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How Often Do Crystals Need to Be Charged?

How Often Do Crystals Need to Be Charged?

Crystals have the potential to uplift our energy and cleanse our space. As they may promote positive energy, they also can be drained by unwanted, negative vibes. I have experienced countless times where my crystals could do with a little love, where its potency may have lost its flavour.

I frequently get asked, how often do I need to charge my crystals? The answer? It depends. Different factors such as how often you use your crystals, the type of crystal it is and even the type of healing your doing. If you use them often then you should charge once a week, and if you use them less frequently then once a month should be fine. If there’s a full moon, don’t hesitate to use the opportunity as well.

Why Crystals Need Charging

Like people, crystals are unique. They react to their environment in different ways and can have their moments where they need a little perking up. Charging crystals helps to restore their vitality and vibrancy.

Whenever I intend on using my crystals for energy healing, crystal magic or for refreshing my home, my charging techniques are my first port of call. Any stagnant or dwindling energy within them suddenly becomes full of life. It is the perfect way to get the most out of any crystal and use them to their full potential.

When a crystal is plucked from the earth it is taken away from its source and slowly it starts to lose its vivacity. By using a variety of techniques such as moonlight bathing or returning it to the soil, the crystal will harmonise and heal.

If charging crystals depends on a variety of factors then it’s important to know what they are. The longer I dabble with these magical, precious stones, the more I have come to know how to unleash the true extent of its capabilities. 

How To Charge Crystals

Crystals can be charged in a number of different ways. You can use sunlight, moonlight, burials and even in the rare cases where it’s possible… eclipses. The different charging method depends a lot on your stones and why you are charging them.

Moonlight for example is a very gentle and mild form of charging that is best when you need to charge your stones with feminine energy (great for dealing with things like breakups). Sunlight would be the counterpart and is great when you want to charge you stone with masculine energy.

The type of charging you do really comes down to you needs and the the purpose of your crystal. This should not be confused with cleansing crystals, which is a different practice entirely.

How Often Do Use Use Them

The more often I use my crystals, the more frequently I charge them. As I touch and interact with my crystals I deposit my energy signature onto them. Like a sponge, it absorbs my frequency and it will store it until I cleanse and charge them. 

If I only use certain crystals from time to time, then I won’t feel inclined to charge them as often. However, if they have been stored away for weeks at a time, charging them is a great way to reset its energy. 

It’s all about balance. Gauging when I need to charge up my crystals is a matter of knowing when they need it based on their use. If I use them a lot, I’ll charge them and if I don’t use them enough I’ll also do the same.

We all have our favourite crystals that we tend to gravitate toward. Throughout the day we might pick them, keep them on our person or use them for our spiritual practices. Though there’s nothing wrong with touching our crystals, these harmless interactions can throw off their energy.

Likewise, casting them off into the back of a cupboard will be sure to zap their magic. A regular charging routine will keep them in good standing. With a little TLC, they’ll be back to their fabulous self in no time.

Clearing Crystals

When I clear the energy from my crystals occasionally I may feel as though they need a booster. Charging crystals is a great way to give them some extra oomph. 

Clearing is the act of removing negative energy that pollutes the frequency of the crystal. On the other hand, charging them intensifies their properties and ensures that they are operating at their highest quality. Together, they can multiply and amplify its power.

Whenever I have had other people handle my crystals and I clear its energy, I make sure to give them a top-up after. It’s important to take care of crystals in the same way that you would look after yourself. If I feel as though my vibe is dwindling after spending time with energy vampires or negative people, I take some time for a little R&R.

Charging crystals works in the same manner. The care and attention that should go into owning crystals will help them to go a long way. The more loving energy that we put into them, the more they give in return.

Even if clearing its energy isn’t on my to-do list, charging my crystals when I use them often is a great way to maximise their potential. 

What Type of Crystals Need Charging

Although charging crystals is a ritual that may need to be undertaken, some crystals may not need it at all. In fact, there are several stones that I have come across that not only keep themselves charged but they affect those around them.

Gems such as Sodalite, Amethyst, Selenite and, the master crystal, Clear Quartz, are renowned for their self-cleansing and charging abilities. They radiate with rich and abundant energy which carries healing properties that impact the user and the crystal.

Another crystal with these abilities is Citrine. This illustrious stone is my go-to and I feel comfortable knowing that its power is everlasting and ever-growing. It truly is prosperous in every sense of the word.

What Activities Drain Your Crystals

As a ‘crystalholic’, there aren’t many times when I’m not using them. From jewellery to styling them as ornaments around the house, they’re a big part of my life. However, when I use them for healing, keeping them charged is an absolute must.

Any time that I need deep enlightenment and healing I turn to my crystal collection. When they’re charged up they’re at their optimum performance levels, therefore charging them beforehand makes all the difference in the world.

My chakras feel realigned and restored when I use freshly charged crystals. They provide healing at heightened rates that penetrate my soul and body at a cellular and spiritual level. Any crystals that I use for this purpose will be charged before I use them so that I can get the best holistic healing possible. 

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Many prompts can be used to decipher when we should charge up our crystals. If in doubt, our intuition always knows best. The inner guidance system will connect with the crystal and help us to come to the crystal charging conclusion that we need.