Sodalite For Creativity: Is this the stone for creatives?

The powers and charms of different stones have always given us an enamouring experience. People resort to various stones to help them fulfil different objectives because of the innate qualities that the stones carry. Sodalite is one such stone which helps in finding the 6th sense and channelize the creativity of an individual. This enthralling gem is said to have therapeutic qualities and enhances the intuition level of a person. The flair of creativity comes from 3 I’s-innate emotions, intuitions, and inspirations. Sodalite helps in steering these 3 I’s of a person towards the path of innovation. This article will shed insight into the usage of sodalite and the true meaning carried by this gem.

The Origin of Sodalite

Sodalite has always been associated with the cosmic forces of the universe that has the potential to open up various possibilities. This gemstone was discovered in Greenland in the year 1811. It gained prominence in the year 1891 when huge deposits of Sodalite was found in the shores of Ontario in Canada. One of the most striking features of this stone is the orange fluorescent hue that it radiates from its vibrant blue body. 

Sodalite has always been considered as a celestial stone as it spots the scared blue colour. It is said that many aspiring artists and sculptors in the Renaissance era carried the Sodalite stone to help them in enhancing their creativity. 

About Sodalite

Sodalite prominently consists of Sodium together with Calcium and various other minerals that make the structure solid yet fragile. The stone is predominantly popular for its enchanting blue colour with a tinge of fluorescent orange. It also exhibits yellow, pink, and grey colours interwoven with white patches and veins. 

Sodalite stone comes with a lot of healing and therapeutic properties that aids people in harmonizing their inner emotions. It helps in opening up various channels of communication and promotes honesty in a relationship. Mainly, Sodalite is known for encouraging rational thinking and self-acceptance.

Sodalite For Creativity

Creativity emerges from confidence and broadening the mental horizon to different possibilities. Innovation is possible when you communicate with the world and get to know various things. This can inspire you to create your vision. A troubled and irritated mind can block the free-flow of creativity within you. Your mental tensions will not allow you to think rationally and view everything objectively.

A peaceful Mind

This is where Sodalite can help a great deal. It helps in calming the anxiety and prevents panic attacks. A peaceful mind can help in focussing on the work at hand. Creativity has always been synonymous to being bold and fearless. This gemstone helps in encouraging the feeling of accepting oneself with all the goodness and flaws alike. It also promotes the feeling of self-esteem which gives people the confidence to travel the untested paths. When you have achieved self-acceptance and confidence, no force can stop you from reaching your goal. 


Did you ever decide on the basis of a hunch like the second design would go best with the overall plan? Did you ever accept a job offer of a company among a few others thinking that maybe you will have a better career growth here than in other companies?

This is known as intuition which guides you during uncertain situations. Sodalite is known to strengthen the power of intuition in an individual which improves the decision-making process. The body is equipped with 5 senses that help in understanding the physical world. There is also a 6th sense that helps in understanding the instincts and makes people insightful. These abstract emotions are important to have when a person is working in a creative field. You need to have instincts and insight that will guide you towards innovating yourself. Sodalite stone empowers the 6th sense of the body that enhances survival instincts. Hence, it is said that this gemstone is the fuel that can power your creativity.

3rd Eye

It is also said that human beings have a 3rd eye hidden in the folds of the mind. It helps to see things which are not physically visible. Meditating with Sodalite helps to reach the realms of the 3rd eye and listen to the mind. That is where the powerhouse of creativity lies.


Creativity is an expression and emotion. This gemstone helps in vitalizing the pituitary gland that opens up the spiritual and creative windows. Sodalite helps in guiding the mind and body towards positive energy and prevents the onslaught of fear and tension. You can keep this stone in your pocket or have it fashioned after jewellery that can make you look dazzling. Whenever you feel that you are having a creative blockage or need help in opening up with your verbal and written expressions, you can get a Sodalite for creativity.

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