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What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Dragonflies: Dragonfly Symbolism

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Dragonflies: Dragonfly Symbolism

Few animals or bugs on this planet are as close to being an actual fantasy animal as the dragonfly. This humble bug has been a part of our spiritual beliefs for as long as we can measure, guiding us and helping us be better whenever we face the next challenge. 

The spiritual meaning of a dragonfly is one of rebirth, change, and transformation throughout your life, with self-realization and self-change being important. The dragonfly will guide you to find the change within yourself and teach you how to become a better version of who you already are. 

It is important to understand every facet of dragonflies and how they interact with us through the spiritual world each day. As the world has changed, the sighting of dragonflies around us has drastically decreased, with many people not always seeing them in their day-to-day lives. 

What Does It Mean When a Dragonfly Lands on You?

When a dragonfly lands on you, it is a good sign that you should seek to change your life or accept a change heading your way. If multiple dragonflies are landing on you, it will mean that the changes coming into your life are often out of your control and that you should accept this. 

Dragonflies represent change because of the process they go through their entire lives, with many dragonflies living for close to 10 years in total. Much of which is spent in their larva form, changing every few years to grow larger and become the alpha predator of their world. 

We see a majestic creature that easily and comfortably flies through the air avoiding even the most agile of hunters. However, before they reach this stage, they have undergone and accepted every change brought to them, enabling them to overcome any challenge easily. 

Where Can You Usually See Dragonflies?

As dragonflies are not something you may encounter in your day-to-day life, we need to look at every way that you will be able to encounter them. Dragonflies are not known for shying away from meeting people when they need to guide or deliver a message. 

We always recommend that you heed the call of the dragonfly and that you do not simply write them off as something you dreamed or saw perchance. However, added onto this is the fact that if you live next to bodies of water, then you will not be capable of ever escaping their presence. 

Dragonfly In Dreams

The modern man is much more likely to meet dragonflies in their dreams than almost anywhere else, which is why you will need to heed the sign of change that is coming. Dragonflies will appear in your dreams either as themselves or appearing in the background, barely visible. 

We have talked to several people that did not notice that dragonflies had appeared in their dreams simply because the bug was not landing directly on them. However, dragonflies will often land on the thing that will change your life or the opportunity you need to take. 

Dreaming of Dragonfly Reflections in the Water

When we imagine a dragonfly, we almost always picture it as hovering over or settled besides a body of water. The association between dragonflies and water is powerful, and has numerous spiritual interpretations. Water is intrinsically connected with life, due to the fact that virtually every living being on the earth relies on water for its sustenance. 

A dragonfly’s proximity to water therefore represents its spiritual closeness to the sanctity of life. Without water, there would be no life. A dragonfly besides a source of water is a spiritual sign of the way in which a personal realization is akin to a rebirth. Without change and growth, we become stagnated. 

Once we realize our true potential and start to see that our soul is sacred and pure, then we are revitalized and reborn, as if we have taken a sip from the water of life. Another interpretation is that water is a natural mirror, and if we look into it then we will see our reflection gazing back at us. 

Dragonflies are able to skim across water without breaking its surface – and without breaking its reflection. This is symbolic of learning to see the reflection of not only our physical bodies but also our spiritual souls. 

Water only reflects when it is still and the same can be said of our souls, and it is essential that we, like the dragonfly, do not disturb this stillness so that we can have a clear image of our internal state and see where and how we can change and better ourselves.

Dragonfly In Visions

When having a vision, it can be extremely problematic when you suddenly see a dragonfly, and then the next moment, it is gone. However, they will always guide you to the best action to change your life, enabling you to comfortably and easily make the best possible decision for you and your family. 

We always recommend listening to what the dragonfly may be telling you, even when it is not specifically saying anything. They are there to help you change and encourage you to go through with any changes you may be attempting to make to your life and your health.

Seeing A Dragonfly While Meditating

Meditation can often bring the dragonfly as you are clearing your head, confirming that a change you have made is indeed the correct one. We have seen many people that see dragonflies while meditating always be sure of the changes that they have made. 

If you are unsure of yourself or the choices you have been making, you will be surprised by the sheer number of dragonflies that guide you. They are there to tell you that the changes that you have made were not only correct but that you should continue to stay pliable. 

Seeing A  Dragonfly While Walking Through the World

When walking through the world, it will be rare to see or even hear dragonflies when you are in the city, with some suburbs having plenty of dragonflies. However, it is not until you start going to lakes, rivers, or dams that the creatures will become almost impossible to miss. 

Dragonflies need water to breed, feed, and grow, making them plentiful in any area with good and healthy water. We always recommend that people be wary when moving through these areas; if you live somewhere where dragonflies are normal, you should think before deciding to make a change. 

Dragonflies are Creatures of Beauty and Grace

Slender in form and agile in movement, dragonflies are inherently beautiful and graceful creatures. They move around with such effortless ease, and in comparison other animals, including humans, can come across as clumsy and ungainly. 

In this way, dragonflies are a visual representation of the human soul. If we live without ever thinking about the deeper meaning and purpose of our existence, then we stumble through life as if we are in the dark.

 However, if we actively strive to understand the nature of our soul, then our path will be illuminated and our soul, unburdened and weightless, will have the effortless grace and poetic movements of the dragonfly.

