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What is the Spiritual Meaning of Ice?

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Ice?

Ice and snow are integral parts of our experiences, especially if we live far enough north or south in the globe, outside the tropics. They represent unusual situations for most of us, when normal activities may be suspended, and signs of life are blanketed under ice and snow covers. Our dreams about ice and snow, and interpretations of what they symbolize, are often shaped by these experiences. So, it’s no wonder why I immediately started thinking about the spiritual meaning of ice.

The spiritual meaning of ice is associated with the ideas of:

  • Purity
  • Hardness
  • Bitterness
  • Rigidity
  • Calm
  • Stillness
  • Peace
  • The color white

It is an element that in contrast to the softness of snow, is much harder and in contrast with fresh running water is much more rigid. It deals with this balance of stoicism, purity and piousness.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Ice?

Ice is a frozen state of one of the natural elements, Water, which along with Earth, Fire, Air and Space has created the world around us and life as we know it. Water in its liquid form flows, fire gives us warmth. Ice is the antithesis of both – this concept is embedded in the spiritual interpretation of ice. In terms of color, it evokes the colours white and blue.

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Ice represents motion being stopped or stymied, like a frozen river unable to progress. So it could symbolize the fact that you have stopped progressing. That some decision needs to be taken which you are either unwilling or unable to take. You must break out of this stasis in order to move things forward and get things flowing again.

Ice is also the opposite of fire. It signifies coldness, your emotions and demeanor are shut down and you are turning away from people and sources of warmth. You need to consider opening up and let people and loved ones back into your orbit in order to live a healthier life.

Ice also symbolizes barrenness and rigidity. Things are bleak as far as you can see. Signs of life are hard to spot. You are not helping matters by being inflexible. 

One of the key things about ice is the hidden life that lurks underneath. Spring will always follow winter, trees will sprout, flowers will bloom, and the world will come back to life. It may be difficult to break out of your current funk and move things forward, but hope is not lost. You have the power within you to change things for the better, but you must strive hard. These ideas paint a clear picture of the spiritual meaning of ice.

What does it Mean to Dream about Ice?

Dreaming about ice could mean a number of things. First, it could signify that you are angry at whatever is going on in your life at the time. It is a signal for you to calm down, to tackle things without hastiness or prejudice and resolve matters going forward. It also symbolizes a lack of progress or a large obstacle to whatever goals you may be striving for. In many cases, it is a sign of your own inflexibility or stubbornness – you must change yourself and channel your negative emotions into actions that will lead to proper resolutions without shutting off your emotions or lashing out at people around you. Dreams of ice can also be tied to the lack of financial liquidity and/or cash flow in your real life, something that needs to change before life gets easier again.

Specific meanings of dreams involving ice can also vary based on the precise form of ice you dream about.

Ice Bergs

If you dream of an ice berg, it represents a mountain of problems lurking under the surface of your life, perhaps built up through your own actions or lack thereof (procrastination) and/or negative emotions and poor decision making. You must be aware of the danger and act.

Mountain of Ice

A mountain of ice represents a large set of obstacles right in front of you. Things are frozen in place. You must strive to dig yourself out (through) such barriers.

Skating on Iced Over (Frozen) Surface of Water

If you dream of skating on ice, it is usually a symbol of disappointment in love. Your emotions are iced over and you are having a hard time coping with them. Water below the surface also symbolizes lurking danger, you must be cautious so that you don’t break through thin ice and into the frigid water.

Slipping on Ice

This is a clear signal that you may be looking at upcoming pitfalls or minor dangers. You must be cautious that you do not slip and hurt yourself when such things befall you.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Snow?

Snow has a related, but also very different symbolism than that of ice. Firstly, snow represents movement, something flowing down from the heavens to cover us with. This is often taken to represent the flow of knowledge, from the eternal teachers down to us – the students. It is also universal, meaning that the teachings are not meant for just one of us but blankets us all.

Second, snowflakes are created by water freezing against molecules of dust. This represents a confluence between two of the natural elements – water and Earth. Snow is the embodiment of kernels of truth or knowledge that are covered by frozen water. The core lessons are important, but they are being delivered to us in bite sized pieces that we can relate to and that we will find easy to digest. This is the manner in which the saints and gurus have taught us over the ages – often in parables which we must think through before we understand their deepest significance and act on them.

Snow also signifies gentleness. The knowledge that is coming down is not torrential, like rain, a deluge that we find difficult to keep up with. Instead, it is floating down gently at a reduced pace, settling down and blanketing us all – to help us better absorb and understand the inner teachings and wisdom. This is why a snow covered landscape hints at wonders lying beneath.

