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Moon Symbolism: 9 Signs and Meanings of the Moon

Moon Symbolism: 9 Signs and Meanings of the Moon

Moons have different faces, and with that, it symbolizes many things. One of the critical characteristics of the moon is its cyclical changes that have subliminal effects on the dynamics of nature.

The moon symbolizes feminine energy, fertility, progress, and more. It represents a hidden but powerful force that can be unlocked with contemplation and serenity.  

If you’re starting to recognize the frequency of moon signs and symbols around you, you may be up for a hidden but powerful message from your spiritual guide.

Perhaps it’s time to tune in to the subtle but strong energy within to help you get through the dark phase of your life. Likewise, it could be a significant reminder that new beginnings are just around the corner.

Wherever you may be in your mortal journey, take quick notice of what the moon means to your life.

What Do Moons Symbolize?

Moons are known to change and go through different phases. These transitions and the very nature of the moon impact the natural processes of the planet.

For example, high and low tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon. Simply put, the moon may often be considered second to the sun, but its effects cannot be overlooked. In this sense, it symbolizes many human attributes that all point towards survival and success.

Feminine Energy

There is a strong association between the moon and female power. In many cultures, the sun is considered to bear masculine characteristics, while the moon has feminine attributes.

While the sun exudes overwhelming force with its bright and blazing energy, the moon does the opposite with its subtle, delicate, but highly prominent force.


The different phases of the moon mirror the menstrual cycle of females. Hence, it is also associated with fertility.

Furthermore, the moon represents a love connection characterized by the rise of hormones involved in conception.

But aside from female fertility, it also symbolizes male fertility, specifically the crescent moon.

Overall, the lunar cycle has a subtle but powerful effect on human reproduction.


The moon exerts power over us whether we notice it or not. Moon phases often influence human behavior the same way it affects the rise of fall of tides.

For instance, during a full moon, a lot of people feel more energized or even emotional. Others would experience the opposite. They feel sleepy and restless.

This is even backed by research in 2014. In one study, 319 people were involved in a sleep experience during and after a full moon. The result showed an association between the people and how they get less deep sleep during such a phase.


As the moon provides illumination more subtly as opposed to the sun’s blazing light, it is a fitting symbol for passiveness.

Often, inactivity is perceived negatively as it is assumed to be counterproductive. But there is wisdom that lies in resting and taking a pause.

Most people need to spare some time for reflection, regaining their strength, and revisiting their goals. Without these idle moments, success can be challenging to attain.

Life and Death

Among the astronomical bodies, the moon has the most apparent cycle. This is because it undergoes several phases that bring different levels of illumination and energy. Hence, it is a fitting symbol for life and death or the natural cycle.

As you may know by now, the moon plays an active part in conception and birth. But with the termination and transition from one phase to another, it also represents the end.

The Symbolism of Each Moon Phase

While the moon as a whole symbolizes subtle but consequential energy, each phase carries its representation and spiritual message.

Full Moon

The full moon is the brightest of all the phases. Although it is associated with fertility, femininity, and other positive attributes, the occurrence of a full moon also brings trouble.

Full moons are linked to lack of sleep of insomnia. It is also associated with insanity or lunacy, which has its entomology back to the Latin term for the moon “Luna.”

Nonetheless, the full moon is said to provide the highest level of clarity and fulfill one’s desire.

Waxing Moon

When the moon is waxing, it is in the process of becoming a full moon. In this sense, it reminds you to start or keep moving forward. In addition, it signifies the realization of a goal. Hence, a waxing moon symbolizes growth, progress, and achievement.

Waning Moon

The waning moon shows up after the full moon and before the new moon.

The brightness of the moon begins to dim during this phase. Therefore, it sets a prompt that you have to reevaluate different aspects of your life and downsize or eliminate characteristics that pull you down.

With this analysis, the waning moon represents surrender, reflection, and quiet time.   

New Moon

Once the new moon appears, it means that a new lunar cycle is taking place. With this, a new moon symbolizes new beginnings. It becomes a great time to start a new project or begin your journey towards new goals.

If you want to have a fresh start, do it on a new moon to achieve an upbeat rhythm that could be beneficial in the long run.

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Moons in Christianity

The moon has a significant symbolism in Christianity as it represents Jesus Christ himself. Furthermore, it mirrors the relationship and role of Jesus to humanity.

As the sun provides the very source of illumination, it is associated with God the Father. The earth symbolizes mortal beings or humans. The moon represents Christ as it reflects the light from the sun or the Father.

The analogy perfectly mirrors how Jesus is the bridge between the promise and blessings of God the Father.

In different parts of the bible, the moon is also a symbol for celestial events, the fleeting cycle of humanity, and divine epiphanies often included in prophecies.

Moon Symbolism in Other Religions

The crescent moon and a single star are affiliated with Islam. Thus, if Christians have the cross, Jews have the Star of David; the said symbol identifies Muslim and Islam, followers.

The actual reason why the crescent moon was chosen to represent Islam is a bit ambiguous in the historical narratives.

There was a legend during the rule of the Ottoman empire that its founder, Osman, had a dream where the crescent moon stretched to the polar ends of the world. He took it as a good omen and adopted the symbol for his entire dynasty.

Since the Ottoman empire was the leading civilization among Islam followers, it was inevitable to associate the crescent moon to the empire and the religion it carries.

On the other hand, in Judaism, the new moon represents the head of the month. With this, a mini-festival called Rosh Chodesh is held, which prohibits fasting and mourning. A prayer is recited in which it highlights the renewal of every Jew each month.

The Moon in Different Cultures

Chinese culture perceives the moon as the yin in yin yang while the sun represents yang.

The concept of yin yang focuses on opposite forces that complement each other. In this case, the sun and the moon have opposing energy levels, but they need each other to attain a good level of dynamicity.

By extension, the moon also symbolizes femininity, while the sun embodies masculinity, fitting well with the dualism of yin yang.

On the other hand, other cultures recognize the moon as more masculine and have greater power. This is true within areas of Japanese and African cultures.

Early Egyptians have Thoth as the god of the moon. He symbolizes wisdom and subliminal meanings.

Moon Dream Meaning

If a moon appears in your dream, it could be a sign that there are mysterious parts of your life. It also represents intuition and changes in your mood or behavior in general.

The meaning of the dream can be influenced by the number of moons there are.

Seeing two moons could mean that you are torn between two things. It could be a significant choice or equally enticing opportunities.

Multiple moons could suggest trouble, confusion, or even tumultuous events. There could be a mystery at hand or an uncertain situation. Perhaps you are bound to analyze and get clarity on specific events in your life.

If the moon appears to be still and visually pleasing, it could be a symbol of serenity and your desire for peace. With that, it is best to give up stressful parts of your life.

Nevertheless, dreaming about the moon conveys that you have to trust your instincts as it is a critical attribute of female power.


Moons, just like other astronomical bodies, represent life in many ways.

Choosing the moon as your personal totem indicates that you are intuitive and rely on your wisdom when making a crucial decision.

Understanding the moon’s message can help you tap into your inner powers leading you closer to your goals or a needed fresh start.