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What is the spiritual meaning of dreadlocks?

What is the spiritual meaning of dreadlocks?

Many things can affect the spiritual energy in your own body and mind, as well as the energy that surrounds us. Stones, signs, runes, and meditation are all ways of helping you to become a better and more stable person.

This is why the spiritual community can be so confused by the impact of dreadlocks, not always being clear about what the hairstyle means and how it affects our spiritual well-being. 

Dreadlocks represent purity, positive flows of energy, wisdom, and that you are constantly having a spiritual reminder of the power that you hold within yourself.

Many people believe that if your dreadlocks are maintained properly that they will be a way to create a conduit of energy that flows through you. This is compounded by the location of the dreadlocks, which are extremely close to your head, which is where one of the most important chakras in the body is located. 

Spiritually dreadlocks have a long-lasting effect that makes you feel a lot of things all at once, requiring that you not simply accept the hairstyle without reason.

Many have found themselves overwhelmed by the unique property of energy flow that dreadlocks create, unable to accept the spiritual meaning that dreadlocks have.

Understanding the intricacies of dreadlocks and how they will affect your spiritual well-being is vital to properly being prepared for dreadlocks. 

What do dreadlocks symbolize?

From the origin of dreadlocks, they mean that someone has reached spiritual enlightenment and supreme knowledge. In others, dreadlocks represent the abandonment of physical possessions, which connects closely to many of the spiritual meanings that the hairstyle has.

Usually, you will find that those wearing dreadlocks are at the end of their spiritual journey, no longer needing to find enlightenment. 

The more dreadlocks someone has the more it means that they have mastered their spiritual self, with those that only have a few dreadlocks still being at the start of their journey.

This is why you will find many elders in cultures like Rastafarians have several and longer dreadlocks than those who are still learning about their spiritual selves. 

If you move away from spiritualism many start wearing dreadlocks as a sign of rebellion, or just as religious freedom owing to many of the stricter religions around the world advocate against the hairstyle.

Whatever the reason for wearing the dreadlocks are, you should be aware that people will have close connections to them and that they may not have the same connection to the hairstyle that you will have. 

What has dreadlocks spiritually meant for different cultures?

Modern interpretations of dreadlocks are easy and simple to understand, even if the spiritual connections have been forgotten by some, however, throughout history, many have connected the hairstyle to other meanings.

You must understand how the meaning of dreadlocks will differ wherever you go throughout the world. 

While it may not be that people will hold dreadlocks in the same regards as they used to, there will still be many spiritual people that may remember what the dreadlocks once meant.

You should be sure that when traveling you understand why places like Egypt will have a different connection to dreadlocks than places like Jamaica. Especially as you may find that those in some countries never wash their dreadlocks, while others are constantly washing and oiling their dreadlocks. 

Ancient Egypt

In ancient Egypt, we know that dreadlocks held some of the closest connections to confidence and great power. Many of the great pharaohs, gods, and the strongest women of Ancient Egypt are depicted with dreadlocks.

This is why it important to remember that spiritually dreadlocks can represent these properties when you see a spirit that is wearing them, or when you are wearing them on yourself.

An interesting caveat that should be noted about Egyptian dreadlocks though is that many of those that held the greatest powers in Egypt practiced shaving their heads.

Both sexes practiced this, especially when they were pharaohs, and the dreadlocks that they wore comes from wigs. This is why you can find many mummies that still have intact dreadlocks, while the rest of the body has shriveled up over time. 


In India, the goddess Shiva is usually depicted with long flowing dreadlocks, which means that dreadlocks closely became connected to the spiritual meaning that the goddess has.

Shiva is the goddess of good, she is also the destroyer and the transformer, the supreme being that creates, protects, and transforms the universe. Further, it is believed by many who practice the faith that the power and energy of Shiva are stored within her dreadlocks. 

Today the spiritual connection of dreadlocks for those in India should never be underestimated and those wearing the hairstyle are usually ranked high within the faiths of the country.

There should be a limitation on how you are wearing dreadlocks in the country, with many people not always aware of how important it is. The spiritual meaning of the hairstyle should never be underestimated when you are traveling through India, with respect being paid towards those that are wearing the hairstyle. 


Linked closely to the Rastafarian movement that has overtaken many parts of the world, dreadlocks in Ethiopia are not as old as many believe.

Starting in the 1930s when king Ras Tafari was crowned, then subsequently forced out, the guerrilla warriors that stayed loyal to him refused to cut their hair. Soon the religion that they had resonated with many of the ideologies of others from around the world, making the hairstyle a way to protest against the most popular religions. 

Along with this, you will know that many Rastafarians like to smoke cannabis, which makes them see the world in many different ways. Modern-day Rastafarians are spread far across around the world, with every country having its subculture of Rastafarians.

This is usually why you will find that the culture that started in Ethiopia is spread so far and why most people forget about the actual history and spiritual meaning of dreadlocks, instead of connecting them to this specific culture. 

What is the spiritual impact of dreadlocks?

While the ancient history of dreadlocks should never be forgotten and many people around the world are quick to judge those that are wearing the style, there is still a lot of spiritual impacts that the locks have on your life.

