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What Does it Mean to Dream About Koi Fish?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Koi Fish?

Koi fish are a type of fish that are kept for ornamental purposes. They live in open ponds and can often be seen in large ponds in ornamental gardens.

They are an attractive fish, and can be found in a variety of colors. White is often the dominant color with orange, black, yellow, red, silver and shades of blue making up the intricate patterns on their skin.

Koi are an incredibly spiritual animals and so their appearance in our dreams can be hugely consequential.

Seeing a koi fish in your dreams can have several meanings including pride, courage, friendship and, perhaps most important, success. Koi have often been associated with money and business success so their presence in your dreams may be a symbol of the success to come.

What does it mean to dream about koi fish?

The appearance of koi fish in a dream can mean one of several different things. What the koi is doing is important to understanding the meaning of the dream.

The koi may just be swimming past you, or swimming with you. There might be just one koi or many. You might be trying to catch the koi fish, or eat one.

Attempting to catch a koi fish means that you will be successful in anything you agree to do, and will be financially rewarded for that success. Eating koi in your dream suggests that you need to take care and avoid lending anyone money.

Where there are many koi fish in your dream, then success is assured in your next business venture. The size of the koi fish in your dream will indicate the size of your success.

Small koi fish means that will get small rewards for your efforts. Given that koi fish in dreams are also linked to birth and rebirth, medium-sized koi fish can represent children. Many koi fish can also mean a journey ahead for you.

What do fish symbolize in dreams?

A fish as a symbol has been a part of many religions both ancient and current. Early Christians used a simple drawing of a fish to mark places where it was safe to meet. Over time the symbol came to represent the entire religion.

For some, then, a fish in a dream has a religious significance. Devout Christians might see it as a confirmation of their faith. It can also mean a closeness to God, or a special relationship with God.

For other people, fish appearing in dreams symbolizes fertility. It can also mean personal development or a fresh start. The link between fish and fertility seems to be quite strong, as some pregnant women report dreaming of fish in the early days of their pregnancies. 

Dreaming of fish eggs suggest that your subconscious is working on new ideas or a new and different direction for your life. Seeing fish eggs in your dream might be taken as a warning that your brain might come up with something new. The link between fish eggs and new beginnings is strong.

Words or phrases that use ‘fish’ in them also are significant. For example, if you are having a relationship problem and dream of fish, perhaps your brain is reminding you that there are “plenty more fish in the sea”. You might be thinking a lot about a situation in your life that might be “fishy”. 

Interpreting dreams about fish is not an easy matter. There are several possible meanings to each appearance of fish, and more information about the rest of your dream will be needed to help it make sense. The type of fish in the dream is also important, as there is added meaning to each type of fish encountered in a dream.

What do koi fish represent?

Dreaming of koi fish can have one of a number of symbolic meanings. The first of these is suggested by the fact that koi fish live very closely together. They are a very social breed of fish, and this may be telling you that you must act to save a friendship or relationship. 

Your pride, therefore, is the problem in these cases. The dream is telling you to put pride aside in order to save your friendship or relationship. Do not let your ego dictate your actions.

Koi fish represent perseverance and courage. When they come into your dream you are being told that you have both these qualities and you will be able to use them to overcome any problems. Do not fear the future and your success in life is assured.

New beginnings are another reason why koi fish enter your dreams. Their appearance is great for you, as you are being told your plans will succeed. If you are only toying with a new idea. The appearance of koi fish is telling you to go ahead.

Businesses often seek to install a pond of koi fish outside their premises. This is not just for ornamental purposes. Koi fish represent abundance and when they appear in your dream, abundance and prosperity is surely on its way. 

Koi fish are peaceful by nature and they are happy living together with others of their kind. By appearing in your dream, you know to expect a peaceful, calm future. You have been promised financial security, and now the promise is for security and harmony in your private life.

Dreaming of a koi crossing your path.

When a koi fish crosses your path in your dream, rejoice. This is a very good sign. The koi fish is bringing amazing luck into your life. 

Now is the time to take advantage of luck being with you. Put any fear you have aside and get your plans into action. Abundance is heading your way.

The omens are good. Your life is about to be transformed. Be happy, as everything is now going your way.

Are koi fish good luck?

In Japan the word koi means good fortune or good luck. Koi are traditionally associated with good luck. The fish also represents perseverance, courage, material abundance and spiritual advancement.

These qualities have transferred to the appearance of koi fish in dreams. The dreamer who sees koi fish in their dream can expect success, financial security and material advancement. Luck will most certainly be on their side in all their ventures.

Seeing koi fish in a dream creates optimism in the dreamer, and shows them that the time is ripe for action. Plans should be set in motion, projects begun and success will follow. 

Koi fish appearing in a dream is a certain sign that the dreamer has been blessed with abundant good luck.

Koi fish as spirit animals

The koi fish is a spirit animal that lives in the sea. Its natural home is in the seas that surround Japan. The Japanese see many positive traits in the koi fish, and therefore it is a subject of reverence for them.

