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Sodalite Meaning and Properties: The Universal Guide to Sodalite

Sodalite Meaning and Properties: The Universal Guide to Sodalite

One of the splendors of the world of stones and crystals is the effect sodalite has on the body, mind, soul, and energy. Many people are not yet aware of the full effects of sodalite, with many not always sure about the meaning behind the stone.

When you do get your first sodalite stone you will be amazed, but also confused as you try to learn how to use your sodalite stone and understand the sodalite spiritual meaning.

Sodalite is the stone that is deeply connected with the throat chakra. Sodalite spiritual meaning is clarity of mind, induce creativity, give wisdom, and show cosmic beauty. While the physical properties of sodalite should never be forgotten, as the stone has undergone periods of being highly valuable but is now one of the easier to find stones in the world. 

Bag of sodalite

Understanding the meaning of sodalite as a base stone is important to getting closer to understanding yourself and your spiritual needs. Usually, people that turn to sodalite are unaware of the full potential that the stone has and how it can affect your life.

Most of the time sodalite is bought by people simply because it is a good-looking rock that many assume will have some benefits, knowing what these are thought can mean a lot to you and your family.

What is the meaning of sodalite?

Sodalite is both a stone of the mind and the heart, having the ability to make you see more clearly, but also induce and help to calm the storm within oneself. Usually, the stone is used in different ways depending on what you are hoping to accomplish with it, which drastically alters the meaning of having and seeing a sodalite stone. 

When placed in the right position the stone can help your spiritual journey, with many preferring to have a mixture of stones in their places of thought and study. In this location sodalite can mean that you are trying to tap into your intuition, to bring clarity of mind and soul as you are studying.

Most people prefer to have one large sodalite stone in their house, where its blue radiance can easily help to control the flow of energy around you.

While you can also carry a small sodalite stone in your pocket, or purse, when needing to have a sodalite stone with you at all times it is best to wear the stone. This is when you may find that people have necklaces or armbands with the stone inlaid.

When you see someone wearing this stone it can mean that they are trying to help focus themselves on their everyday lives, relying on the stone to bring clarity when they know they may be facing a challenge. 

What are the physical properties of sodalite?

Sodalite stones are not just loved for their spiritual properties, with many people from around the world having the stone in their homes for aesthetic purposes as well. The stone has a deep blue luster that cannot be found in almost any rock, and because of the work required to make the rock shine, it carries some value.

The most common locations for sodalite are when mining other, more expensive stones that are mined will often be found in clusters of other stones and crystals. This is why you will find that mines are often selling sodalite as a waste product instead of a valuable stone.

Understanding the physical properties of a sodalite stone is still important, as there are a few properties that it has that no other stone will have. 


Sodalite comes in four distinct colors that should be considered when you are on the hunt for your sodalite stone. Available in grey, yellow, green, pink, and blue each of these colors will be streaked with lines of white throughout. Each of these colors of sodalite has its meanings and ways that they should be interpreted. 

However, when used for jewelry or spiritual focus the sodalite stones will always be blue as this is considered the pure form of sodalite.

Jewellers use the blue as an alternative to more expensive and hard-to-find blue stones, like lapis lazuli. However, because sodalite can have a deeper blue, closer to royal blue, it can make for a great centerpiece of a necklace of stones and crystals.


On the Mohs scale, Sodalite only reaches a hardness of 5.5 to 6, which is a lot lower than the 10 of diamonds but is the average hardness level of most gemstones.

This makes sodalite a lot less likely to have scratches from daily wear and tear, and it usually won’t shatter when dropped even onto tiled floors. Usually, this is why the stone is so loved as being used for mining as the stone won’t be scratched when placed on rings or bracelets. 

However, it should be noted that shaping and polishing sodalite is not difficult at all, with most people easily able to start shaping it with a few harder sandpapers and sanding wheels.

Fortunately, the stone is hard enough to give two well-loved finishes, one being the glossy shiny that we all know or the more rare matte finish that makes the stone blend in flawlessly.  


As a gemstone sodalite is only used as an ornamental stone around the world, with many people loving to have one or more of the stones as the mainstay of a large mantelpiece. This is usually when you see someone with a large assortment of stones somewhere in their home, allowing them to comfortably display the stone as needed. 

However, as a spiritual stone, it has been used for thousands of years to align energies, spiritual well-being, and many other parts of the self. Usually, the stone must be held in the hands, kept in a pocket, or just be close by when focusing the energies on yourself.

Above all sodalite is intricately linked with the throat chakra and if you are working towards opening it you should procure a high-quality sodalite stone. 


A cubic mineral that consists of a cage network of sodium, the name sodalite comes from the minerals inside the stone.

