Why Does My Himalayan Salt Lamp Leak Water?

Himalayan salt lamps are one of my favorite bedroom additions and a fantastic addition to any room. They make the mood and atmosphere so much warmer and comforting. It really is no wonder so many people love them so much. So, when you find your Himalayan salt lamp leaking it can be quite worrisome. But, why does it happen? And should you worry about it?

It happens because of humidity. Leaking in salt lamps does not happen because of some malfunction, but because of the humidity in the air. The salt crystals attract the humidity in the air and water droplets form. This is not harmful to the lamp. So, there is nothing to worry about if you find your lamp leaking. 

But there is definitely more to it. I’ll explain the reason behind this leakage in a bit more in depth as well as the measures you can take to prevent it. 

Why Does Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Leak?

Himalayan salt lamps have a small bulb lighting salt crystal. These salt crystals are derived straight from the Himalayas which makes them so special. These salt crystals are essentially very similar to any other kind of salt. And salt is hygroscopic, which means it draws in moisture from the nearby air.

The leakage or melting you see on your salt lamp does not come from the lamp itself at all. It comes from the moisture in the air around it. If you live in a humid environment or place the lamp in a room of your house where it is more humid you will see more water on your lamp. The salt crystals attract water and droplets keep forming on it.

All Himalayan salt lamps face this situation. Because in the end, each and every one of them is made from salt crystals. This is just the natural chemical property of the Himalayan salt lamps. 

Is Leaking Harmful for Your Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Every Himalayan salt lamp starts leaking at some point. As I have mentioned already, this does not happen because of some malfunction or defect. This happens because of the salt crystals’ hygroscopic nature. That being said, can this damage your precious Himalayan salt lamp?

No, however much the lamp might get wet because of the water droplets, this cannot in any way melt your salt lamp. So, there is no need to worry about it. The water does not form on the bulb side of the lamp either so you do not need to worry about water getting on the bulb.

All Himalayan salt lamps face this issue. There is no reason to worry about this damaging your lamp. However, water constantly dripping to the base can cause a mess and that is a nuisance a lot of people are bothered by. And if your lamp has a wooden base, then the base might take some water damage if exposed to moisture for extended periods.

You can’t get rid of this scenario altogether but there are a few things you can do to make sure your salt lamp does not leak as much. You can very easily decrease the effects of the salt crystals’ hygroscopic properties.

How to Prevent Your Himalayan Salt Lamp from Leaking?

There are indeed a few things you can do to prevent your Himalayan salt lamps from leaking. The key to preventing water droplets to accumulate is to keep them away from moisture. Here are a few things you could and should do to prevent “leaking” or “melting”.

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Don’t Place Your Himalayan Salt Lamp in A Humid Environment

The first thing you should do is not place your Himalayan salt lamp somewhere where there is too much moisture in the air. It can be especially hard to do if you live in an overly humid environment. But, some rooms in your house are more humid than others.

Bathrooms, kitchens, next to your washing machine, next to open doors and windows; these are some of the more humid areas inside your house. You should place your salt lamp somewhere where the air is dry, so there is less moisture for the crystals to attract. If you do just this, your problem will already be half solved.

Keep the Bulb on As Much as Possible

If you keep your bulb on for longer periods it will keep the crystals warm. The warm crystals will help the water evaporate much faster which means less water gets accumulated. If you can keep the lamp turned 24/7, that would be the ideal scenario.

Keeping the bulb on all the time can be an issue for some people. Even if you cannot keep it on all the time, you should try to keep it turned on as much as possible. Try to keep it on for almost 16 hours a day.

The Himalayan salt lamp staying warm will drastically decrease the number of droplets formed. The evaporation will prevent a lot of leaking.

Get A Bulb with Higher Wattage

Another way to keep your lamp warm and help the water evaporate quickly is to get a higher wattage bulb. Usually, salt lamps have 7 to 15-watt bulbs. But if you live in a particularly humid area that might not be enough.

If you do live in a humid area or just want to reduce water accumulation you could consider higher wattage bulbs. You can use a 25-watt incandescent bulb or even a 40 or 60-watt bulb.

A higher wattage bulb means the crystals get warmer and get warm faster. Which leads to more water evaporation quicker than before. This is incredibly handy if you cannot keep the lamp turned on for long periods.

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Use A Dehumidifier or Moisture Absorber

Another method to decrease leaking would be to decrease the humidity in the air of the room. You could run a Dehumidifier or keep a moisture absorber in the same room you keep your salt lamp. This would remove the moisture from the air so droplets can’t form on the lamp.

Store Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Properly

If you just haphazardly store your Himalayan salt lamp then it can accumulate a lot of moisture when in storage. You need to properly prepare your salt lamp to prevent it from getting all wet and messy.

After turning the lamp off and unplugging the cable you will need to let the lamp dry out. Dry the lamp and wipe any moisture away from it. The water that forms on the crystal is saltwater. It will leave salt crystals after evaporating. You will have to wipe all of that off before storing the lamp.

You might also need to wipe the base and scrape off some salt crystals from it. If you see too many salt crystals forming on the base then you will need to scrape them off. Do not use any metal tools to scrape them off if you have a wooden base. Use plastic materials to scrape it off.

You should store the lamp by wrapping it in either thin plastic wrap or bubble wrap. This keeps the moisture away from the body of the lamp.


It should be clear now that Himalayan Salt Lamps do not actually leak. Instead, the water you find actually comes from the natural moisture in the air. It shouldn’t be a problem though as there are a number of tips to help prevent the water droplets from accumulating.

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