What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Moths?

Moth is a quite commonly found insect which comes under the paraphyletic group. There are about 160,000 different species of moth. There are many people around the world who consider moth as annoying and filthy. But the truth is that moth holds a spiritual meaning. If you are dreaming about moth often or you can see moth in your house too very often, then it may have some hidden messages for you.

What is the spiritual meaning of moths?

The spiritual meaning of the moth is quite similar to that of the spiritual meaning of butterfly. Though many people consider moth and butterfly to be similar, it is not. They are completely two different insects. Generally, the 9 things that the moths represent are – truth, wisdom, concealment, faith, determination, vulnerability, subtlety, weakness and secrets.

  • With the truth comes the honesty which is very important that you should not lie to anyone or even to yourself. Once you lie, you have to keep on lying and you are cheating on yourself as well as the ones you are lying to. And lying cannot bring any good to anyone. It can mess everything. 
  • With wisdom, you can gain more experience which you can use whenever you want. In times of need, you can draw examples from these experiences and use your wisdom to get an answer or solution.
  • Concealment means concealing or hiding something or the other regarding you or your life to the world. It can be anything but the moth completely disapproves it completely. Moth wants you to be more open and show the world who you are in true sense.
  • Faith is all about believing in the unknown. Of course, many people have the fear of unknown. But the moth represents faith which means you have to have trust or belief for the unknown even if that unknown is absolutely terrifying. 
  • By determination, it means the state of being resolute and completely determined. Here, you become productive and get your things done that you are determined to complete.
  • Vulnerability is something that everyone should embrace. It means you have to be open to being criticized and feel certain things that you might not have felt before. This can help you in shaping you up as a more confident and stronger being.
  • The literal meaning of the subtlety that you will find in dictionary is the art of being subtle. This is exactly what the moth will want you to be. The moth wants you to be more subtle with everything, including how you describe yourself and how you are with yourself.
  • Weakness is the term that says about you being at the lowest of all the lows. Here, the moth can help you with that by making you reflect back on your life. This can help you to gain insight about different aspects that you may have left out.
  • Next is the secret which is something that you are hiding. Secrets can be about your life or who you are as an individual. Even, these two things can also be tied to one another.

Are moths good luck?

The spiritual meaning of moths is quite different in different cultures and regions. In some parts of the world it is considered as good luck and a sacred creature while in other parts, it is considered as a symbol or messenger of death. Some people consider this creature as a symbol of good luck that can bring more positivity and sanity to someone’s life. As mentioned above, moth represents a lot of good things. It also represents loyalty and generosity. They have a very strong psychic sense and are quite adaptable in nature. There are some good things related to the moths and they are considered as symbol of the good luck in certain parts of the world.

Is moth a sign of death?

In contrary to the symbol of good luck, people from different parts of the world and culture consider the moths as a bad omen. In this case, they are considered as something negative and dark which is usually related to death. This can cause fear in some people. Previously, many people used to think moth as the representation of their deceased ancestors who are watching over. 

According to the bible, these moths symbolize the destruction and hence people don’t consider it as a sign of positivity. In the Mexican culture, spotting a moth symbolizes death. According to this culture, if a person is already sick in the house and the moth enters, then it is believed that the person will die. Though there are different variations in this same belief, the main symbol remains the same.

In Japan and China, moth represents that the soul has departed from the person. In some of the cultures, a moth flying into the house is considered as a sign of death or bad luck. Another reason why these moths are often considered as the symbol of death is because they have weird patterns on their body that looks somewhat like human skulls. The moths that have this pattern are considered as death moths.

Personal development

Though in some culture, there is a superstition about moth being a sign of ill-omen and death, it represents positivity, faith and good luck. According to some experts, the spiritual meaning of moths being present around you can be that it is the time for a transformation. Presence of the moth is mainly a message for you to remind that it is time for you to wake up. It symbolizes more focus on things that you really want to achieve or accomplish. As mentioned above, it helps you to remind that you need to focus on something that is much needed. 

This can help you in boosting your personal development and transform you to be a better person. It can also help you to push yourself in the right direction so that you can develop and grow in a better way. The moth in your house or room is a sign or reminder for you to find happiness despite of the latest changes in your life. These changes can be important yet drastic and overwhelming. But you have to go through these transformations as moths go through the metamorphosis for a perfect transformation. Hence, it symbolizes the same for you where you have to grow through the changes and transform yourself to a better version.

What does it mean to dream about a moth?

