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What Does it Mean to Dream About Kittens?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Kittens?

With their beautifully sweet faces, kittens epitomize childish naivety and pure innocence. Seeing a kitten in your dreams may be interpreted in multiple ways. Depending on the context in which they appear alongside your feelings and emotions when you see them. 

Despite their adorable and endearing countenance, seeing an energetic or aggressive kitten in your dreams could represent a wilful stubbornness and independence with a strong link to femininity. On the other hand, a tranquil or wary kitten could indicate that you are vulnerable, gentle, happy and a kind and trusting person at heart.

Dreaming about kittens

Many times, seeing a kitten in your dreams is a reflection of your present circumstances or any emotions and thoughts that have been preoccupying you. Kittens are intelligent, beautiful and intuitive creatures, and symbolize so many things. Usually, the behaviour of the kitten in your dream will tell you a great deal. A restless, aggressive or frightened kitten represents fear of the unknown, uncertainty about the future or a lack of self-esteem. A kitten sleeping, resting or playing may indicate that you are content in your life. It may also suggest that you are at one with your inner self as well as nature.

Spiritual Significance of Kittens

Spiritually, kittens and cats have appeared in the beliefs, stories and myths of many cultures, religions and civilization. In Ancient Egypt, for example, the Egyptian goddess Bastet and the lioness Bast were worshipped as deities, and frequently portrayed in a feline form. Within the traditional Nordic faith, the goddess Freya was also known to be accompanied by a loyal companion cat.  Cats are majestic and regal creatures who have long been associated with the supernatural and mysterious in human civilization, and so when we see kittens in our dreams these sightings have powerful symbolic spiritual connotations.

Vulnerability, Gentleness and Innocence

Almost universally, kittens are practically a synonym for tenderness. Whenever we gaze upon a kitten, they’re irresistibly loveable and endearing, and so in this context when they enter a dreamer’s subconscious their presence may be interpreted in one of two ways:

With their playful nature and sweet faces, for many dreamers a kitten reflects the happiness and gratitude they are experiencing during their waking life. For example, kittens are soothing to the eyes and heart, and so seeing one in a dream could mean that a dreamer is feeling harmonious and at peace with themselves, or valued and appreciated by their near and dear ones. Kittens also rely on their mothers for protection, and so it could also indicate that you feel like you are lovingly nurtured in your waking life.

However, this vulnerability and gentle innocence may also be interpreted quite differently. In the absence of positive feelings of peace and nurture, dreaming of a kitten could mean that you are experiencing self-doubt, uncertainty or fear. Kittens without protection are utterly helpless, and so seeing a kitten in this state while dreaming suggests that you are in a situations or phase in your life where you are feeling exposed to pain, loss or danger, whether that is in regards to your career or education, your family, your material possessions or your mental health and emotional well-being.

Wilful Stubbornness and Femininity

When it comes to interpreting the appearance of kittens in dreams, it’s crucial to keep in mind that these creatures have had a relationship with humans dating back thousands of years. Ancient civilizations which have long since crumbled have admired and feared them in equal measure. The beliefs and stories we hear whilst awake evidently infiltrate our dreams, and so the context in which we dream about kittens can be traced back to these myths and legends. Kittens have long been regarded as wilful and strong-headed, and so seeing an energetic kitten in your dream may mean that there are exciting possibilities awaiting you, significant changes are coming your way, or you’re rushing into a hasty decision without contemplating the consequences.

Furthermore, kittens have extremely strong associations with femininity and womanhood. For example, in many ancient religions and belief systems felines are either represented as or portrayed accompanying female goddesses. Seeing a kitten may therefore represent your femininity or the femininity of an important woman who is either already in your life or will soon enter it. The feminine traits kittens symbolise include independence, gentleness, curiosity, love, nurture, spirituality and freedom. In spirituality certain animals are powerful symbols of particular traits, and seeing a kitten in your dreams, regardless of the context, almost certainly represents and is communicating to you your feminine characteristics. 

The Symbolism of Kittens

With their vibrant and charismatic personalities, dreaming of kittens can be interpreted in a number of ways. Our dreams are the means through which our unconsciousness communicates to us through the subconscious, and for the discerning dreamer they have the capacity to provide valuable insights into our internal state of mind. Outlined here are a few possible explanations of what kittens may symbolize:

  • The endearing sight of a fluffy and cuddly kitten indicates friendship and warmth between family and loved ones.
  • An aggressive kitten suggests that you are experiencing restlessness which may lead you to explore opportunities and different avenues in life.
  • Mewing kittens may be interpreted as a warning sign that something is about to happen.
  • Seeing a black kitten hints that you rely on superstition or are reading too much into a situation or individual.
  • A litter of kittens or a kitten with a mother could either mean you are feeling secure in your interpersonal relationships, or you’re lacking in this security and feel lonely and vulnerable.

Dreams about saving kittens

Saving a kitten in your dreams is an important spiritual sign and it can have two different meanings. On the one hand, it can refer to the idea of “reclaiming your independence and power”. This is because you are manifesting some of your deepest and most emotional parts of your spirit. The action of saving the kitten in your dream is your spirit acknowledging that you are protecting that part of you.

On the other hand, rescuing a kitten in your dreams can be a message from your spirit that you want to save “lost souls”, or that you have an aspiration to help get people on the “right path”. These signs are typical, if you have a dream about rescuing a kitten off the street. Your mind wants to do more to protect and save others.

Dreaming about an aggressive kitten

Having a dream like this is a little less common than other kitten dreams but it can be a very good sign. If the kitten moves towards you aggressively, then this can be a sign of growth. The more juvenile aspects of your life are about to become more mature and you are growing as a person. It’s worth considering  the aspects of your life that you want to be more aggressive in. Maybe you want to progress at work or have more authority in your home life. An aggressive kitten dream may be a sign to start chasing those ambitions.

Dreaming of black and white kittens

White kittens in your dreams have traditionally not been a good sign. They have often been understood to be a sign of bad luck. More specifically, a white kitten is a sign of a challenge that needs effort to overcome. Perhaps you have a difficult situation coming up like a big work presentation.

A black kitten, on the other hand, is a symbol of good luck. Again, similarly to white kittens, dreaming about black kittens refers more closely to an opportunity than just plain luck. Perhaps it is a sign that you should apply for a promotion at work. However, you will still need to work for your goal. You won’t just be given it, be if your put your mind to work, there is a big opportunity at hand.

Some Final Thoughts on Dreaming About Kittens

During a dream, your personal experiences and feelings will be one of the most powerful indicators of the type of message your unconscious is attempting to impart to you. If you feel anxious, frightened or disturbed, then the chances are that the appearance of kittens is either a warning sign or an indication of physical or emotional problems within your own life. When you dream of a tranquil or happy kitten and feel at peace throughout your dream, however, then this affirms that you are a good place within your life and that you are at peace within yourself.