Is Sodalite a Birthstone? It’s not what you think

Sodalite has many uses, it is beneficial in a variety of ways which is why I have to love this stone. My latest topic of interest is how certain crystals are connected to birthstones, in particular Sodalite. Is this crystal related to any of the zodiac signs and does it have a place in astrology?

Yes, Sodalite is a birthstone for the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Astrologers have determined that the stone is one of several crystals that are linked to the sign. It’s powerful and transformative energy is perfect for those who are born under Sagittarius.

Sodalite and Sagittarius 

The zodiac sign Sagittarius is the 9th astrological sign which is symbolised by the archer. Sagittarius’ lucky colour is blue, similarly, Sodalite is a vibrant shade of deep violet. The properties of the stone balance out the personality traits of Sagittarius.

Sodalites’ ruling element is air and water, it is the opposite of Sagittarius which is a fire sign. The stone’s energy is tranquil, it can calm the wild flames of Sagittarius. When we are using the stone we can begin to feel calmer and in tune with our divine essence.

I notice a remarkable change in my emotional stability while holding Sodalite. It works well with Sagittarius’ because they are infamous for their impatience and restless nature. The caring energy of Sodalite will work to soothe the nerves of the Sagittarius.

Like Sodalite, Sagittarius is also thoughtful and attentive. This creates a vibrational match between the stone and the zodiac sign. Sagittarius have big hearts and they look out for the wellbeing of the people around them.

Sodalite can enhance the honest nature of Sagittarius. They are truthful people who do right by others. Personally, I have found this stone to be helpful for enabling me to vocalise my feelings.

Clear communication channels and open dialogue are some of the many benefits that Sodalite brings. When used on Sagittarius sun signs it can help them to speak more freely. However, they can be blunt and direct as it is.

I have found that Sagittarius’ are the best people to go to if I want an honest opinion. They don’t hold back and are as real as they come. Sodalite will strengthen these qualities and keep their opinions just how they should be, unfiltered. 

Sodalite can also promote self-discovery, this is perfect for Sagittarius as they are always seeking more. They are avid fans of philosophy and personal development. They want to explore the world, not just through travel but through books.

The logical energy of Sodalite can help Sagittarius to make clear and informed decisions. They benefit greatly from this stone and can accomplish their goals. Sodalite is an important and prominent birthstone for Sagittarius.

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Other Birthstones for Sagittarius


is the official birthstone of Sagittarius. Turquoise is famed for its properties which help to enhance psychic abilities. Sagittarius has a strong intuition and can have psychic visions. 

Turquoise and Sagittarius both share the same ruling planet, Jupiter. The stone can help Sagittarius to be more focused instead of scatterbrained. As Sagittarius’ are so energetic and full of adventure they tend to bounce from place to place.

This crystal will not compromise Sagittarius or prevent them from being their true and authentic self. It will provide more stability for the zodiac sign and help them to find their feet. It has a wonderful effect on Sagittarius, next to Sodalite it is one of my favourite crystals on people who have this sun or moon sign 

Blue Topaz

By using this vibrant and stunning crystal, Sagittarius can emphasise their honest qualities. Some of the key properties of this gem are its truthfulness and wisdom. It can help the user to speak more clearly and openly.

Blue Topaz is one of the many birthstones for Sagittarius. It is perfect for the zodiac sign as it can help them to recharge after long periods of travel, which they are known to indulge in quite frequently. It is also a good crystal to help heal any ailments.

Sagittarius’ should utilize this crystal well and keep it nearby. It can help them to manifest their dreams and desires. Success can be achieved by harnessing its energy to attract what they want.

Blue Sapphire

This gemstone is more suited for those who have Sagittarius as their ascendant. It will protect the wearer against evil and bad spirits from looming. It is a powerful crystal that keeps negativity away.

It is also said to symbolise royalty so it can bring more wealth and abundance for the Sagittarius rising. Good fortune will be attracted to them when they wear this stone. It is simply sublime.

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It can also help to induce spiritual experiences and create connections with the beyond. By using this stone Sagittarius can communicate with the celestial beings from the other realm. Amazing results can be had by using this crystal, it truly lives up to its reputation. 

The Talismanic Stone

Though Beryl is a birthstone for Scorpio when used as a talismanic stone it falls under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Talismanic stones are amulets that can give the wearer magical powers. A crystal which is connected to a zodiac sign is then engraved and used in this manner. 

Like the other birthstones, Beryl can help us to gain a greater sense of wisdom. For Sagittarius, it can help them to feel more cheerful and prevent feelings of laziness. Their sincerity is also heightened through the use of this amulet. 


In conclusion, Sodalite is a powerful birthstone for Sagittarius. I have seen the many benefits that it can bring to the star sign and I highly encourage them to try it for themselves. There are many positives to using this stone.

Not only is it beautiful on the outside but it is astonishing on the inside. The properties of Sodalite are truly wonderful and should be treasured. My message to the Sagittarius folk that are considering using Sodalite – do it! 

You won’t regret it.

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