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Should You Hold Sodalite in Your Left or Right Hand?

Should You Hold Sodalite in Your Left or Right Hand?

The way that we use crystals can be the most important aspect of our healing rituals. Over the years I have been asked whether the left or right hand is appropriate for using Sodalite. The benefits of both are clear, they serve a particular use when applying the principles of crystal healing.

If we are using it for external purposes then the right hand is the best option. If internal is our focus then the left hand is the one that we should use. The true answer is based on why we are using sodalite. 

First, we must understand the characteristics of Sodalite. From this, we can draw upon which hand to use for the purpose of healing the energy meridians.

Properties of Sodalite 

This ornamental and spiritual stone is a calming influence on the body, mind and soul. The soothing and gentle nature of Sodalite. Tranquillity and peace can be achieved while using Sodalite in our rituals.

Wise beyond its years, using Sodalite has helped to give me mental clarity. Whenever I am struggling to make a decision, this stone is the one that I turn to. The emotional balance that it offers makes it an ideal companion when I am seeking inner harmony.

Sodalite is connected to the Throat and Third Eye Chakra. For this reason, I will use Sodalite during my meditations and when I need to express my truth. Though it is gentle in nature, Sodalite is an impactful stone.

Symbolism of Hands

Across various cultures, the left and right hand have different values. If we are weighing up the pros and cons of using a certain hand when using Sodalite it helps to have a wider view. I believe that spiritual practices around the world can have a direct and indirect effect on us all.

In Nigeria, the left hand is considered to be unclean. Greeting someone with a left hand is viewed as disrespectful. It is typically used for washing oneself or going to the bathroom.

On the other hand, according to ancient Tibetan teachings, the left hand symbolises the holiness of an incarnate lama. It is passive and unconscious. The right, however, is seen as authoritative and is the stronger hand.

If we dive into Chinese mythology, the left hand represents Yin. This is characterised by feminine energy, negativity and darkness. Yang is positive and masculine, it is associated with the right hand.

We should take our background and our traditional beliefs, if we have any, into consideration. We should feel good whenever we use crystals so if using a certain hand doesn’t feel right to me, I will try the other hand and find what works best for me. 

Left vs Right: Using Sodalite

Benefits of the Left Hand

In crystal healing, the left hand is used to absorb energy. It helps to soothe any internal issues. It also helps to prevent any outside influences from negative sources.

As the left is the receiver, I use Sodalite in this hand if I want to benefit from its calming properties. During times of contention and when I need support, I will hold Sodalite in my left hand and soak up its energy.

Holding Sodalite in the left hand can offer companionship. It can ease any worries and bring more comfort. This is a great technique for when we are dealing with our mental health.

If I’m on the go and I can feel my Third Eye and Throat Chakra waning I will hold my Sodalite in my left hand. It’s perfect for those moments when I’m not able to place the crystal on specific energy points. In this sense, it is versatile and a handy practise for alleviating stress in modern-day life.

When I need inner healing my Sodalite bracelet is the antidote. If I’m facing a situation that will bring me stress I will wear my bracelet on my left wrist to reduce emotional strain. The practicality of this means that I can benefit from the properties of sodalite everywhere I go.

My Left Hand Sodalite Tips:

  • I wear a Sodalite bracelet on my left hand if I am delivering a speech or doing public speaking. It helps to give me confidence.
  • If I’m stressed, I will hold a piece of Sodalite in my left hand and run my fingers along it to take in its energetic frequency.
  • As mentioned above, using Sodalite during meditation is great. If I want to connect with my higher power I will hold it in my left hand. 

Benefits of the Right Hand

Using Sodalite in the right hand can bring a multitude of benefits. It can remove and clear any negativity that may be in our vortex. The right hand is connected to environmental stressors.

As the right hand is action-oriented, I will use Sodalite in this hand if I am working on something outside of myself. It is ideal for those moments when I want to clear the air. If I feel threatened or I’m around a negative person, holding Sodalite in my right hand will help to calm them down.

For those moments when I am offering crystal healing to someone else, I will use my right hand. It is the best option for when I want to send energy outward. The combination of Sodalite with its calming energy and my right hand provides a heightened level of healing for others.

Additionally, Sodalite working in collaboration with the right hand can relieve tension in a room full of people. Using this stone has not only been beneficial for me but also my loved ones and the people around me. As the right handed use of Sodalite helps others and external environments to be calmer it is a wonderful stone. 

Overall, the right hand will release energy from the stone and emit its frequency. As it is working with outside factors in this manner, I always cleanse the energy from the stone to ensure it is at its best. 

My Right Hand Sodalite Tips:

  • If I’m having difficulties with someone I hold this stone in my right hand to help heal any issues. Using this tactic while I am communicating with them can ease situations.
  • If I am healing someone’s energy I will hold Sodalite in my right hand and wave it over their Third Eye and Throat Chakra.
  • Holding Sodalite in my right hand as I enter a room has helped to negate any stressful energy. 


When it comes to which hand you prefer to hold your healing crystal in, it all comes down to our intentions. The left hand is very personal and helps us focus on our deeper existence. But the right hand is incredibly effective too and can help us get a grip of our surroundings. Either way, holding sodalite can be done with both hands, as long as we take care of it, it will help us.