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Sodalite for Athletes: Is this the gem for the gym?

Sodalite for Athletes: Is this the gem for the gym?

I want to be really clear about this… I’m definitely not a gym bunny. But I am always looking for ways my crystals can help me. So I started to think about exercise and wondered if my sodalite would be useful for athletes. 

Sodalite can be a very useful crystal for athletes due to its healing powers. It is known to be an effective treatment for managing stress, providing mental clarity and improving willpower. On top of that, Sodalite also carries weight loss properties as it can help regulate the thyroid.

How Does Sodalite Help Athletes

Sodalite is most commonly known as a crystal that supports the mind, but this is actually a great reason why it can be helpful for athletes. Mental clarity is so important for athletes, regardless of what the activity is. 

In sports, the mental side of the game is often what separates the good from the great. Being able to think clearly in moments of stress is paramount to you success in a game. Whether that means taking the game winning shot, or holding out for the win when the pressure is on. Being able to focus with a clear mind is one of the great benefits that sodalite can provide.

Another crucial factor is willpower. Similar to having a clear mind, so much about an athlete’s effectiveness is in their willpower. Think about a marathon runner, maybe at the start of the race they are feeling motivated and energetic. But once you start to get bogged down in the middle of the race, it’s easy to let mental fogginess get to you. Maybe you want to slow down or even take a break. But this is where it’s so important to be totally focused and not allow your willpower to drop. 

As a stone that supports the mind, sodalite can help you maintain both willpower and mental clarity to help you succeed, no matter the sport.

What are the Health Benefits of Sodalite

Sodalite actually has a number of health benefits that are not always accounted for. As I previously mentioned, sodalite is mainly known as a stone of the mind. It supports the health of the brain and the mind and promotes calm. This makes it particularly good at treating things like anxiety, self esteem and mental health. But sodalite actually provides a few other benefits as well.


Metabolism problems is an important area where sodalite is surprisingly effective. What it does is it can be used to help purify our lymphatic system and digestive track, similar to how we would do a cleanse. 

Sodalite helps us manage our over retention of water and allows for better water flow throughout our bodies, as well as helping regulate our heart and blood pressure.

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Sodalite has the power to protect us from negative energy as well as draw that energy out of our bodies. Infections work in much the same way and sodalite is a wonderful tool to counter these kinds of physical ailments.  This makes it a wonderful option for defending our immune system and helping our bodies recover when we get run down.

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Immune System

The deep gorgeous blue that we love in sodalite is also the colour of the throat chakra, the spiritual disk in the core of our body that governs our ability to communicate

It is the belief of many that are involved in healing our souls, that having a sore throat or a head cold comes from your throat chakra being blocked. When the throat chakra becomes blocked, it can lead to serious ramifications in the rest of our body and acts like an infection.

Sodalite is great at preventing our throat chakra from becoming blocked and acting as our physical and spiritual protection.

Should I wear Sodalite while I train

This is honestly a bit tricky. While sodalite can be a fantastic aid to support an athlete or at least support athletic training. Wearing sodalite when your training may not be the best idea

The reason for this is that sodalite can actually be damaged by water, so as you sweat, your gem could lose some of its structural integrity. This is due to the fact that sodalite is only a semi-hard stone.

So where should I keep my sodalite while training?

Your best bet is to keep your sodalite near you but not quite touching your physical person. So maybe that means keeping your sodalite necklace on the dashboard of the treadmill while you are doing your cardio. Or perhaps having a running backpack and keeping your crystals in one of the pockets. Maybe even keeping it with your towel and water bottle (just watch out for loose hands!). 

I think you get the idea. Keep your stone near you, so that you can see the benefits, but don’t physically wear it!

What other healing crystals are good for athletes

Sodalite isn’t the only great crystal for athletes, so here are some of my other favorites:

  • Agates: These are fantastic for supporting the physical effort that your body goes through. This includes things like speed, strength and balance.
  • Red Coral: This is a great choice for improving your physical endurance.
  • Petrified Wood: These pieces of jurassic tree can help you improve stamina in the gym.
  • Black Onyx: This grounding stone will help you support balance and steady breathing, great for distance runners.
  • Amethyst: Perfect for decision making, amethyst is great if you play an objective based sport where you need to make the right decision under pressure.

Related Questions

Should I clean my crystals after training?

Absolutely! But there is no need to cleanse them unless you feel their negative energy or the crystals appear dull in colour. However, it’s important to remember that these crystals can absorb energy from you and exercise is when you give off the most energy. So, crystal cleanses will probably be an important part of your crystal care routine, post-workout. 

Will my sodalite get damaged by gym equipment?

It absolutely can! Remember, sodalite is certainly not the hardest stone out there, but even if it was, you still don’t want to be dropping heavy dumbbells on them. So, I suggest you keep your sodalite (or any crystal for that matter) away from any unstable gym equipment, like weights. Instead, you should keep your crystals in a bag or in a secure place with your towel and water.


Hopefully you have a better understanding of how you can use sodalite if you’re an athlete or even just to improve the work you do in the gym. Sodalite is great for keeping your mind clear while under the physical stress of exercise, but it also provides some great physical boosts like helping your metabolism. Just remember to keep your sodalite safe while you train, you don’t want to have an unhappy accident.