Do salt lamps attract bugs?

A great way to improve the energy in your home is to add Himalayan Salt Lamps to your room, not only are these attractive lamps, but their benefits are innumerable. As you get more and more in your home you may be wondering what can damage the lamps or even what will happen to the bugs. 

Salt lamp does not attract bugs at all, in fact, many times there won’t be any change in behavior to the bugs in your home or surroundings, with some bugs purposefully avoiding it. The reason for this is that bugs do not like salt at all and will avoid it at all costs, while ants that may gather salt will not care about something as large as a salt lamp. 

There are many things that you need to know about salt lamps but knowing what in the animal world is attracted to salt lamps are important. Many owners of salt lamps find that their lamps are seemingly getting smaller despite claims that they can last forever. To understand why this is you need to know what effect salt has on the world around us. 

Why does it not attract any bugs?

Before anything, we need to look at why bugs won’t like salt lamps, and the simplest way to understand this is that bugs get most of their needs from their meals. Anything from salts, sugars, and proteins will be gathered by the bugs through the leaves, other bugs, or fungi that they eat. This is so extreme that some bugs are negatively affected when they are exposed to the pure form of many foods. 

Salt is one of the things that can easily kill a bug if they consume it, or sometimes just get into contact with it without protection. The easiest and most brutal example of this can be seen when a snail is covered in salt, usually drying out the poor thing until it dried. This applies to many other bugs as well; their bodies cannot process many things that larger parts of the animal world can. 

An important part to add in is that salt is part of what can be used as a natural deterrent to keep ants away. Not by sprinkling salt, by if you create a mixture using Epsom salt it will kill the ants and stop them from ever going into your house again. 

What will be attracted to salt lamps?

Now that you know that salt doesn’t attract bugs you will need to know what is attracted to it. Usually, these are the things that can cause your rock lamp to fall over or become damaged as the critters will actively damage it. If you are in an area that is a bit wilder you may even find that more animals are visiting your house in hopes of getting a few licks in before you chase them away. 

Most large animals will happily slurp up your rock lamp, however, they cannot always easily enter your house. We’ll be taking a look at the animals that are already in your house and will happily ignore your warning and commands to gain access to the almighty rock lamp. 

  • Dogs: If your lamp is up high then it may be safe, but if it is on a side table chances are your dog is going to want to lick it. Before mealtimes, after meals, or even just after having a drink, dogs will happily have a few licks to satisfy their need. Mammals can easily get enough salt from their meals but will usually try to get a few licks in on rock lamps, just think of the last salty meal that you had. 
  • Cats: Cats are the reason that your rock lamp is never safe in your home, even if you have it in the middle of the table. Usually a bit less able to control their addictions, salt lamps are perfect ways for cats to have a bit of fun. For the same reason that dogs lick the lamps, cats will do the same, usually pushing the lamps forward as they’re licking, pushing it off the edge. 
  • moths: Unlike the animals, moths will find salt lamps attractive for the opposite reason than they do. Moths love salt lamps for the same reason that they fly around a room until you are driven insane because the light looks like the sun. Moths use light to navigate and if the only light in a room is a salt lamp they will inevitably be attracted to it, landing on the lamp until it is switched off or you chase them away.
  • Mammals: While larger mammals cannot easily get into your house to lick your salt lamp, the same cannot be said for other mammals. Usually squirrels or rats, and they will happily lick the lamp as they get their chances. This added salt in their diet is not as big a danger for them as it is for cats and dogs but can make your lamp extremely dirty. Just imagine you holding onto a salt rock covered in rat saliva. 

Why are animals attracted to the lamps?

You may be curious to figure out why animals are so attracted to salt lamps, with seemingly every species that can get to it trying to lick it. People often think that it is because the animals need some extra salt, and in the wilds, this can be true, but wild animals have other sources they can rely on. 

For pets and other animals that can get access to your salt lamp, it will be because of the taste of the lamp. Few pets ever get fed something with extreme levels of salt and their mouths will taste it differently than ours. This extra tasting of salt is something they may enjoy more than some snacks you can give them. 

However, pets that have proper diets will not do well when licking salt lamps as this will increase the amount of salt in their bodies to a dangerous level. Pet owners should always be wary of leaving salt lamps somewhere their pet can get at them, avoiding regular contact between your companion and your salt lamp as much as possible.

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What can be done to prevent animals from going to the lamp?

If you have a salt lamp and you need to get your animals to stop licking it constantly there are only a few things you can do. Most dog owners will simply need to move the lamp to a higher location and the dog will most likely forget it even exists after a few days. 

However, if you are a cat owner it can be more challenging, and training your cat to not lick it may be easier than putting it out of reach. A great way to get the cat disinterested in the salt lamp is to give them alternatives to focus on, usually catnip or a scratching post that has more smells and tastes than the lamp. If all else fails you may have accepted that only some rooms that the cats are not in will have salt lamps. 

The last and weirdest animal you may face with licking your salt lamp might be things from outside, usually licking it when you aren’t home or can’t see. To solve this there is only one solution that will work permanently, closing the doors and windows when you leave. This usually gets the animals to stay away from your salt lamp and keeps it safe from being pushed over when you can’t see it. 


Salt lamps will make the energy and flow of every room in your house become much better and can also add a lot of ambiance to the general design. Many people are worried that something might be attracted to them, but fortunately, it is not so, and salt lamps can safely be kept in your house without attracting any of the bugs that you hate. 

Whatever you do, don’t have someone lick the salt lamp, you never know what licked it before, even if you take it brand new out of a box!

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