Many people see moths in their dreams. Dreaming about a moth can mean that you are not paying required amount of attention to some of the details. It implies that you must stop avoiding or ignoring some of the unpleasant situation. You have to remember the dream in details in order to understand and interpret the dream about the moth. Generally, it means that you have to face your fear and overcome it. Here are some of the common dreams and their interpretations:

  • Dreaming about a dead moth: If you have a dream related to death of a moth or a dead moth, then it probably signifies that you and your partner will break up or part ways really soon. So, maybe start talking to your partner.
  • Dreaming of killing the moth: If you have dreams where you or someone is killing the moth, then it means that you are quite anxious and worried about something in particular that is going on in your life at present.
  • Dreaming about a moth flying towards the light: It is a very common dream that many people dream about. If you too are having this dream where a moth is flying towards the light, then it means that you have a hidden desire or some desires. Those desires or secrets are still there in you which you have to focus on.
  • Dreaming about a moth chewing or eating your clothes: This dream of a moth chewing up your clothes is a warning sign. It means you will probably have to face some hurdles or problems in your life. This difficulties can come up really soon or even in the near future.
  • Dreaming about a moth in the mouth: If you see a dream about having a moth in your mouth, it symbolizes negativity. You will probably face some negative things that await you in the future. So, this dream is to prepare you for a bad phase which is about to come. You can prepare yourself or even take measures to glide through it.

Besides all these interpretations, some details really matter when you are interpreting the exact spiritual meaning of moths and its dreams. You have to be aware of the color of the moth that you have seen in your dreams. In case you have seen a white moth, then it is not a positive sign. Dreams about white moths can symbolize some severe health issues and even death that can happen to someone in future. 

But if you have dreams about a black moth, then it is sign of great joy, positivity and relaxation. Whereas a brown moth can symbolize love and the blue moth can be a symbol of great friendship. The yellow colored moth symbolizes great financial situation and extreme good luck. If you see a pink moth in your dream, then it means sensitivity and femininity. While the red moth usually signifies passion and romance, the green moth signifies protection, safety and harmony.

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What does it mean when a moth is in my home?

If you see a moth inside you house, then it can a symbol of many different things. Presence of moth in your house, represent light and faith. It brings positivity and goodness to your house. If you see a moth in your house, then it suggests you to focus on your life and its goals. Just like a moth goes through some transformations to be at its best version, it can symbolize the same for you and you need to focus on the flaws that you have in your character or habits.

You may go through different situations in future, be it good or bad, but you have to transform yourself to be the best version of yourself. Moths, as mentioned above, can be connected to some of your hidden secrets or desires. You will see that the moth is always going toward the light and this represents their focus or faith. If you see a moth in your house near the light, then this symbolizes that it is time to focus on the right direction and make better choices. 

Butterflies vs. Moths: spiritual meaning

Insects like butterflies and moths have symbolic significance in man’s life. While butterflies and moth are considered as similar spiritual meaning, they are slightly different from each other. The spiritual meaning of moths and butterflies is quite similar. As they both go through a miraculous transformation, they represent a better version of you.

You have the potential to be different in a better way and you can give up all those toxic habits or traits that you have. This can be quite hard but what a transformation is if it is not hard? That is what moth and butterflies represent. While moth tends to hang around the positive people who can see the good in them, butterflies can hand around the ones who need to be changed and become more delicate like the butterflies.

Moth as a spirit animal

A spirit animal means a messenger or a teacher who comes in a form of an insect or animal. The moth as a spirit animal is considered as lucky as it is associated with faith. But this is not a blind faith but it is a faith that consists of more confidence. Moth as a spirit animal can encourage you to embrace your flaws, vulnerability and weakness while transforming into a better person. Moth is an expert in concealment and can push you more towards the light. It represents to be a messenger of – change, action, resilience, truth and faith.

Related questions

Here are some of the important questions that are frequently asked by people:

What if the moth constantly appears in my dream?

When a moth appears in your dreams constantly, you are being told to pay close attention to each and every detail of your life. May be there is a scope of change to be better. Also, we have provided a complete interpretation of dreams about moth above.

Does moth represent bad luck or good luck?

As mentioned above, in some culture moths are considered as good luck while in some culture it is just the opposite. It depends on the perception of the people and their personal experiences what they want to consider. 

Do moths represent faith?

Have you seen that moths have the tendency to go towards the light? Their very obsession with the light makes them tend to follow it through the darkness. This represents faith! They can overcome any darkness just for the hope of seeing some light.


This is all about the spiritual meaning of moths and what they mean. If you are dreaming about moth or you can see moths all around your house, then you can have these questions in your mind. Probably, it is time for you to focus on yourself and look or introspect at the secrets or hidden desires. Focus on what you always wanted to be or do. Moths, after all, symbolize change and transformation. You can transform yourself to be at the best version of you.

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