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What Crystals Are Good for Letting Go? The 12 Best Crystals for Self Forgiveness

What Crystals Are Good for Letting Go? The 12 Best Crystals for Self Forgiveness

What crystals are good for letting go? Healing crystals can be a great solution to our unsolved problems. Life is not easy for many of us. We all struggle hard to come out from a failed relationship, unsuccessful job attempts, and uncontrollable emotions, and negative feelings. Life is not easy, and we cannot escape from problems. 

Problems are a part of life, and we will have to live with them. However, smart is the one who does not take problems seriously and always tries to find a solution. We are here in the search of solutions. We are here to make things easier. We can do it. We can let go and start all over again. It might not be easy. But it is not impossible as well. Let’s make it a bit simple. 

You are here means you are aware of the healing power of crystals. You know crystals can help you to let go and live a fulfilled and happy life. However, you do not know much about crystals. We understand your confusion and concerns. We can assure you that you will find the best possible and the easiest solution for the ongoing problems in the following article.

You do not need to spend a lot. You do not need to spend a lot of time on healing as well. You do not need any technology. All you need is to use nature. Nature is the best guide. It has everything to fill your life with all the happiness and tranquility.

You can use crystals. These are created by nature. You just need to choose the right crystal for your problem. There are different types of crystals, and all of them feature some distinct qualities. We will discuss which crystal can be effective for a particular problem.

Crystals for Self Forgiveness

As stated earlier, crystals can offer you the best help during a challenging time. You can use them whenever you want to bring back happiness into your life. The usage is simple as well. You can keep them in your pocket; wear them as jewelry, and use for mediation. All these ways will work.

1. Sodalite for Mental Clarity

Sodalite, also known as the poet’s stone, is an incredibly powerful gemstone when it comes to the mind. In terms of self-forgiveness and letting go, it can be really difficult when our minds are clouded by damaging thought and negative feelings. It’s easy to become quickly overwhelmed and soon we lose track of ourselves and begin to spiral. This is why I love sodalite, it is incredibly powerful and helps clear our minds and allows us to think clearly. Begin able to stand back and think critically is so important for us to realise that we can love ourselves… even when we feel at our worst.

Check out my complete guide to sodalite here

2. Rhodonite for Love

You will find the beautiful red or rose pink stone impressive. Rhodonite looks good and can enable you to deal with a lot of problems in your life. It can be the best when it comes to love and compassion. Once you use this crystal, it will activate your throat chakras. As a result, you will be compassionate to you and others. It will generate balanced emotions and acceptance. You can easily handle a negative situation and stay calm without being affected by the surrounding. If you are having difficulties in your relationship, you will notice a major difference after using this crystal. Everything will be in place. You will start appreciating everything in your life. If you think that you are unable to control your emotions, you can also use Rhodonite. You will feel better. You can impress others with your positive attitude.

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3. Rose Quartz for Purity & Unconditional Love

You can find this crystal in pale pink or deep bright pink color. It is the symbol and stone of unconditional and universal love. If your love life is in trouble or you are having difficulties to impress someone, you can try rose quartz. It will develop attraction, and you can open your heart. It is popular for its heart healing qualities. You can use this crystal to replace your toxic emotions with purified ones. Rose Quartz is the most powerful healing stone that can promote trust, love, acceptance, and emotional healing. It can be best to get love and impress someone with unconditional love.

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4. Aquamarine for Emotional Healing

Problematic emotions can be more harmful than a deadly disease. It will affect you every moment. It will come as a hurdle in your success both on personal and professional levels. When you will be vulnerable to emotions, negative thoughts will start dominating your mind. You will feel restless, and you can make it even worse without addressing the issue. You can improve the condition significantly by using an aquamarine. It can stimulate your throat chakra and enable you to find the truth and the way to peace. 

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5. Morganite for Heart Issues

Like Rose Quartz, it is available in a pink crystal and can be the best companion to deal with heart issues. It will stimulate your heart chakra, and you can achieve a lot in your love life. It will not only improve your bond with humans, but it can also enable you to connect with other living things, nature, planet, and the universe. It is a must try to help with emotional issues. Once you wear this crystal, you can overcome all the negative feelings and stress. It will heal your headache, betrayal feeling, or any other thing related to your heart and emotion. Gradually, your emotions will be positive, and you can move on.

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6. Blue Chalcedony for Balancing Emotions

It comes with a lighter blue shade to enable users to deal with guilt. If you lose your patience more frequently, you can consider this crystal to bring stability to your thought and emotion. The soft blue appearance will make you more communicative. It will stimulate your throat chakra, and that will make you more careful while using words. You will not lose your temper easily. Also, it will make you more confident and satisfied. There will be no negative energy and stress. The objective of this stone is to develop peace in your mind. Once your mind is controlled, you will find everything positive and easy to handle. It is a must-try if you experience anxiety, anger, and frustration more frequently.

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7. Smoky Quartz for Stability

Many of us experience failures more than once. Some take failures as a part of life and keep trying until they have not achieved the desired success. However, when the failure will be frequent, you will start losing your confidence, and you cannot perform with your full potential. If you are going through this phase, you can wear smoky quartz. It will make you more confident and will bring stability and balance to your life. You will not have painful thoughts anymore. You can make smart and intelligent decisions. It can be best for courage, confidence, stability, and balance.

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8. Blue Lace Agate for Negativity

Negativity is a part of our life. We all develop negative thoughts. But in most cases, the impact is temporary. However, when negativity will dominate your thought always, you cannot achieve your dream. You can use Blue Lace Agate to make your mind free from the negativity. It will stimulate your heart chakra. It will make you better capable to deal with negative thoughts and convert them into positive ones. It will neutralize anger or replace anger with love and positivity.

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9. Kyanite for Painful Memories

Memories can be painful and can make life difficult and intolerable. Pain can fill your mind with doubts and negativity. If you have some painful memories and you want to heal them, you can consider kyanite. It is a healing crystal. The crystal is filled with positive energies. Kyanite will open your throat chakra to help you to heal the emotions and find stability in your life.

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10. Rhodochrosite for Love

Rhodochrosite is another crystal that helps in love. It is a red and pink colored stone. It has white swirls as well. It will work with your heart to develop self-love. Once you start loving yourself, you can love others. It has a gentler and happier vibe to enable you to love yourself. It can help you to deal with negative thoughts and negative behavior.

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11. Obsidian for Negativity

If you have some old emotional wounds and bad memories, you can use this crystal to make things easier for you. It will open new doors and fill your mind with hope and positivity. The main purpose of this stone is to help you to heal memories. It will clean all the negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. You will be more active and energetic. You can try it for anxiety and stress to bring back peace into your life.

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12. Peridot for Mental Health

Peridot is a heart chakra stone. It is the most popular one. You will love the vibrant olive shades. The stone can sharpen your mind and develop awareness. You can use this stone to dissipate negative thoughts and welcome positivity. It can be perfect for healing any emotional wound. It will encourage forgiveness.

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13. Citrine for Temper

Temper issues can make things difficult for you. If you want something to control your temper and minimize the pain, you can consider citrine. It is the best crystal when it comes to temper related issues. It can eliminate all the negative feelings that include anger, revenge, and painful emotions. Citrine can stimulate all your lower chakras.

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These are the best crystals for self forgiveness. Find the right crystal and make life easier without negativity and painful thoughts.