Is Sodalite Good For Sleep?

When you are having trouble sleeping it can be a pain finding just the right solution, with many ointments, creams, pills, and tonics causing more harm than good. A better and much more natural way that some have started to rely on are Sodalite rocks, but are these seemingly harmless beautiful rocks good for your nightly rest?

Yes, sodalite can be extremely beneficial to your sleep, helping to control nightmares, and induce a deeper state of sleep to help you overcome any demons you may face during the night. One Sodalite rock should be all you need, however, as you continue to use them you will need to replace the rock with one that has been fully charged. 

It is vital that you understand what the Sodalite rocks do for you while you are sleeping and how using them will continually help your sleeping process be smooth and comfortable. Many are not aware that their Sodalite rocks are not infinitely useful and that they need to be recharged with positive energy every few days to ensure they continue to be beneficial. 

How Does Sodalite Improve Sleep?

Sodalite helps induce sleep to a deeper level, allowing you or your family members to go into deeper REM cycle sleeps. Recharging yourself and creating the opportunity for you to experience a full night’s sleep without overdoing it with toxins or other chemicals that could cause harm. An important warning that Sodalite has for first time users is the danger of sleeping too deeply, with many people that use it for the first time sleeping right through their alarms. 

When using Sodalite you must know how to use it and when to use it, as having Sodalite used with someone that does already have a good night’s sleep can cause them to sleep too much. There is a balance that must be kept, and the right rocks and crystals must be used to control specific problems, there is a large number of people that use the wrong crystals, causing people to have unbalanced energies in their homes. 

Prevents Nightmares

One of the chief causes of unwanted sleep problems is nightmares that are induced when going into Rapid Eye Movement, or REM, stages of sleep. Sodalite stones are perfect for controlling the energy when you go to sleep, preventing nightmares from occurring to any occupant of the bed that has the stone. A big part of this shielding against nightmares comes from the positive energies sent out by the Sodalite stone.

As you continue to use the Sodalite stone your dreams will become more controlled and relaxing, allowing your mind to be at ease and at peace. This is the best way to enjoy a full night of rest, however, as you continue to use the Sodalite stones they will become less effective and you will know that it is time to recharge them when your dreams become erratic and uncontrolled. 

Helps Insomnia

Insomnia is caused by a lot of energies clashing, and while just using Sodalite stones will not always help, but you do need to add them to the crystals and stones you are using. Sodalite stones will allow you to regain control of your nightly sleep cycles, creating positive energies for you to fall asleep with each night as. The internal energies that you have that are causing your insomnia will be forced to correct themselves with the positive energy that the Sodalite is giving out. 

A key part to remember when using Sodalite stone to tackle insomnia is that they alone will not be enough, insomnia can be caused by anything from stress to internal and external energy conflicts. Having a full system that allows your energies to be balanced will create an environment where you can fall into a dreamless sleep much easier. Sodalite is what will help you stay in your deep sleep rather than going in and out of it all the time. 

Induces Deep Sleep

When someone is not experiencing a good nights sleep it is most likely because they are unable to enter the REM cycle of sleep, which can be caused by stress, environments, energy imbalances, or even just being a light sleeper. Sodalite allows you to enter the REM stages of sleep almost fluidly, getting you into a state where you can sleep through the night without ever being woken up. 

This deep sleep is vital for both your general health and physical performance.

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This is the most vital part of Sodalite, as those who can sleep more intensely, getting to the point where they can barely be woken up, are those who have more positive energies. Able to experience the world more clearly while allowing them to enjoy a good night’s rest each night, destressing when they should and absorbing positive energies from everything around them.

Soothes The Mind

Whether it is from a good night’s sleep or the positive energies from Sodalite, using the rock in your sleeping routine is how any turmoil in your mind will be soothed and eased. This is a big reason people that are in stressful jobs and situations should use Sodalite, as the energies from the rock allows your mind to calm down. A big reason why Sodalite is so popular is that the energies released help your internal energies flow better. 

One of the most important things to remember about Sodalite is that it has this effect on your mind, which is why so many first-time users of Sodalite will oversleep their first few nights. The biggest benefit of the rocks in your sleeping pattern can be its biggest challenge to use properly. Just be sure that your Sodalite rock is fully charged before lending it to someone else, lending out exhausted rocks is not a good way to make an impression.

How Many Nights Can One Sodalite Stone Be Used?

On average one Sodalite stone can be used for up to 17 nights before it needs to be recharged, as it is used more and more without a charge it will become less effective. This is why you need to keep your Sodalite stones fully charged throughout the time you are using them. A fresh Sodalite stone will keep you sleeping well into the morning while one that needs a charge might not even be able to induce a good hour of sleep. 

When a Sodalite stone has not more energy to give, then it will start causing more damage than good. This is because the stone can absorb negative energies as well, causing the people that use the stone to be damaged and harmed as it becomes more and more obvious that the stone is no longer pushing out positive energies. 

When you are unsure that your Sodalite stones are producing positive energies it can be important to reach out to your local community, they will be able to tell you what to do. Recharging a Sodalite stone can be a challenge and you may not have any extra to allow you to sleep well at night, if you are unable to give out positive energy it can be a challenge to recharge any stones or crystals. 

Where Should A Sodalite Stone Be Kept While Sleeping?

One sodalite stone should be kept under the pillow of anyone that needs the positive energy that it gives off, allowing you to use the stone without being made uncomfortable by the presence of the stone. This position allows the stone to give off energy directly to the sleeping mind, soothing and relaxing it before any negative energies can reach it. 

A large part about using Sodalite stones is using them in the right locations and in the right ways, unlike other crystals Sodalite is not as passive, needing to be placed and removed as the days go by. If you have several Sodalite stones that you can use then you must switch them out every morning, allowing the Sodalite stones to be equalized, instead of using one entirely and letting it soak up negative energies. 

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A good rule of thumb is to have three to five Sodalite stones on hand, this means that you can keep one under your pillow each night while having extra for the next few nights should your current one run out of energy. Further, if you know of someone that needs help or is sleeping over you will have an extra stone for them to use as they are falling asleep. 


Sodalite stones are great ways to induce healthy and deep sleep for your nights, with most people around the world enjoying the added benefits of having good dreams as well. A sodalite stone or five in your home will ensure that the energy inside you is always flowing well and that you are ready to take on any challenges that you might face throughout your daily life. 

Just be sure that the sodalite stones are always filled with positive energy, the last thing you want to happen is someone having a nightmare because the stone you gave them has been depleted!

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