Spiritual Slimming: Sodalite for weight loss

I know as well as anyone that it can be pretty hard to get into your dream beach body. Eating salads and passing up cookies can be really miserable on the best of days. So, I started to think… Can sodalite be an effective tool for weight loss? I started to look into it a bit more and was very excited about what I found! You absolutely can use sodalite for weight loss!

Sodalite is a great healing crystal when it comes to weight loss for a number of reasons. Its calming mental energy can help soothe your cravings and keep you motivated while sodalite can also help boost your metabolism.

Soothes your cravings

The first reason why we should use sodalite for weight loss is that it soothes our cravings for restricted things, such as eating greasy and salty food or candies. The crystal helps us be in control of our body and desires that usually we have little willpower to suppress. Our consciousness comes to dominate our unconsciousness. This can help make us the master of our own body, and make it easy to control our inner cravings. 

Sodalite prevents emotions from controlling our actions. It helps us abstain from doing things in a haste, without taking into consideration the consequences. We become calmer and more prudent in actions. The stone restores our peace of mind, making us focus on things that really matter in life.  The soothing power of Sodalite makes us think big and act big, investing our energy in long-term goals, such as weight loss that once accomplished brings us long-term happiness and life fulfilment.

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Improves metabolism

If you intend to use Sodalite for weight loss, you should know that it helps not only our mind but also our body to adjust better to the process of shedding weight. The stone has a role in balancing the metabolism. This speeds up the exchange of substances that is an important factor in preventing fat tissues from building up.

Our mind and body are extremely interconnected. A depressed mind that abounds in negative thoughts and fears will affect all of our other organs. This includes disrupting the activity of the digestive system, the performance of the heart and reducing the muscles’ endurance and power. This is why the soothing and calming properties of sodalite provides a direct positive impact on metabolism and other vital processes.

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The more hormones of stress the brain releases in the body, the worse the latter functions. During weight loss, we may be influenced by lots of stressors, from problems at work to stress provided by the restricted diet where we are deprived of the possibility to enjoy our favorite foods. To tackle the stressors that don’t allow the pounds  go away, holding Sodalite gemstone in your hand or placing it under your pillow can be of great help. You get rid of negative emotions and start thinking positively which helps restore the functionality of all body systems and facilitate the weight loss process.

Keeps you motivated

Sodalite also helps to keep you motivated and boost your willpower. Many of us start the path of losing weight, but give up after a week. They lack the willpower to complete their plan. Sodalite comes to enhance our motivation to stick to our goal, making us more patient and more flexible in adjusting to the new rules. It brings our willpower to a whole new level. We learn to stay strong through stress and harsh requirements of the diet and refuse to give up no matter what.

The healing crystal helps us get rid of stress and fears, letting us reach a soothing state of harmony with everything surrounding us. Then we can feel a comforting sense of balance and peace of mind that allows our mind to charge with positive energy. 

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Sodalite for weight loss is a great way to stay on the weight loss horse. The healing crystal has a role in soothing our cravings, helping us resist the temptation of eating the junk food filled meal meals that make the weight loss impossible. The stone also removes stress and anxiety, which makes the body function better and be more productive. 

The improved metabolism that prevents the storage of fat tissues is also a result of positive thinking and peace of mind induced by sodalite. The stone makes us more resistant to stressors, allowing for more patience in overcoming challenges and better adjustment to new diet rules. It makes us more persistent and determined to go till the end in achieving our goal.  

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