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Rain Symbolism: 13 Spiritual Meanings of Rain

Rain Symbolism: 13 Spiritual Meanings of Rain

Rain can invoke different emotions when it pours. Some people feel calm and at peace when it’s raining. Others get sad and blue

But beyond the feelings you catch during the rain, what exactly does rain bring into your life?

Rain represents different things depending on where you are in your journey. It symbolizes rebirth, growth, cleansing, unhappiness, reflection, and unpredictability. You may feel a strong connection with the rain, especially during tough times in your life. 

If you pay more attention to the pitter-patter of the rain and understand its timing in your life, you might as well find the answers you are looking for in your current situation. 

So stick around and recognize that rain is more than just drops of water. 

What Does Rain Symbolize? 

Rain symbolizes the following:

Rebirth and Growth

Water is a vital component of life. Plants and animals need water to keep their body functioning well. But more than maintaining life, water also encourages life. It gives vigor to almost lifeless beings allowing them to experience rebirth.

Naturally, rain is made of water. Therefore, when a barren place experiences continuous rainfall, life in that area is eventually revived, so if you feel as if your life is becoming empty, let the rain pour in to help you find a way to regain what you’ve lost.


When it rains, impurities are washed off and drained on the ground. Whether it’s your car or living creatures around, the cleansing process becomes inevitable. You can find solace in the fact that rain can remove those impurities that hold you back. 

The aftermath of the rain is the rainbow and is the perfect symbol of the result of your cleanse.


It’s not news that you could sometimes feel a little blue when it rains. The melancholy just naturally seeps in, aggravated by the cold weather that comes with it. If you are feeling sad all the time when it’s raining, perhaps it is time to address what brings you down. 


The atmosphere brought about by rain has a natural way of forcing you into retrospection and reflection. It makes you look into your life, past, and future directions. 


Sometimes the rain doesn’t come for days, weeks, or months, but it brings abundance in the air when it does. Likewise, it can come too strong or too weak. There’s no exact way to tell since it can be fickle. 

Rain in Christianity 

Several accounts in the Bible highlight the significant role of rain in life and destruction. 

First off, you have the story of Noah and the flood. Because of the sinfulness of humans, God has planned to wash them off through the great flood with the exception of Noah, his family, and several animals. So in this account, rain represented God’s wrath against sin. 

Meanwhile, rain also became a tool when the prophet Elijah prayed for the rain to stop to remind the people that their sinful ways could be punished. But when the people repented their sins and learned their lessons, he prayed for the rain, and it returned, blessing their harvest. 

Rain is not just considered a weapon for mass destruction or punishment. On the contrary, it is parallel to abundance and prosperity.

So, when it rains, it’s God’s way of providing what the people need since rain allows a fruitful harvest and new life to spawn in the land. 

Rain in Different Cultures 

Rain is a global phenomenon. Therefore, it is no surprise that many cultures worldwide have their interpretation of rain. Furthermore, almost all civilizations, ancient and new, recognize the importance of rain in keeping their community alive and well. 

Rain in Native American Culture

You may have already encountered literature or media depicting Native Americans doing their rainmaking ritual.

Native American Tribes perform rain dances complete with elaborate attires and specific dance steps. The primary purpose of these dances is to modify the weather in favor of rain. 

Many Native Americans live in arid areas where drought can commonly occur. Likewise, the primary livelihood of these tribes depends on rain patterns. Hence, the loss of rain can severely affect their way of living. 

As a result, tribes perform rainmaking rituals passed down to the next generations. 

Rain in Chinese Culture

Shamans in Chinese also understand the importance of rain for their communities. So when it’s drought season, the Shamans also perform a nonstop rain dance to appease the natural spirits. 

The Shamans will dance to exhaustion until they sweat beads of water dropping to the ground. It is believed that the sweat they produce generates the needed rain.  

Rain in Dreams 

Dreaming about rain can have different meanings. For example, if the rain is pouring strongly, it could signify destruction in the form of challenges. But, on the other hand, it could be a warning sign for depression and unhappiness. And there’s a chance they would test your spiritual strength. 

However, you also have to remember that a new beginning awaits you after the downpouring, which is far better than what you have lost. 

Nevertheless, how you feel in the dream can also determine its meaning. For example, if you’re pissed off with the rain, it could be an indication of your innermost frustrations and anxiety. But if you are enjoying the rain, it could mean that you are ready for the next part of your spiritual growth. 

Sometimes seeing rain in your dreams simply means financial abundance is coming. However, it could also signify achievement and positivity in life. 

Is Rain a Symbol of Good Luck? 

Rain is generally perceived as good luck. The association of rain to life through rebirth and growth makes it a crucial element that attracts positive things in life. 

If you have a huge event such as a wedding and you were caught in the middle of the rain, it could signify that you will have an abundant life with your partner. 

But this is primarily true if both you and your partner appreciate the rain instead of sulking over it. 

What Does It Mean if You Love Rain? 

A person who loves rain is described as a pluviophile. And when you are one, it means you find happiness and peace in the rain. 

In retrospect, you are an optimistic person who chooses to see the positive side of things instead of focusing on the negative ones. 

Also, if you are a pluviophile, there’s a high chance that you have a deep connection with the rain and nature as a whole. So try to recognize the signs around you to nourish that connection deeper. 

What Does Rain Do to Your Soul? 

Rain is known to cleanse the soul. 

The downward direction and continuous drop of rain wash impurities that cause harm to your soul. These impurities can be in the form of burdens and problems at home or at work. 

If you wish to have them washed out, a little exposure to the rain can help you out. 


There is magic in the rain. If you look into your spiritual lenses, you’ll understand what it means. It points to the rain’s ability to transform, nurture, and create new beginnings for anyone who wishes to have one. 

So listen to the message of the rain and let it guide you in your decisions.