The koi fish shows perseverance when it is swimming up river. It shows courage when it tackles waterfalls and rapids. The Japanese believe that when a koi is caught and killed, it faces its death with bravery.

These characteristics are admired by the Japanese, as is the koi fish’s connection with its natural environment.

Koi are happy in water, even if they are in a crowded pond. This has led to the koi becoming a symbol for living in harmony with nature and respecting the natural environment.

Koi are seen as symbolic of transformation. The fish is good at adapting to changes in its surroundings, and this in turn teaches humans to manage change. Failure to manage change might lead to a person no longer being a useful member of society.

The koi fish embodies such admirable characteristics that it has become associated with success, opportunity, wealth and plenty. It is a symbol of good luck but also of dignity. Success and wealth must be enjoyed with dignity and integrity. 

The positive characteristics found in the koi spirit animal can have some negative effects. Success and financial security can bring arrogance and pride. Perseverance can turn into stubbornness, which can be counter-productive.

Those blessed with good luck through their koi spirit animal can become impatient and insufferable. They can also get to be so busy that they do not have time for others. In addition, they start to believe they are always right.

To have a koi fish as your spirit animal is to be granted great characteristics. Courage, tenacity and an optimistic outlook on life are wonderful gifts. Add to that the fact that koi fish bring luck and happiness. These are fantastic gifts and should not be wasted.

Other meanings of koi fish in dreams

We have seen that koi fish come in a variety of colors. There is great significance to the color of the koi fish that appear in your dreams. Try to remember the color of the fish you see.

Colors of Koi Fish in Dreams

Black koi fish indicates that big changes are going to happen for you.

When you see a silver koi fish, this shows that you will be achieving great wealth in the future, accompanied by success in business.

Gold koi fish similarly promise prosperity in the future, with plenty of money and financial security.

White koi fish appearing to you suggest that you need to take action. The koi is encouraging you to strive harder in your career and not be complacent if you are to gain financial and material wealth.

If the white koi is marked in red around its mouth, then it shows that you will have a long, loving personal relationship.

Several Koi Fish in a Dream

Koi fish will sometimes appear in your dream gathered together in a pond. This dream is telling you that although you are facing a difficult situation, do not worry. There are others in your life ready to help you overcome your problem.

Koi fish are sociable creatures, happily living together. When they appear in a crowd in your dream, the message is clear. Others are there to help you, so reach out to them. Embrace your inner peace, do not be concerned and all will be well.

Seeing a dead koi fish in a dream

Seeing a dead koi in your dream usually means disappointment ahead. It can represent loss and sorrow. Alternatively, it suggests conflict with someone who opposes you, but a battle that you will win.

Catching a koi fish in your dreams

When you catch a koi in your dream, particularly a big fish, confirms that luck is on your side. You will meet criticism for your approach to your work, but in the end you will overcome them. Catching a koi is not a reason to worry, for it is a good omen.


Seeing koi fish in your dreams is a fantastic sign. The koi is telling you that you have luck on your side and that good fortune is waiting. Success in whatever venture you undertake will be assured.

Koi fish promise financial security and happiness in personal relationships. The fish is also telling you that you will need to be tenacious, not give up and have the courage to follow your goals. Success will come if you follow this advice. Do not, however, succumb to pride and boastfulness.

Be happy when you see koi fish in your dreams. The fish is telling you that the good times are coming.

Jewlz Vergo

Saturday 14th of January 2023

I had a dream that I was in a huge pond that seemed as if it was an ocean even. I was suddenly surrounded by a bunch of different sized koi fish. Then all of a sudden one the size of a whale compared to me swam up ro me and just looked at me and just swam by me the whole time. It was white and orange around its mouth with a couple black dots on its right side. I’m having trouble defining thus dream since its so specific. What does it mean?

Resi Innocent

Monday 6th of March 2023

What a wonderful sign the universe has given you in this dream. From what you have told me here's how I would break it down. The sea usually represents unfulfilled desires, a calm ocean usually represents profitability and good fortune. It's interesting that you have mentioned 'whale sized' as whales can usually be a sign of problems to come, especially when presented in a Dream, but the fact that this was a Koi fish changes the meaning to be that of success, the size of the fish would indicate large success. Perhaps there is something is you life you have questioned starting, a new project? A promotion, this dream seems to be pointing you in this direction.


Monday 31st of January 2022

Hello. Thank you for some guidance. I had a powerful dream which started with saving a large, white Koi fish that had jumped from a tank. I put it back and we bonded with two other large angel fish hoping they’d get along. However I noticed other tanks were open and small and large snakes were getting out and over running my home. My mother and daughter tried to help wrangle but they got out of control. I woke with a start as I said to call 911. It was scary.


Tuesday 19th of April 2022

Hi. I had this dream of several koi's swimming in a big pond. I'm not sure how big they are because I'm seeing them from above but there are too many of them swimming and they just have enough space to swim around. One particular koi is 3x bigger than the others with silver and gold color, really have a lot of energy and it swims like a dolphin.