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What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Hornets?

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Hornets?

Nothing is as frightening as seeing a hornet suddenly flying towards you, which many people experience in their dreams and while meditating. Hornets are one of the more complicated bugs to encounter in the world of spiritualism because of their overall bad connotations. 

Generally, hornets are closely linked with wasps in being connected with fertility, sexuality, and working alone. These insects can travel longer distances on their own, start new nests, work together when needed, and be fearless when faced with any sort of danger. 

Understanding all the facets of these animals can be complicated, with many people failing to understand just how unique they really are. Many people have the gut reaction to think they are only ever something bad, whether you see them in real life or dream about them.

What Are Hornets Usually a Sign Of?

Most often, hornets are there to signal fertility and sexuality that will empower you to be successful in these endeavors when you try to approach them. If you see hornets attacking something or being attacked, there are vastly different meanings that are applied to them. 

We always recommend focusing on the positive sides of hornets, as they will mostly be coming to you in their spiritual forms to help guide you. Even if they are attacking or being aggressive, it is a sign that something else is wrong that you must work on fixing instead of it being an outright bad omen.

Hornets are often one of the most misunderstood of the wasp family because of their overall size and that many people are scared of them. We will always recommend that you ensure you understand the hornets and the message that they are sending you.  

When Will You Most Likely Encounter a Hornet?

You will most likely encounter hornets in your dreams when you and your loved one starts working and hoping to start a family. Hornets are good signs and will guide you down the path to get the best family that you possibly could, even if it is a family that you are not expecting. 

We have seen many people that start almost entirely worrying and stressing about the fact that hornets have visited them. However, you should rest assured that they are there to visit upon you nothing but good wishes and that your own desires and dreams should not be forgotten.

Usually, when you are starting a family or on the way to start your own family, you will start stressing or worrying about the fact that you feel lost. Hornets will guide you down the right path and help you to achieve everything that you are hoping to, realizing your dreams and desires. 

Are Hornets Good or Bad?

Hornets, like wasps, are universally good omens to your life, and when you dream about them or encounter them in the spiritual realm, you should take heed. The hornet is there to guide you and show you that having a few selfish desires is never wrong or a bad thing. 

We always recommend being careful with hornets when encountering them in the real world, as they are still rather aggressive. The same thing that makes them great spiritual guides and animals means that they are not animals you want to approach without proper care. 

Many people looking for the deeper meaning of animals and signs in the world around us tend to forget that these animals still have wills of their own. While we are looking for a way to understand the world, they may simply be looking for a way to survive and overcome their challenges. 

What Do Hornets Mean in Each Interpretation?

Possibly the most important part about understanding hornets is the different ways that you are likely going to be meeting and interacting with them. Many people forget that each interpretation and way that you may meet a hornet will have different meanings to your life. 

Unlike most other animals, though, hornets are not as active or popular in religion, so there is little to no reference to them in religion. However, they are still spiritually significant and have been part of some beliefs for thousands of years, especially as animals that should not be underestimated. 

hornet on a rose

Hornets As A Totem Animal

As a totem, animal hornets will induce the exciting personality that you have, allowing you to show two sides of most arguments that people around you may have. Further, it will guide you to help others, even if the actions that are needed from you go against your own attributes. 

You may not expect to have a hornet as your totem animal, but it will rarely guide you down the right path, even if you are uncomfortably about what needs to be done. Many that have the hornet as their totem animal are surprised at the guidance that this small animal will provide. 

Hornets Spirit Guide

Generally, as a spirit guide, hornets will not tolerate you being a procrastinator and will demand that you are always having a plan for the future. Many people are surprised how strict and angry a hornet can be when you live your life in a random and disorganized way. 

However, with the guidance and the intuition that the hornet brings, you will quickly learn how to take control of your life, with most finding themselves suddenly changing their whole lives. The hornet may not appear as regularly as other spirit guides, but it will help you overcome many challenges.

Seeing A Hornet While Meditating 

If you see a hornet while meditating, it will mean that you are about to face a challenge that can only be overcome by moving out of your comfort zone. Further, you will have to plan ahead or just think in a way that you are not entirely comfortable with to properly overcome the challenge.

Many people start seeing hornets and wasps while meditating when they need answers to their daily lives, hoping to either start new projects, new families or just looking for a new way of life. A great deal many have made the mistake of not heeding the hornets as well, leading to failed plans. 

Finding Hornets in Dreams

When hornets are visiting you in your dreams, there is a lingering problem or a hidden situation that you need to be aware of. The hornet may be there to make you aware of this problem, or it may be there to help you find a way to deal with the situation as a whole. 

We have seen many people lose track of their dreams and how hornets interact with them in their dreams, only to regret it later. When you have hornets in your dreams, it is important to remember all their meanings and how they will affect your overall outlook on problems. 


Despite what your first instinct will be when encountering hornets, they are not negative or bad omens to you or anyone around you. Instead, they are one of the few spiritual animals that will guide you on the path using your own strength, relying on your emotions to help those around you. 

Whatever you do, please don’t approach a hornet that is flying around in the real world; their sting is one of the worst things you can feel!