What is the spiritual meaning of ice glaciers?

Glaciers have an interesting meaning that differs from typical ice imagery. Usually, ice is associated with the color white and by extension cleanliness or virtue. Glaciers, on the other hand, represent pollution. Or in particular, polluted water. This pollution is especially associated with the earth in contrast to the pure, fresh waters of paradise.

They can also represent slow, relentless charges forward. They have a real sense of inevitability to them as their enormous size can’t be stopped. The evoke images of destiny and a march towards our fate.

What does it Mean to Dream about Snow?

Dreaming about snow can signify a number of things. Many people who grow up in cold weather have fond memories of playing in snow as a kid. Snow is also associated with Christmas, a fun time of the year to spend with your family. So, it would not be amiss to imagine your mind flashing back to such memories.

Other images associated with snow involve cleanliness, beauty and an enveloping shroud. All of these interpretations are possible – where you are transfixed by the beautiful sight of clean snowflakes coming down gently from the sky and enveloping all around you.

Some specific dreams could be interpreted differently.

Falling Snow

There are many interpretations of a dream involving falling snow. They range from the beauty and intricacy of snow flakes, to the fact that snow is translucent. So, there is something that you cannot see hidden in events that are coming at you. Falling snow can also mean that there is something lurking around the corner – you can’t quite see the night sky for example but the snow keeps coming.

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Melting Snow

This could signify life starting anew, things that were dormant (e.g. suppressed by emotions) beginning to flow one more time. Changes are afoot.

Landscape Covered deeply in Snow

A landscape buried deep in snow could signify the comfort or warmth of a burrow underneath (back to the womb). It could also signify a lot of buried or suppressed emotions/angst, which must be released. Finally, it could hint at the life that lurks beneath, waiting to be released by you. 

Clean Snow

Clean snow is a thing of beauty and purity falling upon you, like a blessing from the heavens. It symbolizes good things are going to happen for you, to relax and enjoy the blessings.

Dirty Snow

Dirty snow on the other hand represents an ugly mess, perhaps due to suppressed emotions or hidden feelings or anger that have festered and created an unpleasant situation.

Sports in Snow – Ice Fishing, Skiing

If you dream of ice fishing or skiing or such winter sports, they usually signify that you are happy and enjoying yourself, unless of course you dream of an accident or danger from a blizzard or snow/ice hazard. Ice fishing in particular may symbolize that you are able to dig below the surface and reach a source of happiness and meaning of life. An interesting train of thought as you dangle you hook into the icy depths.

Ice in Literature: Spiritual Meaning of Ice in Writing

When it comes to ice in literature is typically used to symbolize obstacles, rigidity, insurmountable difficulties and frigidity – as opposed to the flowing waters that nurture and give us life. Psychologists believe life to be a dividing line between consciousness and unconsciousness. However, ice can also offer a hint at life underneath as astronomers will often tell you.

Dante writes of ice being a deep part of hell. Ice is often used in science fiction as symbolism – e.g. in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Ursula K. Leguin’s The Left Hand of Darkness and Anna Kavan’s Ice. Many adventure stories, both fiction and real life, are set on ice, such as Jack London’s White Fang and the many action adventures on Arctic and Antarctic trips, such as Endurance, describing the epic voyage of Ernest Shackleton and his crea.

Ice is also part of legends and traditional writing from many cultures, including the Bible (many quotes from Exodus, Job, Isiah, Psalm and Revelations, for example), the Hindu Bhagvat Gita, the Norse writings and many such instances. 

William Shakespeare first coined the term “break the ice”. Ice has continued to play a defining role and provide appropriate landscapes for many famous works of literature, including some modern sensations such as George R.R. Martin’s much awaited A Song of Fire and Ice, the sixth and final book of The Game of Thrones fantasy series

Ice images are replete in poetry, from Robert Frost’s Fire and Ice to Edmund Spenser’s My Love is Like To Ice; Ogden Nash’s Reflections on Ice Breaking to Emily Dickinson’s Before the Ice is in the Pools and Carl Sandberg’s Ice Handler.

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Summary: The Spiritual Meaning of Ice

Ice and snow are integral parts of human history, culture and everyday experiences for all people that encounter bleak winters outside the tropical areas of the world. They have warm and cozy connotations, especially if you are inside looking out at a frozen landscape gleaming in the moon or watching snow falling at the edges of a lighted window, but they can also signify obstacles, hidden dangers and things being stuck. What is important is the concept of regeneration – you must strive to change things so spring arrives, the ice melts and life starts anew.