Throughout the world, different things are believed to be had from the hairstyle, however, as you travel more and more you may see some similarities. 

There are three things that we have learned from looking at spiritual beliefs that dreadlocks can help you with. Each one touches on the way that dreadlocks can affect your life, with the needs that many have being provided by the dreadlocks.

Usually, this is why you may find those that are undergoing a spiritual journey willingly growing dreadlocks, while those that have already completed their journey will have clean-shaven hair. 


This is the part that is contested by many of the newer spiritualists as their understanding of the hairstyle has been clouded by misjudgments.

However, those that follow the dreadlocks hairstyle for more than just its stylistic purposes, but its spiritual meanings, will know that proper dreadlocks represent wisdom. Many times you can find that the wisest elders that are a part of the spiritual world will wear dreadlocks. 

Because of this connection, one of the closest connections that dreadlocks have is that of wisdom, not specifically giving it but pointing out spirits and gods that have a lot of wisdom.

Creating the chance for you to easily identify those spirits who are truly wise and can teach you more about the world. A large portion of the spiritual world has encountered that representing wisdom properly can be difficult.

Energy Flow

This is the most direct influence that you and others can feel from dreadlocks, the flow of energy in and out of you will be changed as your dreadlocks increase in size.

It is believed that the dreadlocks alter the very way energy flows around you, accumulating greater and greater energy the more intricate your dreadlocks become. You will notice that those who know how to use dreadlocks properly are more spiritually capable than many who are both learning and not having the right hairstyle.

However, it should be noted that, unlike the right crystals, scents, and stones dreadlocks do not specifically control the type of energy flowing around you.

The locks can attract both negative and positive energies, creating a hot spot for the energies that you emit and accept within your chakras.

You should be sure that you are ready to meditate and control the flow of energy properly before donning dreadlocks. 


This is reached once you have properly grown and taken care of your dreadlocks with many only enjoying the effect of the energy once they are properly trained. Dreadlocks help you and the people around you to feel the effects of pure energy much easier.

With the right meditation and concentration, you can attract pure spirits as well, which is why in some religions the locks are worn by those who can give pure advice and guidance. 

Unlike some stones and crystals, the presence of dreadlocks does not represent that someone is specifically pure, but that the energy they are emitting can be pure and healthy for others. It should be noted that spirits who wear dreadlocks can be pure, but that the locks also represent the immense power that they hold.

Always remember that one of the strongest Hindu goddesses, Shiva, is marked as always have long locks where much of her power is stored. 

What is the cultural significance of dreadlocks?

Culturally dreadlocks have meant many things throughout the centuries, with most ancient civilizations connecting the hairstyle with the spiritual powers they believed to be around them.

However, in the modern world, the hairstyle has received many new meanings as the significance of the hairstyle has changed and increased in the popular zeitgeist. Most popularly dreadlocks represent a rebellious nature, an unwillingness to accept the situation around you.

It started with the Rastafarians that refused to cut their hair until the rightful king was restored, however, it increased in the mid-20th century when the anti-war sentiment increased.

During the 70s you could easily find many hippies wearing the hairstyle to signify their stance against the war and the movement to do anything you want with your body despite the pressures from society at that age. 

In the modern world with cultural awareness being a lot more prevalent you can find that in certain parts of the world only those who are spiritually connected will wear the hairstyle.

While there are many people in the more advanced countries that will start wearing the hairstyle while seeking to live a natural lifestyle.

Ironically enough, these people fail to realize that proper dreadlocks are high-maintenance hairstyles that are not simply matted hair that is never washed. 

What is the religious meaning of dreadlocks?

Religion and dreadlocks have been closely connected from the very start of the hairstyle, with ancient religions all believing that those who wear dreadlocks are spiritually connected.

These would be the gurus, the pharaohs, the elders, and the leaders of society, all working towards enlightening those around them. In temples where these religions were practiced you could easily recognize the head priest by the hairstyle he or she was wearing. 

However, modern religions rarely enjoy this same view, with Christianity believing that those who destroy their hair are destroying themselves.

This is the religion that vilified the hairstyle and caused many around the world to lose touch with the ancient stylings that were used to properly create dreadlocks.

However, it has changed in modern times and many religious groups have let go of the pressure that would usually be placed on those with the locks. 

It is not more common for those applying either no religion, pure spiritualism, or Wiccan magics to sport the dreadlocks hairstyle. While many in religious groups that have long-held connections to the style are now starting to reaccept the style into their everyday lives.

Stricter religions still frown upon the style and will not allow members of their communities to freely wear it. 


Dreadlocks have been a part of history for thousands of years, with many people around the world only recently starting to accept the full spiritual meaning behind the style.

If treated with the right respect it can help you to easily increase and improve the spiritual power that you experience in your day-to-day life. Many around the world now becoming more and more accepting of the hairstyle being worn by their religious leaders.

However, please do note, that if you are in a business environment, having entirely unkempt dreadlocks will not only cause relations to be bad, but enclosed offices can cause the smell to be a lot worse. 


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