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Jellyfish Symbolism: The Spiritual Meaning of Jellyfish

Jellyfish Symbolism: The Spiritual Meaning of Jellyfish

Jellyfish are lowkey sea creatures that look unbothered whenever they pulse along ocean currents. With their umbrella-shaped bells and trailing tentacles, they seem like they are dancing in the air gracefully. But aside from their aesthetic appeal, jellyfish bear virtues that guide your life. 

Jellyfish symbolize love, resilience, survival, faith, and adaptability. By absorbing the message of the jellyfish, you can go on top of your goals. So, keep on reading, and discover why these are the spiritual meanings and symbolism of jellyfish.

What does a Jellyfish symbolize?

One of the main symbolisms of jellyfish is love. It means trusting and following your heart if the prospect of love appears in your life. Moreover, acceptance and balance are the other symbols to embrace. 

Just like the jellyfish, you should be ready to accept whatever life throws at you and find ways to surpass these circumstances. Additionally, jellyfish go with the ocean’s current and move by instinct

So, it encourages us to be like them. It is crucial to keep the faith and let divine intervention play out in your life with less resistance. Also, sometimes, you need to let life unfold on its own, and all you have to do is keep the faith and listen to your intuition.

Origin of Jellyfish 

Jellyfish have been around for millions of years already. In fact, evidence suggests that they have even been here before the dinosaurs.

Even though they are called jellyfish, they are not actual fish, and they are not edible. Instead, these marine creatures are classified as invertebrates or animals with no backbones.

They come from the oldest animal family tree called Cnidaria, which includes corals and anemones. 

Also, they might be the first muscle-powered swimmers in the ocean. Jellyfish evolved from a stationary polyp to a swimming medusa or adult jellyfish. 

Historical Symbolism of Jellyfish

Jellyfish are considered a symbol of beauty and radiance. Although simple and meek, they exude gracefulness and inner radiance that can even glow in the dark.

In ancient Egypt, jellyfish were often used in carvings in different architectural designs to express those women bringing life to the world. 

Also, Native Americans considered jellyfish as healers and a source of nourishment. So, they used them for treating mental health and spiritual issues.

In ancient Celtics, people thought jellyfish were guided by Manannan, the sea god. So people used jellyfish to symbolize fertility, vigor, abundance, and safety.

Jellyfish Symbolic Meanings

Faith and Favor

Jellyfish are a symbol of faith and favor. It simply means that whatever comes in life, you experience a breakthrough. However, an offering is required to remove blockages in your inner wisdom or time. 

Instead of thinking it is a negative experience, take it as a favor from the universe as it is an opportunity for you to grow and find your path in this life. So, keep the faith and keep planting your seeds.

Survival and Adaptability

Jellyfish are one of the swimmers that can best survive in the ocean. They know how to face the most challenging circumstance by pulsing with the current to explore the waters all around the world. This will to survive can be an important indicator if you see jellyfish in your dreams or in your life.

Flow and Instinct

Jellyfish swim the ocean effortlessly and allow themselves to be carried away by the ocean current. They do not resist, but instead, they embrace the forces of mother earth. Also, jellyfish only move by intuition and instinct. 

So, jellyfish reminds you to embrace the ebbs and flows of life entirely. Change is constant, and so are breakthroughs in every circumstance. So, follow what makes you feel alive.

Pain and Suffering

Jellyfish do not hunt for food. They only go with the flow and use the trial and error method. For this reason, they sting anything that comes their way to know if it is potential prey. 

This can tell you that, just like jellyfish, life will never be sure. You have to take the first step or take risks to get somewhere. You will never know if you never try.

Jellyfish Meaning in Dreams

Dreaming of a jellyfish can be interpreted in different ways depending on the context of the dream. If you dream of being stung by a jellyfish, it means that someone is taking advantage of your kindness.

Alternatively, this dream could also be a warning to watch out for false friends who might try to hurt you. On the other hand, if you dream of swimming with jellyfish, it means that you are exploring your hidden depths and emotions.

This dream is a good sign as it suggests that you are comfortable with yourself and are in touch with your feelings.

Jellyfish Symbolism in Religions

Christian Culture

In Christianity, jellyfish symbolizes what happens when you are at sea and lost or without a compass. This is what we call spiritual dryness: a life without faith and religious conviction. 

