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The Best Crystals for Astral Projection

The Best Crystals for Astral Projection

Reality is subjective. Though we may live in a society that promotes a different idea, there is a truth that many are awakening to. Throughout the course of my spiritual journey, I have come to understand that the mind and the spirit are invincible and can be used to tap into some of the most amazing parts of our being and the Universe.

Astral projection is an out-of-body experience that can be invoked in a conscious and intentional way. With the power of this phenomenon, it is possible to travel throughout the Universe, perfect for the spiritual adventurer! With a little practice and occasionally switching up my techniques, I have found that astral projection can be unlocked with the help of crystals.

Here, I have compiled a list of the best gems and stones that have helped me to astral project. With the magic of crystals, I have experienced the best that astral travel has to offer.


This ethereal crystal can help us to connect to our higher consciousness. It is associated with the crown and third eye chakra. The properties of this crystal have helped me to use the energy of the Divine and the universal energy to strengthen my spiritual presence and awareness.

With this in mind, my astral projections have been clear and intense experiences. As Amethyst works with the 6th sense it keeps my third eye unblocked which helps me to see beyond the physical and human perception of the material world. This is an incredible crystal to use for astral projection that will support our spiritual quests. 

Clear Quartz

The master of all crystals, Clear Quartz is the healer and the most versatile crystal of them all. By using this gem I have found that my ability to amplify my energy and project out into the cosmos is sharpened. Any limitations that may have prevented me from my goal of astral travel are dissolved away. 

This powerful crystal is perfect for regulating my energy. If I feel like I need more balance and stability while doing astral projection then this is the stone that I call upon. It is also a great aid if I need to boost my concentration. This helps and promotes more powerful astral projections and can assist me with my journeys.

Red Jasper

Vibrant and full of grounding energy, Red Jasper is the perfect ally for astral projection. It aligns the chakras and can help with ensuring that one’s energies are protected from any outside influences. Knowing that I have this crystal on me helps with any worries that I may have and gives me a sense of security.

Before we astral project we have to ensure that we are fully prepared. Red Jasper helps us to feel comfortable and ready for anything that we may face. It is a fun and exciting experience, by using this crystal it only adds to the magic that can be experienced. Take it from me, this is the perfect choice.


Straight from space, this extraterrestrial crystal is one of the best that we can use for lucid shifts in our awareness. Whether we want to indulge in some form of shamanic journeying or we just want to test how far our power can take us, Moldavite can show us the way.

Having descended to Earth on a meteorite, it has an incredibly strong and out-of-this-world influence. It can enhance our experience, however, it is not to be taken lightly. I only suggest that the most experienced of crystal users call upon this stone. Those that are comfortable enough to use it will find that they can travel to the far-flung corners of the galaxy and beyond!


This crystal can bring positive energy and can help us to let go of anything that may be holding us back. When doing astral travel it is important to be free of limitations, and so Fluorite is perfect as it can assist us to achieve just that. Its high vibrational energy is a great asset and is highly regarded in the spiritual community. 

Fluorite is known for helping with spiritual visions and so it allows us to form the best pictures during our astral travel. With this crystal, it can help us to understand that there is no separation between us and the Universe. We are incredibly powerful and abundant in every way. 


Loved by clairvoyants and those that are tuned in and open to the energy of the Universe, Labradorite is the crystal of the seers, the dreamers, and the seekers of knowledge. Any sensitivities that we may have with the spirit world are heightened when we use Labradorite, this is even more apparent when we use it for astral projection.

With Labradorite, I have been able to peer and step through the veil that lies between this void and the heavens. When we hold this crystal it also protects our aura and shines its light out into the darkness so we can make our way toward our destination. Labradorite can help us to transcend beyond this dimension and uncover the wisdom from beyond. 


Any out-of-body experiences that we may have are taken to the next level when we use Angelite. It can raise our state of consciousness and is widely regarded as the best crystal for astral travel. With this stone, we can connect with our higher power and find joy beyond our current reality.

With the help of our spiritual beings and guides, we can use Angelite to work cohesively with them and promote powerful astral projections. Its loving energy has worked wonderfully when I need a calming influence or I need to feel the friendly and open energy that makes up the Universe.

Blue Kyanite

Practicing astral travel has never been easier with the help of the amazing Blue Kyanite. When we use this crystal we peel away at the illusion of our world and can feel and become one with the infinite Universe. With this stone, we can go anywhere and truly use our abilities in the best way that we can. It can help the physical body to sleep while the mind stays active, allowing for spiritual travel.

This stimulating and stunning stone is one of a kind. I have always loved and appreciated this crystal for its beauty and its powers. Now as we collectively awaken to the possibilities that lie within we can use the gift of crystals such as Blue Kyanite to further boost our magic.


Last, but not least, Astrophyllite makes the leaderboard as one of the best crystals for astral projection. With its star-like shape and captivating essence, this extremely rare and unique crystal is connected to the illustrious eighth chakra, the star soul. This is the energetic center for enlightenment, ascension, and transcendence. 

Not only can we use this crystal for astral travel but we can have some of the most life-changing experiences with it. The other realm will cease to feel so far away and we can begin to get closer to the Divine beings. With its power, we can go to places we cannot even imagine. This crystal is a gift from above.  

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