In proportion to their body, dragonflies possess extremely large eyes. This is a spiritual representation of having the foresight and understanding to look beyond the present. Many of us live life from moment to moment, never truly appreciating the fact that we may have a deeper purpose or calling to fulfil. 

The piercing, distinctive eyes of the dragonfly are a reminder to not be so short-sighted, and to instead realise that in order to become truly happy and fulfilled in the future we need to initiate our journeys of spiritual growth and development now, in the present.

Dragonfly Symbolism

Now that we know where you are most likely to see a dragonfly, we will look at what they will mean when you see them. They will always mean change, but the type of change will depend heavily on how you see them and interact with the dragonflies.

Understanding these meanings and overcoming the challenges of seeing dragonflies everywhere will naturally help you improve overall. Connecting with dragonflies can often be one of the best ways to improve yourself while ensuring that you are making the right changes. 

Dragonflies Are A Symbol of Wisdom and Insight

To reflect on yourself and understand the spiritual nature of your existence requires a higher level of intuition and self-realization. Dragonflies represent the wisdom of transformation and the insight to adapt in life. Their shimmering iridescence is a reminder of the importance of being in touch with our internal emotions.

Throughout their life, dragonflies are continually changing, which is why they are the perfect metaphor for transformation. 

As young nymphs, they live in the water for years, during which they can moult up to 15 times. Following this stage, they finally have the ability to fly, and even then their iridescence means that they are always changing in colour and appearance. 

They are a sign that change is not something to be feared or avoided, but something to be embraced and cherished. After all, dragonflies have to undergo so many immense transformations in order to become the beautiful and mesmerising creatures we know them to be. 

Dragonflies Represent The Iridescence of the Soul

Dragonflies are also stunningly iridescent. They’re never in one particular colour or form. 

Depending on the time of the day, their surroundings, and whether they are stationary or in motion, a mesmerising kaleidoscope of colours ripples across the dragonflies’ body. Spiritually, this represents the impermanence of life and the soul. 

As humans, we should never become stationary in regards to personal development. We should be constantly changing and transforming. As we go through life, we are opened up to so many new experiences, and we will only achieve spiritual growth if we learn from our life experiences and become wiser and intuitive. 

Dragonflies’ wings aren’t inherently beautiful in themselves, they’re beautiful because they are so transparent and weightless that they reflect the beauty of the light around them. The human soul is like this as well. It is a blank canvas that reflects back towards us our experiences, feelings and thoughts.

 If we commit ourselves to realizing our true spiritual potential and bettering ourselves, then our soul will reflect the positive things we learn, see, hear and feel around us. As with dragonfly wings, an untainted and pure soul will only notice and reflect all that is beautiful and good. The light of spiritual enlightenment will make our souls as beautiful as the iridescence of dragonfly wings when they capture the light.

Dreams About Dragonfly

You will often be visited by dragonflies in your dreams under several circumstances; the first and easiest to understand will always be when facing a difficult decision. This can be whether or not you should move, get a new job, change your relationship, or do something similar. 

Other times you will see the dragonfly in your dreams when you are trying to adapt to new situations or have recently undergone a change. These times the dragonfly will not specifically be on your or even near you, simply appearing in the background of your dreams. 

Seeing A Dragonfly

When you see a dragonfly unexpectedly, it can serve as the direct message that you need to change, that you must self-realize about the situation you are in, or that you need to adapt. Many times, dragonflies will appear or land on you when someone is giving you a difficult decision. 

We always recommend that you become completely flexible and adaptable when a dragonfly suddenly appears to you. Changing yourself and your behavior will help you easily and comfortably overcome the challenges you may have to face ahead. 

Dragonfly In Religion

The dragonfly has appeared in almost every religion on earth, with the bible linking it to loving each other and rejoicing in our faith. The Hindu religion takes on the change that dragonflies represent and the deeply rooted improvements that they can feel when touched. 

In the more Eastern beliefs, dragonflies are often linked as messengers from their mythological cousins, the dragons. Usually showing that a change is about to happen in a country or in the situation you may find yourself in. 

Dragonfly Totem Animal

When the dragonfly is your spirit animal, it will usually guide you to changing when it is most important, but it will also guide you towards positive change. Unlike simply appearing in front of you, the dragonfly as your totem animal will mean that you are good at accepting change. 

People with the dragonfly totem animal are usually capable of overcoming challenges that many may not consider or be uncomfortable with. Easily moving through social situations and larger lifestyle changes without becoming completely lost or frustrated. 

Dragonfly Spirit Animal

Most insects tend to elicit feelings of repulsion or withdrawal, but with dragonflies this couldn’t be further from the truth. Every aspect of their nature is beautiful, delicate and graceful. 

Having a dragonfly spirit animal for personal change (much like moths) and the pursuit of true happiness. They represent the sacred connection between the spiritual soul and physical body, and how unified the two will be when we realize our true purpose and meaning in life. A liberated soul will fly as weightlessly and effortlessly as a dragonfly. 

Seeing a dragonfly represents a spiritual rebirth and new beginnings, and reminds us of the beauty of hope, change and love.


A dragonfly will always mean that you are ready to accept change or that you need to look for a new change in your life. If you have the dragonfly landing on you, we recommend that you think about all the ways that the world around you can change and what needs to be done to accept this.

Whatever you do, please never think of them as pests; they help control fly and mosquito populations!