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What does it mean to dream about Tsunami?

What does it mean to dream about Tsunami?

Once in a while, we dream. But let us think and talk about the disturbing times when we dream about seeing ourselves on a cliff with our loved ones, staring out over the sea, all safe and happy. However, we suddenly start seeing massive tsunamis and waves in the ocean below. In this article, we shall have a thorough overview of what happens when we dream of a tsunami. 

What exactly does it imply to dream of a tsunami?

Typically, a rising tidal wave or tsunami in a dream indicates suppressed emotions and feelings. When you are not in the situation, observing or seeing a tsunami is an indication that you are experiencing emotional instability and sadness in waking life. 

In the context of spiritual symbolism, tidal waves and tsunamis are connected to ocean and water elements. 

Water stands for the flow of Spirit, the flow of emotions, perception and intuition. The spiritual signs of water can indicate if you are blocked, balanced, passionate, depressed, or agitated in your spiritual and emotional life. 

The ocean stands for connection to the Spirit and the flow of collective consciousness. In this sense, it indicates what is occurring on the collective, and what is going on in your reality. If you think about yourself as a minute raindrop, when you drop into the ocean, you form part of the ocean. This is an allegory for the connection between you, the universe and Source. Somehow, all of us are connected. 

Natural calamities are intended to show us how to be submissive and to learn to trust. Suppose you happen to try carving your fate without the connection or support of the universe, spiritual realm or anybody else. In that case, you may always be deconstructed by the turmoil of the physical realm. 

With the above elements, what is the exact spiritual meaning of a tsunami? Spiritually, a tsunami indicates being resistant to or out of the callings of your Higher Self. It shows the fear of surrendering to the order of the universe.

As the ocean stands for the supernatural and subconscious realm, when the waves are ranting high, it indicates a severe state of restlessness that is happening at an energetic as well as spiritual level. Frequently, your Spirit is very enthusiastic and passionate, yet, your physical materiality is stuck and can’t move forward.

When you have dreams about tsunamis, it might be effective to ask yourself the following: 

• Do I have a lot of depression or anxiety in real life that is keeping me from taking steps that are in line with my spiritual growth? 

• Am I sad or agitated in real life? 

• Do I dream of a varied lifestyle than what I am living, but don’t know how to escape my reality or make useful changes? 

• Do I dream of achieving more in my lifetime? What is holding me back? Is it fear to take risks or an oppressive belief that I am incapable or undeserving of success? 

If your answer to any of the questions above was “yes,” that is an indicator that your physical and spiritual realities may not be in line; therefore, you experience signs of restlessness in your physical reality and experience dreams about tsunami at night. 

Alternative symbolisms in your dream may give you pointers to the aspects of your spiritual and physical realities that are not aligned, and how you can make necessary changes.

Dreaming of Surviving a tsunami, what does it mean?

In the event that you dream about having survived a tsunami, this is a sign of hope, meaning that you are starting to gain confidence with the flow of the universe. 

You may have originally tried to escape the tsunami, only for the wave to sweep you up, toss you around, and land you back on your feet. This stands for a part of you that is aware that your strength will manifest due to that trust. 

In your waking life, you may face hardships in the days, weeks or months to come. These challenges will have to touch on your confidence, trusting your instincts and following your heart. You will probably have to quit relations with colleagues or friends, quit a job, and risk to set out on a new adventure. 

These challenges might be things you opt to accept as you need to make changes to live a life that is happier. Alternatively, these changes might be forced into your life, and you will eventually have to adjust. 

As tough as these hardships may seem, you should always go back to this dream as an assurance that you are following the right path, and you will thrive, regardless of how substantial the wave that comes to knock you down might be.

Here is what it means to dream about dying in a tsunami. 

Dreaming about being swept away by a tsunami and dying indicates that there is something lacking on an emotional or spiritual level that is practically making you feel like you are drowning in real life. 

You are beginning to give in to the callings of the universe; however, you do not know how to make the right changes to put you on the right path. This might be a time when you feel helpless, lonely, and out of control, and you can’t see the end of the sadness in you. You are aware of your need for a change, but you don’t know the steps to follow next. 

To make the situation worse, it might not make sense to your friends why you are so sad. You might be having everything others wish they could have: an excellent job, a home, a lover, and such. However, deep down, although you may not explain it to your friends, you are aware that you are not on the right path. 

The raging wave is meant to sweep away your entire life and damage everything, including the identity that you have built for a lifetime so that you can be reborn and start afresh. It’s time to begin living a new and higher reality. However, for you to get to that level, your existence at the moment must be swept away. 

Success appears varied to everybody. Regardless of everything you have or possess, if you are not feeling contented or happy, success may look utterly varied from the life you are currently living. 

After dreaming about drowning and dying in a tsunami, it might be effective to journal your subconscious doubts and fears. You may want to ask yourself the following questions: 

• What causes me happiness and contentment on a higher level? 

• If I could reveal anything now, what would I prefer to reveal to make me feel more fulfilled? 

• And if I could walk away from anything, what would I walk away from, causing me stress and anxiety?

Escaping a tsunami: what it means. 

Trying to escape a tsunami is another common dream. This dream has all to do with you running away and attempting to survive. 

People who are highly conscious of energies around them oftentimes dream these dreams of escaping a tsunami. Examples of people in this category are empaths or people who are highly sensitive. 

If you identify with being energy sensitive, escaping a tsunami in your dreams indicates the robust gifts of the Spirit that you possess in this lifetime; yet, you feel like they make life formidable. 

For instance, empaths regularly feel very depressed, fatigued, socially isolated, emotionally overwhelmed and have numerous physical health problems. This is since they feel the emotions of others surrounding them and try processing them like they were their own. 

Escaping a tsunami in many instances indicates the feeling of spirited overwhelm that is occurring around you. 

Here is what it means to have recurring dreams about tsunamis. 

In the event that you are someone who experiences a series of recurring dreams of tsunamis, it is a representation of a recurring issue that you struggle with in your lifetime. As this dream is connected to the ocean and water element, the issue you are struggling with is most probably correlated to spirituality and emotions. 

This is an indicator that you are strongly connected with the spiritual realm and energies that you pick up on in the supernatural influence your behaviours and emotions. This naturally means that you are probably very instinctual and a highly sensitive person (HSP). 

A theme in your life might be that you struggle with leading in a materialistic reality when the spiritual world influences your energy. Additionally, it could be a theme of straining to manage your empathic abilities. 

Learning the art of managing energetic and psychic development may be sufficient in managing your gifts, and should, therefore, make more tranquil your recurring tsunami dreams.

If you feel like this is you, the most useful thing you can do is learning how to manage your empathy and keep under control your unusual spiritual gifts. You are sensitive to these energies for a purpose and may help so many people learn how to manage and use them to your benefit.

Dreaming about a tsunami can be a scary dream. However, facing the massive wave may allow you to understand your inborn strength and be the influence of making significant changes in your life. Similar to a wave of change washing over you, the flow of the universe can control and move you towards the best side of your reality, once you learn to trust and submit.