Can You Use Sodalite For Anxiety?

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Like many people, I have been badly affected by all the bad energy in the world and that’s led me down a deep rabbit hole of anxiety and this got me thinking; can sodalite help? I immediately started to do a little digging and did the research into whether you can use sodalite for anxiety.

You can absolutely use sodalite for anxiety. It’s a great choice because it supports rational thinking, objectivity, truth and intuition. This is why it’s such a powerful stone and great for dealing with anxiety.

But sodalite isn’t the only thing you have at your disposal for dealing with anxiety. This post will share everything you need to know.

Why Do You Feel Anxiety?

First off, anxiety is totally natural. It’s the response from our body when we are put under stress. A little bit of anxiousness is totally fine, so don’t worry if you’re feeling a little nervous before a date. Anxiety can become more of a problem when it becomes constant. It can be really tough when you feel anxious all the time and it’ll make it hard to even enjoy some of your favourite activities.

And ladies, if you ever feel like your anxiety is picking on you, you might be right! Studies have shown that women are more likely to be diagnosed with anxiety than men, what rotten luck!

External Factors

External factors often have a big impact on anxiety. Do you have any big deadlines coming up? Or maybe you’ve been drinking too much coffee or wine, both caffeine and alcohol can have a major effect on your anxiety levels. 

Are you getting enough sleep? Your body needs rest and if you aren’t getting enough sleep every night, it can definitely lead to increased levels of stress and anxiety.


Unfortunately, some of us are just more naturally likely to get anxiety based on our own genes. If someone in your family suffers from anxiety then it’s more likely that you may suffer from it too.

It’s not completely clear what the exact causes of anxiety are but they are likely to be some combination of your environment, genetics and even your brain chemistry. But the big question is: what can you actually do about it?

How Does Sodalite Calm Anxiety?

Using sodalite or “the stone of peace”, can help ease anxiety and soothe your frayed nerves. The blue colour of this healing gem is actually a powerful psychological tool for calming anxiety. Blue is known as the colour of the mind and is associated with calm nerves, clear thought and even boosted concentration and thinking. 

The crystal itself is said to have strong healing properties and can even protect you against radiation and electromagnetic stress. This is because sodalite contains both manganese and calcium, a combination that has huge metaphysical benefits for your adrenal glands (the place that releases your anxiety hormones).

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“Sodalite also stimulates the pituitary gland, which opens up your spiritual perception. By energizing the brain’s spirit portal, this grounding stone releases tension and fears, the negative emotions that Sodalite helps to transform into feelings of harmony and balance, the gateway to enlightenment.” – Energy Muse

All in all, it’s clear that sodalite is a wonderful healing crystal when it comes to dealing with anxiety with strong calming properties that can soothe the body and heal an anxious soul.

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Other Anxiety Treatments

Now, as I talked about before, there are many factors that can contribute to potential anxiety and stress. So it’s important to watch out for these other factors and maybe even change your lifestyle.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Make sure you get enough sleep
  • Try meditation
  • Keep active where possible and do regular exercise
  • Have a healthy and balanced diet
  • Limit or even avoid alcohol
  • Limit or even avoid caffeine
  • Quit smoking

As well as these lifestyle based treatments, you can also talk to your doctor about medical treatments for anxiety. I’ll leave a link here as this isn’t a medical blog and I’m not giving medical advice.

What Does Anxiety And Stress Do To My Aura?

Anxiety can have a huge impact on your spiritual well being as well as your physical body. There are seven chakras that can be found down the spine of our bodies. These hold the key to our physical and spiritual health. If you’re feeling anxiety, then it’s very possible that you are suffering blockages of one or more of your chakras.

Check out my post on sodalite and chakras.

If you feel that imbalances in your chakra could be the cause of your anxiety then it’s worth looking into chakra balancing practices such as prana clearing and chakra balancing meditation.

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Tips On How to Use Sodalite For Anxiety

There are several different things you can do with sodalite to make it most effective to deal with anxiety.

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Keep It Under Your Pillow

Sodalite’s power doesn’t need you to be completely focused on the stone for it to be impactful. Some have noted it to be very effective in improving the quality of your dreams. Keep a piece of the gem under your pillow as your sleep. This will let its energy seep into your dreams and allow for a better night sleep. 

Keep On Your Person

A well noted method for using sodalite for anxiety is to simply keep it on your person when you start to feel anxious. Before you go out (or even if you’re planning to just lounge around), place a stone in your pocket and allow it to be present with you throughout the day. This is a great way to deal with anxious feelings. I also enjoy wearing sodalite in the form of jewelry so that I can use the full value of the gem on both my exterior and interior.


Using sodalite in my meditation sessions is by far one of my favourite ways to deal with anxiety. I keep two stones, one in each palm, on me as I meditate and focus on my breath. Regular, daily meditation is best. But I also use it as needed when I start to feel anxious, even five minutes can be really helpful.

Cleanse Sodalite

To keep sodalite and it’s healing powers at their most effective, it’s important to cleanse your sodalite regularly. Check out my guide on keeping your sodalite cleansed here.


Decorating with sodalite is a great way to cleanse an area and, in doing so, create a safe space against feelings of anxiety. I like to place raw sodalite gems and sculpted sodalite work around a room strategically in order to combat against negative energy. Keeping this space safe has been so important for my own mental health and is the perfect for my mediation sessions.

Anxiety and Lapis Lazuli

Another well known healing crystal that can help a lot with anxiety is lapis lazuli. This precious stone is known to help stabilize a person’s mental condition as well as maintain the body’s circulation and cardiac rhythm. I think these two stones form a great synergy and like to use them in tandem with all the above methods. For example I often wear one earring each on days that I’m feeling a little more anxious and it’s been an absolute miracle for my mental health. So I can’t recommend using them together enough.

To learn more about Lapis and Sodalite, check out my article.


When it comes to anxiety, sodalite has a lot of healing benefits. The blue colour and spiritual powers of this gemstone are fantastic for soothing your nerves and you can use the stone in a number of ways. On top of sodalite, you can try other treatments for anxiety such as: meditation, lifestyle changes and even medical treatments too. Anxiety is tough and it’s something I’ve had to go through too. Hopefully the tips I’ve provided above can help but remember, when it comes to your health, it can’t hurt to get some medical advice too. 

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