The stone tends to have massive crystal structures when unmined, as the shapes of the crystal formed when there is a lack of quarts in a rock but there is a high concentration of silica and can often be found when looking for lapis lazuli.

The only difference between lapis lazuli is the lack of pyrite in the sodalite, which means that as people are hunting for the more valuable lazurite or lapis lazuli you may be finding more sodalite.

Because of this sodalite is a lot more common and many people that are hunting for the more valuable crystals see it as a waste material that is too much work to properly handle. 

What is the spiritual meaning of sodalite?

Sodalite spiritual meaning is nothing like the physical meaning of the stone, as many people have learned how to channel through the stone. This is why you can find that the spiritual world favors the stone a lot more than the world of jewelers and others.

Learning the full spiritual meaning of sodalite will mean that you can be properly prepared when you start your journey to enlightenment. 

Many times, people make the mistake of simply thinking that having the stone will lead them towards what they need. However, this is not true and having a complete understanding of the stone, how it works, and the benefits that it gives will greatly help you.

Whatever you do, knowing what to focus on while holding the stone will help you concentrate a lot more. 


When you need wisdom sodalite will help to impart the wisdom of the stone through visions, giving you signs that you need to consider and think about.

When holding the stone and meditating these visions may be clear and easy to understand, while in your everyday life the wisdom that comes from the stone may be sudden and surprising. Usually, people are surprised when they receive their first piece of wisdom from channeling the sodalite stones.

When reading, studying, or receiving new information sodalite will work and pull through the energy of the universe to help you gain new wisdom and insights.

It is believed that sodalite was lost to the collective consciousness and therefore was unable to share its wisdom with the world. Now that it has been found we can rely on the wisdom it has gathered to increase our wisdom. 


Either through its wisdom that it gives you, through the energy that it gives, or just by calming the storm of thoughts and doubts that you have sodalite gives clarity.

When going through a challenging time you must rely on the energy that sodalite gives, accepting the wisdom and energy that it is giving to help you with reaching clarity. Having a piece of jewelry carrying a sodalite stone is a good way to ensure that you stay clear-minded. 

It is an extremely vital part of using sodalite to rely on the energies that it sends out to give clarity regarding any challenges that you may have. Most of the time people are not entirely prepared to accept this clarity and instinctively block the flow of energy from the sodalite.

However, taking a moment to accept the energy, meditating using the stone will you clarity with many of the issues and challenges you are facing. 


As you gain wisdom, clarity, and opening yourself to the energies that sodalite has you will be able to think more creatively. This does not always mean that you will be able to paint masterpieces overnight, however, you will be able to easily think more creatively, understand the world around you and interpret things as you need them. 

Sodalite is therefore recommended for both artists and those that need to think of solutions to problems that are not easy to solve.

The energy that it pours into the soul and body also helps to ensure that you have some self-discipline, work efficiently, and have an internal organization to the world.

Sodalite has been proven to be vital to those that need to think differently than the rest of the world. 

What are the healing properties of sodalite?

While the spiritual meaning and powers of sodalite are well known and will have effects that you need to focus on, there are several properties of sodalite that have a broader effect.

These are the ones that people feel when they have the stones placed around their homes where they can comfortably feel the effects of the stone as they go about their daily lives.

Usually, these are all healing and will not be felt immediately and may not even be something that you are aware of until your sodalite stones are removed from your area.

A lot of people assume that sodalite meaning is only related to spiritual or chakra-based effects, however, the energies that the stones give off have far-reaching and strong effects that allow people to comfortably live with a new jump in their step. 


Because of the healthy energy that sodalite brings into the home, and the way that it can help to control all the energies within you, the stone can help to stave off fevers. While the stone may not be of help when you or a loved one is sick, it can help to stop fevers from happening because of an imbalance of energies in the home. 
InsomniaSodalite realigns the thought processes that you have and gives clarity, with the positive effect being that you can sleep a lot easier. This is one of the big reasons that people keep a sodalite stone underneath their cushion when going to bed. You will, however, have to recharge the stones when used in this manner. 
GuiltGuilt is a strange emotion and when it starts appearing it can be for legit reasons, but it may very well be there for something wrong. The stones can give you wisdom and clarity, helping you to stop the feeling that you are guilty about doing something, or saying something. 
FearFear is one of the strongest emotions that humans can experience and if accepted can cause the best motivation to be more. However, when fear becomes overwhelming it quickly becomes a problem and this is when you may need to use a sodalite stone. Having the stone help soothe and calm the mind will mean you are not stressed out for no reason. 
HabitsBad habits can happen for any reason and one of the worst ones is allowing our thoughts to run around wild. However, when using sodalite stones in the right manner they will not only calm your mind they will easily and comfortably allow you to stop having all the bad habits that may stop you from enjoying life as you have planned. It may not be able to stop you physically, but the stones will allow you to have clarity of mind not to do the habit.
MetabolismAs the positive energies inside you become realigned and better, so too will the blockages inside. Usually, this is when you will find that people are likely to have better metabolisms, one that does not work too fast, or too fast. A good way to ensure that your body is working properly is to have the positive energies from the stone flow into you. 
ConfidenceAs you become more level-headed, become healthier, and know who you are so too will your confidence build. Sodalite won’t have a direct effect on your confidence levels, however through all the other things that the stone is helping to fix with its energies, so too will your confidence rise. Usually, all that people need is to have a bit more confidence to live a healthy and happy life. 

