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The Spiritual Meaning of Clouds: Symbolism, Signs and Understanding

The Spiritual Meaning of Clouds: Symbolism, Signs and Understanding

Clouds help us indicate what kind of day we are about to have. When there are few clouds, it usually signals that we can go to the beach and enjoy a bright sunny day. If it’s too cloudy and the sky’s darker, you should stay indoors. But beyond the physical interpretations of the clouds are their symbolic meanings. 

Blue sky and white clouds can mean peace, happiness, wisdom, and strength.  Meanwhile, dark, gray clouds can signify a looming storm or downpour that can mean difficulties or struggles. So, let’s unveil the deeper secrets and symbols of clouds.

Cloud Symbolism: What Does a Cloud Symbolize?

Clouds symbolize stability, abundance, wisdom, inspiration, and motivation. Meanwhile, it can also mean strong emotions, conflict, secrets, struggles, or difficulties when the clouds are dark or gray. With that, clouds are used as messages from God to help you navigate life.

Clouds Symbolic Meaning

Clouds: Strength

Clouds represent strength, most especially when it is colored white. This symbolizes inner consciousness and inner strength. 

It reminds you that you have the resources or strength to achieve your goals. Also, self-discovery and being on the right path is the other symbolism for clouds.  

Clouds: Difficulties and Change

Dark, gray clouds mean struggles or difficulties you deal with in your life. Dark or gray clouds make the environment dark, heavy, and depressing. 

However, just like how fast the cloud changes, it can mean that nothing stays forever, good or bad.

Clouds: Confidence and Cleansing

Clouds symbolize self-esteem and cleansing a well. Just like the clouds wander in the sky, they boost your self-esteem and confidence as you are untamed and free.

What’s more, with the rain clouds, the water helps clean up the dirt and freshen up the surroundings. Thus, it symbolizes washing away the old ways, issues, or problems and starting anew. And what comes after, like the rainbow, is positive and beautiful.

Clouds: Transparency, Inspiration, and Wisdom

Since clouds are made up of water and air, the water means clarity and purity. Meanwhile, air represents wisdom. 

A mix of both can represent a clear mind, knowledge, and wisdom. Also, lightning through clouds means experiencing motivation and inspiration to do something.

Clouds: Mystery and Secrets

Clouds can also symbolize mystery and secrets. As it covers up the sun, things in the background become invisible, and all you can see are the clouds.

Clouds’ Shapes and Meanings

Cirrocumulus Clouds

This is typically a row of circular clouds appearing right before the hurricane strikes.

With that, these clouds symbolize the anger and wrath of the gods.

Cumulonimbus Clouds 

These types of clouds give a warning that it is about to rain. The downpour brings thunderstorms, and it will rain for a while.

Thus, it can mean that problems may arise for quite some time, but the sun will show up eventually.

Cumulus Clouds

Cumulus Clouds are the fluffy clouds you see in the sky. A beautiful, white cumulus cloud can mean happiness. 

Symbolic Meaning of Clouds in Different Cultures and Religions

Clouds in Chinese Culture

Clouds symbolize the celestial realm in Chinese culture. With that, moving clouds are usually associated with the arrival deities as clouds were used as celestial mobility for gods and immortals. 

In traditional Chinese paintings, clouds are one of the most crucial elements in their works, representing celestial beings.

Clouds in Native American Culture

For Native Americans, rain clouds are essential because they depend on them for watering their crops. They even have different words for the soft, helpful “female” rain clouds and another word for the harsh, violent “male” thunderstorms.

Clouds in Christianity

In the Bible, clouds were used symbolically. For Pastor Creighton Lovelace, clouds were used as carriers of the signs or tokens of the Noahic Covenant as per the flood that had happened before. 

Clouds in Hinduism

In Hinduism, clouds portray impurities that cloud judgment or intelligence. It is called buddhi. 

When the sun and moon are covered, this prevents the light from reaching the earth, and the impurities block the light from reaching the mind.

Myths About Clouds

Clouds have common themes in mythology. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Greek and Roman Mythology

In Greco-Roman mythology, the cloud represents the home of gods. They stay on Mount Olympus, which towers above the clouds. 

Moreover, gods hide their divine messages before they are delivered to the people. As a result, they use clouds to disseminate their news.

Chinese Mythology

In Chinese mythology, they believed clouds were created by the dragons’ breath which is associated with chi or the life-giving breath. Dragons are associated with storm clouds and rain.

Clouds Symbolism in Dreams

There are different interpretations of clouds represented in your dream, and here are some underlying meanings that can be interpreted through shape, movement, and color.

Black Clouds in a Dream

Seeing black clouds in your dreams can be a sign of a possible storm or conflict with someone or worsening relationships around you. This can be because, in your waking life, you don’t listen to any advice or suggestions that lead to negative consequences.

Also, it can mean that you have strong emotions about a person or a specific situation that will cause chaos. For that reason, you better make amends before you act on revenge.

Lastly, experiencing rain pouring from the clouds means you’re spiritually pressured.

White Clouds in a Dream

Meanwhile, bright and white clouds mean nothing to worry about, and the good news is coming. Moreover, the white color symbolizes clarity and peace of mind. So, if you see white clouds in your dreams, you are where you need to be and cherish it. 

Puffy white clouds represent enlightenment, spirituality, and optimism amidst chaos or struggle. This can also signify that your goals and desires will be successful and given to you.

Flying over the clouds indicates your desire for a romantic relationship or travel to a beautiful destination. 

On the contrary, flying in a plane means finding ways to maintain your peace of mind.

Gray Clouds in a Dream

Dreaming of gray clouds can show you feel anxious in your waking life. It is also a warning about your plans for the near future. It means you don’t feel completely okay with your plans, and deep down, you have to sit and think a hundred times before its pursuit.

Rolling Clouds

Seeing rolling clouds indicates being lost in your ideas and feelings. You are on a path without a clear direction. Also, clouds moving too fast in a dream means that you are moving too fast in life.

On the other hand, fast pace, moving opportunities or events may enter your life; if you are not ready or focused, you may lose them.


Clouds are also guides or serve as signs or warnings that can help us prepare for what lies ahead. Seeing or dreaming about clouds can mean inspiration, motivation, stability, happiness, or peace of mind. Otherwise, they can signify conflict, emotional instability, struggles, or difficulty.

Regardless of what the clouds symbolize, you can take them as a valuable message or God’s guidance to live a happy, conscious, and peaceful life.