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Is Sodalite Toxic? What You Need to Know

Is Sodalite Toxic? What You Need to Know

Because of its connection to the third eye and throat chakras, Sodalite crystals and their properties have made them popular in recent years. Featuring a rich blue coloration they know this stone to give off a timing and soothing energy which helps relax your spirit. When its energy is combined, so do like crystals are a perfect addition to your healing tools, especially for anyone who’s looking to enhance their intuition, their ability for self-expression and tap into their hidden reserves of spiritual power. 

Is sodalite toxic?

There’s no denying that sodalite crystals are rare and most commonly come in a blue violet color. This coloration make them a popular gemstone even when left in its raw state its a light opaque color. Increasing its popularly when used for decorative purposes,

However, some people think sodalites are toxic. Its level of toxicity can depend on a series of different factors, such as where it is mined and what it was exposed to before we mined it. Mainly found it in Greenland, Canada and some parts of Asia, there are a wide range of environmental factors that can influence its toxicity. 

Because of this beautiful color many people want to use it in aquariums, but it’s advised to avoid adding it to any water that has a low PH. Certain conditions can make it soluble and it can release some toxins that are held in the Stone. So even though this stone is beautiful, avoid it coming into contact with water. Especially using it in heated aquariums or making direct contact gem water. It has a tendency to dissolve in low pH water, and there are many other equally attractive rocks you can use instead.

Can you put sodalite in water?

Sodalite does not react well with water for a variety of different reasons, one of which we’ve listed above exposing it to water can damage your crystal larger because of its hardness sodalite is between 5 and 6 on the mineral hardness scale. This lower level of hardness means it can easily splinter a crack if left sitting in water for too long. However, because of the variable nature of the Stone it’s nearly impossible to understand how long we can expose you to water without it becoming damaged. Any damage is irreversible, so best advice is to keep it out of water. 

if you’re looking to cleanse your crystals here are a few effective methods that you can use risking no damage to it

Sunlight natural light is always a fantastic way to cleanse any healing crystal. Exposing it to natural sunlight will help restore the balance of your crystal however you need to be careful as too much sunlight may weather the surface of your gemstone although is a fantastic way of recharging energy.

Moonlight is one of my favorite ways to cleanse my healing crystals. The gentle power of the moon contains an incredible amount of latent energy. By placing your crystal in it’s soothing light, it’s something you can leave for comfortably overnight as you don’t have to worry about the harshness causing any damage.

Smoke is an accidental way to cleanse your sodalite, and it will allow you to harness the power that you find in fire. Running your soda like crystal over a candle flame for a few seconds can also help vanish any negative energies that it has absorbed.

If you’re a skilled practitioner of meditation, you can use this to cleanse your soda light and your body by intentionally focusing on your breathing, you can direct your spiritual energies to cleanse your gemstones.

Using rice as a cleansing tool may seem like a strange one however rice has an excellent absorptive nature and as a result it can quickly relieve any negative energies found in your soul life

Sound energy has recently become a popular treatment for people but it’s also an excellent way to cleanse your soul like crystals if you’re looking to cleanse them in bulk you can flood a large space with some cleansing energy

You wouldn’t be here unless you believe that healing crystals have incredible power, but they can also use this power for cleansing using a large piece of quartz could be an excellent way to quickly cleanse your sodalite

What healing crystals are toxic?


Also referred to as potassium feldspar, this is part of a larger group of aluminum potassium silicate minerals that contain smaller quantities of dangerous radioactive uranium that can cause lung cancer because of its close relation to radon gas


Also known as white asbestos, this is the most commonly used asbestos in the world and has been widely regarded as causing many progressive lung diseases


This crystal is widely considered as being one of the most toxic in the world and is also referred to as blue asbestos. We have known exposure to the fibers nature of this mineral to cause fatal diseases such as lung cancer.


This is part of a group of phosphate minerals.. This composite direct health threat by targeting your arteries and heart valves causing dangerous blockages. 


This is another fibrous mineral that is naturally occurring that is being directly related to causing some rare forms of cancer and other diseases. It is part of a larger group of minerals called zeolites.


This toxic mineral is contained in phenicide and is being directly related to causing different lung cancers and other severe lung inflammatory issues


This is a sulfide based mineral formed by a composition of sulfur and iron and is a major contaminator of our streams and groundwater


This is another sulfide type of mineral and is one of the primary composites of lead. LED has they have associated long with a variety of unique health problems


We know exposure to quartz to cause kidney disease, lung cancer and other amino logical issues


Fluorite is another soluble mineral and if you’re exposed to large quantities of earth that can cause skeletal bone diseases such as fluorosis.

What should you worry about in toxic crystals?

Obviously, there it’s an extensive list of toxic minerals, gems and crystals that should be avoided, but if you do your due diligence and research, these should be nothing to worry about. If you intend to take a risk and create your own gem water obviously we should avoid any gems that may have a toxicity level when they come in contact with water.

You can use different tools such as a gem phiale or gem pod to allow them to be safely used in water. These devices would form a natural prism and allow the crystals to radiate their energy to the surrounding water without ever having to worry about them creating a high toxicity level in the water as no direct physical contact will happen. You will drive all the positive gemstone energy you want with no of the physical risk. 

Other questions

What is Acute Toxicity?

When you’re talking about gems or minerals that can cause acute toxicity this is not a long-term issue. But despite this, it’s not something you should risk. The lack of an everlasting reaction does not make the risk worthwhile.

What is Biological Toxicity?

minerals are gems that can cause a biological toxicity means that they can contain viruses, parasitic traces and even bacteria particles. 

What is Chemical Toxicity?

This is possibly the most common toxicity you need to worry about when dealing with gemstones. Most chemical toxicity results from your gemstone having come into contact with Mercury copper lead. if this has been happening for a prolonged period, this toxicity means that the chemicals can be formed within the gem and should be avoided

What is Physical Toxicity?

If a gemstone is physically toxic, that means that you can be exposed to substances and minerals in the Stone by touching it. Asbestos is toxic silica to the most common forms of physically toxic minerals.

What is Radioactive Toxicity?

Unlike being exposed to physically toxic substances, radioactive toxicity occurs because of radiation that is being emitted from minerals or gemstones. You can be exposed to this by either inhaling or touching toxic particles.

What is Chronic Toxicity

The opposites of acute toxicity if you suffer from excessive exposure to toxic minerals or gemstones, please can cause the long-term health issues. If you believe you’re suffering from chronic toxicity, you should immediately seek medical attention as the issues could cause some serious health problems or even be fatal. 


If you were wondering is sodalite toxic, we hope this article will prove useful. It is important to be aware of any toxic minerals or gemstones available on the market. Especially considering you can stumble across these gems and crystals in the most unusual places.

One thing is for certain, there are such a wide choice of rocks and crystals that are safe to use you need not take any risk with a harmful substance. Do your research and choose the crystals that are most appropriate and are safe to use. This way you can enjoy all the beneficial energies without having to worry about any negative side effects.