In the bible, jellyfish is a metaphor for acknowledging your needs, but you do not have enough faith that things will work out. As a result, it leaves you feeling lost at sea.

Also, jellyfish symbolize Christ’s humility and meekness. He was willing to die without even fighting back.

Hindu Culture

In Hindu mythology, the symbol of jellyfish is about releasing. That is, being in a state where we have to let go of what no longer serves our highest good. 

Ancient Hindus believed that each soul had to pass through this stage to come into complete awareness and understanding of one’s purpose in life. 

Like the Jellyfish, when you are at odds with your spiritual path and things get complicated, move towards what feels right instead.

Myths about Jellyfish and Ancient Cultures 

Various cultures initially perceived jellyfish as alien species considering their unusual form. But the uniques features of this creature were also the foundation of many myths and views about jellyfish. 

Ancient Greek Mythology

Back in time, the Greeks believed that a sorcerer lived inside a jellyfish who could control the ocean waves and carry you away if he liked to. 

But, these people who were taken are often found guarding treasures at sea like gold coins waiting for someone who had troubled times as a reward.

With that, if you have a jellyfish spirit animal, you may be motivated but take the time to discover something valuable in the circumstance or your heart and mind. 

Native American Culture

Jellyfish in Native American culture symbolizes overcoming your fears and obstacles we do not understand or expect that we encounter in our lives. 

This totem animal is also associated with emotions, moods, and feelings that could help and harm you depending on how you handle it in your body.

Chinese Culture

In Chinese culture, jellyfish are believed to heal all internal diseases in your stomach. These illnesses can be linked to emotions like fear, anger, depression, or stress. 

So, if you experience these, it is a sign to be aware of what we feel and think.

On the other hand, ancient Chinese culture offered jellyfish to newlyweds as a sign of safety, protection, devotion, and fertility

Japanese Culture

Jellyfish were used in traditional Japanese mythology. It was called kurage and was considered a delicacy with its healing properties for curing any disease

But, you need to eat the jellyfish alive, which can make you feel young and optimistic about life.

People with jellyfish spirit animals can sometimes find themselves in situations where they are left to wonder what lies ahead.

Jellyfish Spiritual Animal Meaning

The jellyfish spirit animal is a reminder that even though life can be tough, you can always bounce back no matter how hard you get hit. The jellyfish meaning also teaches us the importance of being adaptable to change and flexible in our decisions.

Jellyfish Totem Animal

The jellyfish totem animal has a water element, which means it is highly intuitive and can be excellent at reading people and situations.

The jellyfish spirit guide also represents the power of regeneration and healing. If you have this totem animal, it means that you are a natural survivor who knows how to bounce back from difficult situations.

Jellyfish Tattoo Meaning

Jellyfish tattoos are often chosen by people who have been through a lot in their lives. The jellyfish tattoo meaning can represent strength, resilience, and adaptability. This tattoo can also be a reminder to stay positive and hopeful even when things are tough.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jellyfish Symbolism

What is the meaning of jellyfish sting?

If you are stung by a jellyfish, it means that you are being called to open your heart. The pain of the sting is a reminder that love can hurt sometimes. But just like the jellyfish, you must learn to rise above the pain and continue living.

The sting also symbolizes new beginnings. Just like how a jellyfish starts its life as a tiny larva, you too must start somewhere small. And with time and effort, you will grow into something beautiful.

What does it mean to see a jellyfish?

If you see a jellyfish, it means that you are being called to have faith. The jellyfish is a reminder that even though the world is full of darkness, there is still light.

Just like how the jellyfish lights up the ocean with its bioluminescent body, you too must be a light in the darkness.

You must have faith that things will get better and that you will overcome whatever challenges you are facing.

What does it mean to kill a jellyfish?

If you kill a jellyfish, it means that you are being called to be more resilient. The jellyfish is a reminder that even though life can be tough, you must never give up.

You must be strong and fight for what you want. You must be resilient in the face of adversity and never give up on your dreams.


Jellyfish are simple and instinctive animals. However, this marine creature plays a crucial role in biodiversity and can contribute a profound symbolism that might help you navigate life.

Life can be surprising at times, but just like jellyfish, you must keep the faith, go with the flow, endure pain and suffering, and survive. Bad days don’t last forever, and you can break through.