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What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Magpies?

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Magpies?

Few birds in the world can be as confusing as the magpie when you start to encounter them out in the world around you. People who have mistakenly assumed that the humble magpie is simply visiting for no reason are shocking and can be dangerous if ignored. 

Magpies usually represent the world’s duality, their black and white colors representing both the good and the bad of the world around us. Further, when they are visiting you, they will encourage you to take risks and take the chances that will lead to your inevitable victory. 

These small and often overlooked birds can visit you in many different ways, with most people forgetting that they may be there to offer guidance. It is important that you always remember their meanings and how the magpie will guide you when you least expect them to appear. 

What Do Magpies Represent Spiritually?

These birds are usually associated with omens, prophecy, and divination when they start entering your life because of their inherent duality. You will be reminded by the magpie to take more risks, to forget about your current ties with the world, and how to achieve a goal. 

Because of their duality and the multiple ways that the magpie can be interpreted, understanding their meanings can be challenging. Many people forget to heed the meanings behind the humble bird, finding themselves lost and wandering without help.

Usually, magpies will appear to you when your own uncertainty grows so large that you cannot take the following steps forward. Leading you to stay always on the safe paths instead of wandering and taking risks when you those risks will be the best ways for your life to proceed smoothly.

What Do Magpies Usually Symbolize?

Because of their long-lasting influence over the world, there are many things that magpies symbolize, with a great deal many people forgetting each possible one. Magpies have been used as a guide, as a symbol, and as a way to identify others for thousands of years.

As such, the magpie can often be an ill-omen in the western spiritual belief system, with their strong association with witchcraft, magic, and other unwanted things. However, in the East, magpies are seen as symbols of love, care, and bond between people. 

Overall, the connection with witchcraft is not entirely clear and may have arisen simply because the magpie is an intelligent animal. However, this connection has slowly started to turn, and many people now prefer to have magpies near them as they are animals that can be easily trained. 

Where Will You Most Likely Encounter Magpies?

Magpies are present in almost every continent on earth, with some countries having more significant problems with them than others. These would usually be places with fewer predator animals that can help keep their overall population down, with Australia having large concentrations of the animals. 

However, spiritually you may encounter and talk with magpies while dreaming while meditating or feeling their guidance in subtler ways. This is why many people are scared of them at first, as the magpie does not always reveal its white colors when first meeting you, instead of looking like a black bird.

In several countries worldwide, you will find magpies engraved on doors or printed and used as a sticker. Each culture will have different meanings to the bird and why they may have been applied to the house or doorway; learning what these are will usually help you understand the culture a bit better. 

What Is Each Meaning to A Magpie?

Like all animals, the magpie has several different things that it can symbolize depending on the form that it has taken to appear to you. You will need to know what each of these meanings is and how they will change your behavior towards the animal.

We always recommend that you work through the message that the magpie is giving you and that you ensure that you are entirely ready for everything it has to say. Many times, the magpie has a message that people choose to ignore, causing them to suffer or make mistakes that could be avoided. 

Magpies Spirit Guide

As a spirit guide, the magpie will teach you how to help others and when it is the best possible time to help others. Many people have learned only after the magpie has started guiding them that it is okay to step up and stop others from abusing their power. 

The magpie will not stop until it has achieved its goal, and it is this that you will learn from the bird, as you will need to become relentless to achieve your own goals. Many people have learned to stand up for themselves and achieve their dreams once the magpie has become their spirit guide. 

Magpies As a Totem Animal

When you have the magpie as your totem animal, it means that you will already be willing to take a lot of risks, achieving things that many others would only dream of. Further, the animal will encourage you to be on the front lines of any task or adventure, unafraid of the unknown. 

Magpies generally allow you to overcome challenges that you may once have thought impossible, with many people overcoming mountains. These animals never give up and face obstacles hundreds of times larger than them without fear or hesitation. 

Dreams of Magpies

When you start dreaming about magpies, it will hold similar meanings to ants, with dissatisfaction in your current life playing a significant part. The bird will be there to tell you to take caution, to take heed of those around you and the way they may be feeling and thinking.

Further, you will need to ensure that your circumstances have not been too drastic, as the magpie is unrelenting and aggressive; it may be a clue. You may need to slow down and consider how your own actions affect the people around you. 

Magpies In Religion 

The magpie is a bird that has been used in many ways by many religions, with some druids revering it as a sacred animal all on its own, while Christianity links it closely with the devil. Further, many eastern religions make little direct mention of the bird instead of grouping it with others of its kind.

This makes it extremely difficult to know how magpies are linked to religions worldwide, as many have even mistaken it for the raven or crow. Creating confusion about whether the bird is a good symbol, a bad omen, or just another animal is part of creation, albeit with intelligence. 

Magpies While Meditating 

When you are meditating, and the magpie starts appearing to you, it may mean that you need to take more risks like with roadrunners, but also that you need to consider those around you. Many people who the magpie visits are headstrong and tend to be slightly arrogant, not considering their world.

When you see the magpie, it is time to start reflecting; in this instance, the risk you will be taking is going against your thoughts and relying on others. Those who are often leaders or spear headers fail to reflect on the mistakes they have made, often ignoring the advice from others. 


The magpie is overall a good bird that will give you the chance to take more risks and to encounter and overtake many others. Many people assume a great deal because of its coloring that there is a negative connection, but this is not true, and the bird can help guide you to be greater than before.

Whatever you do, please don’t wear something shiny around them; they will steal your rings, chains, and anything else if given a chance!


Tuesday 28th of June 2022

Right after my Dad died, I had to try to sell his house. This was in 2017/2018 and the real estate market wasn't great right then. Anyway, my realtor went to his house and there was a magpie in there! Sitting on his kitchen faucet. A big one, too. We don't know how it got in. Seems like it had to be some sort of sign.

I took it as a sign of trouble, because my Grandma (his Mom) had had a pet magpie that was able to talk a little, and she named it Trouble because it would walk around saying, "Trouble, trouble, nothing but trouble." And I did have a fair bit of trouble selling the house (had to sell it at a bit of a loss). But if you can think of anything else it might have been trying to tell me, please let me know! I'd love to think it was a message from my Dad. Who, btw, was "headstrong and arrogant," to the point that I'm rather surprise he died, because I was pretty sure he was too ornery.

It was certainly a strange situation! How would we not have noticed a big magpie following any of us in?