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What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Honey? 8 Signs of Honey Symbolism

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Honey? 8 Signs of Honey Symbolism

Here’s what you need to know about the spiritual meaning of honey, symbolism and signs associated with it.

We may know honey as a sticky, sweet, organic staple produced by bees. We mix it with tea and pair it with pastry. But there is actually more to honey than meets the eye. 

Honey is said to be a suitable representation of abundance. If you think about it, honey is a product of the bee’s hard work. It’s rich and packed with many nutrients that promote healing, growth, and overall body wellness. 

With how honey is, many cultures around the globe incorporate it in their traditional food and beverages. It is also a popular supplement for medicine as honey can impact both physical and mental health. 

Spiritual Meaning of honey: What Does Honey Symbolize? 

Honey symbolizes abundance, healing, and even immortality. It is one of the foods in the physical world directly associated with that of the spiritual world. It is believed that spirits find honey delightful as it has a naturally sweet taste that appeals to their own. 

Sweetness is often connected to richness which means that honey brings good things in life. It could be a financial gain, a promotion at work, or any good news that draws abundance to your life. 

Your spirit guide could use honey to let you know the news ahead or to give a warning sign. While honey is everything but a bad omen, it’s still imperative to rely on your better judgment so you can avoid losing the blessings that are coming.

On the other hand, honey is also a symbol of healing and immortality. Because of its organic structure, honey contains plenty of nutrients and healing properties. 

It is shown to alleviate and heal wounds. It also has antibacterial properties and agents linked to blood clotting and combatting anxiety. There are so many more health benefits honey offers that people started to associate it with immortality.

Basically, it suggests that consuming honey may improve your health, that you can shun away death at some point. But, of course, this was an ancient myth also linked to the idea that gods and goddesses eat honey.   

Honey in Christianity 

There are several references made to honey in the bible. But the primary symbol of honey in Christianity is abundance. It holds the promise of God’s provision that no matter what happens, God will always provide. 

In one of the accounts of John the Baptist, it was mentioned that he survived by living through locusts and wild honey. The story highlights the dependency of humans on God’s provision. 

Moreover, honey is also treated as equal to the word of God. Again, this is in reference to the sweetness of honey. As the word of God is love, it is as delightful as honey in that sense.  

Honey in Judaism 

Honey is a pretty symbolic food for Jews. It is part of the seven spices mentioned in verse in the Grace After Meals praises.  

When Yahweh spoke to Abraham, He said that he would found a great nation living in a land flowing with milk and honey. In this passage, milk and honey are metaphors for abundance. By extension, honey also bears the promise of God. 

Moreover, when the Jews wandered the desert for 40 years, it was believed that the manna they ate had a similar taste to waffles fried in honey. 

Honey in Different Cultures 

Honey is recognized almost in the same light across cultures in the world. Its sweetness has consistently appealed to ancient tribes and neolithic civilizations. The perception and manner in which honey is still being passed from one generation to another. 

Honey in European Cultures

Various cultures consider honey as a symbol of goodness, wisdom, and knowledge. 

It is considered the oldest food product in the continent. Moreover, honey is also widely recognized as a healing agent. In traditional medicine, it is applied as a topical substance in wounds. 

Honey in Chinese Culture

Honey is considered a remedy for many ailments in Chinese medicine. According to their literature, honey is one of the five basic elements. It is also a major component of earth. 

It is also believed that honey can cure pollen allergies. This is because honey is yin as it is made by bees from nectar. And since pollen is yang, honey is able to offset it. 

Honey in Indian Culture

There is a high regard for honey among ancient Indians. At one point, its value skyrocketed that a curse was put on those who dare steal it from someone else. 

Since Hinduism, the main religion in India, encompass the belief in reincarnation, those who steal honey are cursed to become gadflies in their next life. 

Moreover, honey is considered one of the goodness in life. Therefore, in the subject of fasting, one of the foods they have to give up along with meat is honey. 

Honey in Dreams 

Dreaming about honey can be a good sign that something great is going to happen soon. Typically, it covers your health but it could also touch other aspects of your life. You may find opportunities at work or in your social life start to pick up. 

But of course, this depends on where you are standing in your spiritual journey. For example, if you have been busy with your work, seeing honey in your dream could be a reminder to look closely into your spiritual life. There could be something there that is not revealed through the physical world directly. 

Overall, dreaming about honey is mostly positive. For example, if you see yourself selling honey, it could mean that new success is on its way. 

In the same way, honey in your hands can mean that you are already enjoying the fruits of your labor. Success is already in your hand and it’s time for you to savor it. 

On the other hand, other types of dreams involving honey can be a warning sign. For instance, if you see honey spilling, it could be an indicator that your health is at risk. Perhaps it’s time to check your wellness or schedule an annual physical exam with your doctor. 


The sweetness of honey is tantamount to the sweetness of life. As it is regarded to have heavenly taste, the connection between honey, the divine, and the spirit world is rather clear. Finding honey in your path can be a good sign of prosperous days coming in your light. Also, it is a divine reminder to always keep your health a priority. 


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