your understanding of them.

Clear Quartz Crystal Balls For Scrying

Known as the master crystal, clear quartz is one of the most versatile stones to ever exist. Clear Quartz as a crystal ball, it acts like a mirror that depicts the future making it one of the best crystals for scrying. When you hold your hands over it you will feel its energy working its way through your auric field.

Its properties are endless as its power to absorb, restore, balance and amplify energy positively impacts anyone who comes into contact with it. It will clear your mind of negativity and help you to focus during readings and psychic events. It will enhance your spiritual receptivity to messages and information that is sent from the universe.

Azurite Crystal Balls For Scrying

the healing power of an Azurite crystal ball will support you during your spiritual awakening. This transformative stone will help you to embrace the power that lies within and understand your inner vision. It works with the crown chakra to grant you access to the higher powers.

In addition, it also arouses the heart chakra helping you to develop unconditional love for yourself and others. An Azurite crystal ball will unlock the potential of your throat chakra and lead you to the truth of your identity and the world around you. Using this crystal ball will elevate your consciousness and assist you during acts of clairvoyance.

Labradorite Crystal Balls For Scrying

Bridging the gap between the spirit and physical world, labradorite is ideal for spiritual expansion. Its iridescent light will illuminate the darkness and show you what has been hidden from you. The possibilities with this crystal ball are endless as its multi-faceted abilities are great to use for a range of different spiritual work.

The ancient secrets of life can be found by using this stone. labradorite crystal balls are used in alchemy and divination to uncover future events and explore the secrets of the ever-expanding universe. Its mystical energy is potent and can help you to carry out readings or even to summon spirits.

Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Balls For Scrying

Stunning and mesmerising, a Rainbow Flourite crystal ball will expand your imagination and increase your understanding of your hearts desires. As it clears stagnant energy from the upper chakras it can strengthen your bond with spirit. It can also remove negative energy from auras. 

The power of this stone to harmonise and cleanse away bad vibrations will provide you with a clean slate. While you are under the influence of this crystal ball you can see deeper and more clearly inside yourself and another person’s energy. This is one of the best crystals to use as a crystal ball as it helps with your perception.

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Balls For Scrying

This dazzling, royal blue stone is ideal for working with good magic. A Lapis Lazuli crystal ball can connect you to your inner power and open the eye of your consciousness. Using this stone will unleash your psychic abilities and help you to receive wisdom from the universal intelligence.

This crystal ball will also give you the tools to confront what you have tried to avoid and speak your truth. Lapis Lazuli activates the throat chakra which gives you the clarity you need to work with spiritual forces. This spectacular crystal ball is everything you need to perform magic.

Obsidian Crystal Balls For Scrying

If you want protection while practising divination an obsidian crystal ball will shield you from bad energy. This crystal will block psychic attacks and keep you out of harm’s way. The murky depths of its glass-like form can clear confusion and dissolve emotional blocks.

There are many variations of obsidian that you can use as a crystal ball. Golden obsidian opens your third eye while black obsidian will help you to discover the truth and stay grounded during fortune telling activities. It is a powerful stone that can support you in many ways. 

Celestite Crystal Balls For Scrying

This dreamy crystal will give you the power to connect with your angelic guides. A celestite crystal ball will help you to see beyond the physical realm and communicate with your angels. Its soft and gentle energy will calm the mind and open you up to receiving divine wisdom.

A celestite crystal ball is also perfect if you want to interpret dreams and increases your awareness. Its tranquil and peaceful vibe will draw you into a deep meditative state where you can connect with your higher power. Use this crystal ball to raise your frequency and develop your intuition.

Moonstone Crystal Balls For Scrying

A Moonstone crystal ball will help you to channel your intuition. It is the perfect stone to use in crystal ball form as it enables you to receive visions from the beyond. Peer into the future and uncover the secrets that are yet to come to light with this wonderful stone.

This stone harnesses the power of the moon, helping you to tap into your or another person’s emotions. It is also perfect if you want to tap into the divine feminine, its nurturing energy will fill you with positivity and help to guide you during your spiritual practices. 

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Whichever crystal you choose from is personal to you and your needs. Keep your heart and mind open as you use it to call upon the powers of the universe and heighten your spiritual experiences beyond anything that you could ever imagine.