Sodalite and Throat Chakra: What you need to know

The seven chakras are the energy centers of our body that are spread evenly through our spines. They correspond with the energy of our physical and spiritual body and have a big impact on our feelings and emotions. Sodalite is a powerful stone and does actually play a big role in maintaining our chakras. Sodalite is associated with the throat chakra. The throat chakra governs our powers of voice and self expression and sodalite is the perfect gem to support this. Sodalite is also known as the “poets stone” because if its ability to support calm expression.

How Does Sodalite Affect the Throat Chakra?

Believers in alternative energy follow ancient Hindu traditions of using sodalite to enhance the fifth primary chakra – the Visuddha chakra, located in the back of the throat towards the neck. The throat chakra, when opened properly, helps one be creative and expressive. All negative energy is transformed into wisdom and learning. When the throat chakra is clogged up or polluted, the person falls prey to feelings of guilt and anxiety.

The throat chakra is most commonly associated with colors ranging from turquoise blue, to aquamarine, to smoky purple. While sodalite in rock form can be blue, gray, yellow, orange or pink. Gemstone quality sodalite ranges in color from violet to royal blue, with creamy veins and flecks. Large chunks of sodalite rock are opaque, but gem quality crystals can be polished to a high gloss and elegance, to the point of translucence. 

Hackmanite, a sulfur rich variety of sodalite, is an even deeper and darker purple in color. The blue or purple colored gemstones can help keep the Visuddha Chakra open and functioning at a high level, promoting success in all endeavors through a positive attitude. 

To maximize its effects, sodalite must be used properly. The stones can be worn as part of necklaces or earrings that place them close to the throat or brows. Sodalite gemstones can also be held up to the brow or throat, placed next to the body while lying down, or at strategic angles when doing yoga exercises. For example, you could build an altar with sodalite and other crystals arranged upon it – gaze upon the stones while holding your yoga poses.

The Power of the Throat Chakra

The Visuddha chakra, as its name suggests, helps purify our body and mind. It is also at the center of the sound that we emit from our thorax, and which in turn gets propagated by us into the environment. The vibrations are not only picked up by ears, they affect our whole body. Therefore, the throat chakra controls our ability to communicate with each other and our environment, by controlling our modes of expression. 

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The chakra also controls the passage of energy between the head and the lower parts of the body. It is a conduit of energetic blocks and balances. If clogged, the throat chakra prevents us from accessing our full vitality, making us feel distracted, put upon and dull. When the chakra is fully open and transmitting energy and vitality up and down the body, we feel energetic, positive, capable of powerful thoughts and expressions. It makes it an ideal stone for thinkers and athletes.

What Does Sodalite Do Spiritually?

In addition to the throat chakra, sodalite also impacts the pituitary gland. This is the site of the third eye or Guru chakra. The blue color associated with the first, and the indigo of the second chakra, are both covered by the color spectrum of sodalite and hackmanite.

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As a result, sodalite not only promotes inner peace, balance and harmony (controlled through the Visuddha chakra), but sparks your intuition, depth of perception and creativity (controlled by the Guru chakra). Trusting your instincts gives you a glimpse into your inner soul. This helps to perceive hidden truths and providing meaning and purpose to life. Aligning with the brain’s spiritual vibes allows users to achieve inner peace and balance, boost self-esteem and increase confidence.

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These qualities, coupled with enhanced powers of expression, has made sodalite a favorite of artists, teachers, thinkers and other creative people. While everyday functions, including business and even physical health, can benefit from the positive vibes generated around you, the true value of sodalite may well be the balance and inner peace it affords you.

Not only will you be brushing away your own feelings of guilt, depression and loneliness, but your positive energy will spread to others who come in contact with you. Romantics are often able to channel their love in its purest form, shunning past negative baggage and starting anew. 

What Other Crystals Help the Throat Chakra?

Crystals and healing stones that work with the throat chakra come in various shades of blue or purple, ranging from aquamarine to deep purple. Some of the most powerful stones are mentioned below. Most of them are semi-precious ores or stones.

Lapis Lazuli

This bright blue stone shares certain characteristics with sodalite. It is often called the “stone of truth”, as is sodalite, given that it improves your powers of communication.


This light, greenish blue stone is used to stimulate and cleanse. It dispels fear, granting courage to users, along with compassion and tolerance.


This blue-green stone dispels negativity and inspires confidence and heightened powers of self-expression. It stimulates balance.


This green or turquoise green stone restores emotional balance by dispelling negativity.


As mentioned above, hackmanite is a deep and dark purple colored stone, which is a sulfur rich variety of sodalite.

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Peacock Ore

Bornite or peacock ore, its colors ranging from copper red to purple, can be used in combination with most of the stones above. When placed on the throat chakra, it positively impacts all the chakras, producing adrenaline and calcium.


Sodalite has been called the stone of peace, the stone of truth, or the poet’s stone. This is because of its powers to promote inner peace, harmony and balance, boosts self-esteem and enables creativity. Think of sodalite as a friend who restores the emotional balance physically and mentally. Lean upon it in trying time, it will be a true friend in your hours of need.

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