When was sodalite first used?

First discovered by Europeans in 1811 in Canada, the stone was quickly mined and found the be quite numerous when looking for much more precious stones.

However, you will find smaller sodalite stones in much ancient jewelry from the ancient East. This is because the stone was not easy to find, with its spiritual properties greatly sought after, with the only constant sources for the stone being what people could find laying about. 

Finding the first time that sodalite was used as a piece of jewelry outside of the European nations can be a big challenge.

However, we can see in paintings that many of the gods have the stone as part of their crowns, with the stone prized as one of the most valuable in the ancient world. The reason for the rarity of sodalite in the ancient world is entirely because of the difficulty in mining the sone.

With modern equipment, so much sodalite has been dug out of the ground that the stone has become a waste material, one that was at some point not refined or sold. With richer and deeper veins of the stone almost entirely ignored as there were many other ways to collect more valuable stones away from these veins.

As the centuries turned people realized how beautiful the stone was and how valuable it could be once polished and fitted to the right jewellery.

What chakra is sodalite?

Sodalite is connected acutely to the throat chakra. The throat chakra or vishuddha is the fifth chakra located at the throat. It is represented by the color blue and is associated with the ideas of communication and sound.

It is responsible for for how we speak and how will develop and express our ideas. This is because the throat chakra is the link that allows the passage between the head and the rest of our body. It is the literally bridge of our ideas that present themselves through speech.

Sodalite is the poet’s stone and relates directly to our ability to have calm, rational though and then express those thoughts through speech or in writing. It stimulates the throat chakra and helps bring balance, particularly when we are emotional, nervous or confused.

How do you cleanse and charge sodalite?

When your sodalite no longer seems to work, when you are having bad dreams, or just unable to pull in the wisdom that you received before, it may be a sign that the stones need to be recharged.

You will first need to lightly polish the stones using a soft cloth, then placing the stones in the sunset where you are sure the moon will be able to shine on them. 

Simply retrieve the stones the next morning and they will be fully charged, however, you should note that the phases of the moon will affect not just the amount of energy in the stone, but the type as well.

It is not exactly what types of energy will be placed in the stones with each phase of the moon. However, we do know that a blood moon will push negative energy into the stone, with some believing that a new moon may drain the stones. 

A full moon will have the greatest effect on the stones and will allow you to have stones that are entirely and completely filled. You cannot overcharge the stones but leaving them out for more than one night will have strange and uncontrolled effects on the stones as they are not meant to absorb the overwhelming energy from the sun. 

Droplet into water

Where to put sodalite?

You should put sodalite in jewelry for the full constant benefits if you need them to align your chakras, which is why you should wear earrings or necklaces with sodalite.

Bracelets and rings that are placed at the throat or brow when you need to think may be useful as well, however, not everyone can have these stones in jewelry.

If you have or need a larger sodalite stone a great place to keep them will be in your pocket or your purse as this gives easy access to the sodalite stones.

These are all great places to keep the stones in your day-to-day lives, as they will be able to help you stay centered and ready for anything that you may face as you go through the trials of each day. 

In your home the stones should be kept in two places, one in your safe space where you go to think, meditate or just be alone as the stones being present and ready to access will help you feel better.

The second location preferred by many is in the bedrooms of those that need to use them, as this gives easy access for when you need to place the stones beneath your cushions. Allowing for perfectly calm sleep that allows you to always enjoy your nights. 


Sodalite has many meanings and the stones have been used by many people to clear their chakras and to take back control of their lives. Finding the right way to use the stones, and to improve your overall quality of life is important as the stones help to increase your wisdom and make you feel more ready for life.

Just be sure that the stones are charged when you use them as they can cause negative effects when empty.

Always remember that if anything, the stones will always look amazing as their deep blue colors are found almost nowhere else in nature!