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What Does It Mean To Dream About Snake Bites?

What Does It Mean To Dream About Snake Bites?

Dreams are an integral part of our sleeping process. They usually signify deep sleep and is brought about the subconscious mind replaying the thoughts and actions that we perform in our real life. A lot of people have dreams when they are in a deep state of sleep. Dreams are considered to be a part of a healthy state of mind and signify deep and rested sleep. People get dreams about different events, people, objects and memories which happened to them in their life. They can be abstract also with no meaning whatsoever. They occur when our subconscious mind starts replaying images in our head and we visualize them in our mind. 

The topic of dreams has not yet been fully understood by scientists. A lot of research had been done on dreams and yet no meaning could be found in their occurrence. There has been a lot of philosophical and spiritual talks being related to dreams. However, a logical explanation is yet to be found for them. There are certain dreams which are believed to convey important messages to the individual. Many people consider dreams as a message about their life and living. Dreaming about snakes and getting bit from one is thought to contain essential information about a person. In this article we shall discuss what it means to dream about snakes and the various aspects to it.

What does it mean to dream about a snake bite

When you dream about snakebite can mean a lot of things about the person. Snakes have been considered as religious and sacred powerful symbols since ancient times. Dreaming about a snake bite can usually mean a warning dream. Perhaps the person needs to pay attention to something in their life that they or their subconscious mind have been ignoring for a period of time. It wants the person to take action against the issue and resolve it at the earliest. It can also mean that another person is trying to cause some amount of harm and is warning the individual.

Dreams about snake bites have been reported by people believing in superstitions. They usually believe that a snake biting a person can be something very important and should not be overlooked. Astrologers also mention dreams about snake bites and warn the user experiencing it from ignoring it. Snake bite dreams are considered to be very powerful and is seen as a message from a higher entity or God. This is why importance should be paid to such dreams and the feelings of the person the morning after. Important factors about dreams on snake bites include the place the snake is biting and the color of the snake.

What is the spiritual significance of a snake bite

When a person dreams about snake bite, it can be quite alarming and can cause a lot of anxiety upon waking up. However, there are certain spiritual significance to it also. The snake biting is connected to our own inner self and our emotions. When there are a lot of problems going on in our lives, we usually dream of snake bites. It conveys us the important message that we should strive to make some important changes in our lives and act soon. Self forgiveness is also a big part of this dream where it essentially means to forgive our past actions and people who have hurt us in order to move forward.

The past only causes further worrying and hinders our ability to make changes in our lives and move on with the future. Making some necessary changes in your life along with addressing any problems or issues you might have kept aside can be a good approach to this kind of a dream. Since snakes are considered powerful symbols of fate and destiny, it can be quite beneficial to interpret the dream correctly and act upon it. Spiritually, this dream is like a kind of a wake up call to you to get your life together again.

Spiritual meaning of snakes

The snake is one of the most widespread and oldest of all mythological symbols. Some of the oldest practices and rituals known to mankind have involved snakes. They represent a duality in good and evil. Ancient stone temples and walls have been found covered in painting of snakes. The ancient Egyptians also worshipped snakes and believed in its power to change the course of life for a human. Snakes are common in any pagan temple. They are also abundant in Hindu mythology where some important events involved snakes. The ancient Incas also worshipped snakes and believed in its power to resolve and undo evil. Some of the common spiritual meanings of snakes are 

  • It represents rebirth and fertility. Snakes represent a life force which is creative and powerful. As they often shed their skin, they are essential symbols for healing, rebirth, immortality and transformation. Some ancient literature also connects snakes to sexual desire and relationships. 
  • Snakes represent guardianship and guidance. They can act as guides in our life and provide us with essential information about our lives. They can also protect us from evil and keep wrongdoings away. 
  • Poison and medicine represent the duality of snakes. They can come as conveyors of good messages and can also be a sign of warning of something bad which is about to happen. It can lead us to make changes in our lives and pay attention to important part of it. 

What does it mean to dream of a snake’s teeth

Dreaming of a snake’s teeth can convey different messages about us depending upon the parts shown. The snake showed its rear fangs to you then it can mean that an important decision should be made about your life. There can be an important person in your life who will try to make you take a hasty decision. You should act with proper analysis of the situation and not rush into making a decision. Someone in your life can also be pretending to be nice to you when in reality they are harmful to you and your well being. You should try to uncover who they really are and prevent them from causing you any further harm. 

If the snake showed your its full teeth, then it can mean that you are in immediate danger and need to act soon. It means you should be taking decisions required for your well being immediately and not postponing it for later. There can be a sudden urgency in your life and matters can go out of your hand if not attended to at the earliest. You should be taking important life decisions and act for your own good. There are matters in your life which can have a negative impact on you if not attend to soon.

Dreaming about being killed by a snake

If you cream you are getting killed by a snake, then it is time you should be aware of the dangers in your life. This dream can pose as a threat, tension or risk to your life and signifies all the evil you have in your life. The evil can be in the form of an incident or a person who is trying to harm you. Dreams like this should usually be acknowledged and actions should be taken. First and foremost any internal conflict inside you should be resolved. Family and friends should be attended to next. There might be someone in your circle who is posing as a friend or family and is trying to hurt you or take advantage from you.

You should endeavor to identify the threat in your life and distance yourself further away from it. You should also be careful of mishaps or accidents happening in your life. Try not to get influenced by people and indulge in activities which could harm you physically. Dreams about getting killed by snakes are usually indicating violent and unruly behavior in your life. Dreams like these should not be overlooked at any time and positive changes should be brought about. 


Dreams about snakes have deep meanings which are usually a sign of events about to happen in our lives. They are warnings about various negative things in our life and make us aware of the necessary changes to be brought about. Snakes are considered powerful and mystical and hence a lot of people believe in the significance of dreaming about snakes or snake bites. Our subconscious mind portray the thoughts and actions carried in our real lives and can often lead to manifestations of something bigger in our dreams. Be it a warning or a sign of good luck, dreams about snakes have always fascinated people.

Healing shamans, astrologers and even Tarot card readers have acknowledged the significance of snakes in dreams. If you are experiencing snakes in your dreams or dreaming about getting bit by one, maybe it is time for you to act soon and make changes in your life.